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sla industries

  1. JonA

    So it’s official, SLA Industries v2 is coming

    According to the official Facebook page the release date is 17th September. About bloody time. No further details as to the changes or ruleset but some are saying the tweaked rules from the recently published Cannibal Sector 1 skirmish game hints at what is coming. I’ve not bought it yet so...
  2. WordForge

    SLA Industries Announcement

    Announcement from Nightfall Games as the team work towards the next publication: As Nightfall Games finalise the new publication – SLA Industries: Cannibal Sector 1, we have taken a good look at the contents of the various source materials published to date. As many of you know, a number of...
  3. K

    SLA Industry critique my House Rules

    After going through the rulebooks and supplements and reading what others had done, I decided to rewrite some of the SLA rules before my hard-copies arrive from Ebay. I would like a bit of feedback from knowledgeable people, whether these houserules are any good. Whenever possibly, excessive...
  4. K

    Star Wars D6 SLA Conversions

    So After seeing Episode XIII, I have had overwhelming urge to get out my old WEG D6 version of Star Wars and play. However I had an idea, Star Wars is so varied you could fit pretty much any other scifi setting inside it with only slight modifications. So I decided to convert the Grim, 90s and...
  5. L

    SLA Industries Lore Question: Who are the Shi'An Blood Cults?

    Just as it says. I have seen enough of the Truth to know who and what Bitterness is, the origins of the World of Progress, and what likely lies on White Earth. Thing is, I just got Threat Analysis Hominids and I am slightly lost, as while I remember that the Shi'An worship Bitterness, I have...
  6. K

    How do I make monsters in Cyberpunk 2020?

    CyberPunk 2020 Question How do I implement genetically engineered monsters and or aliens, the rules, if even those from Mekton Zeta are non-existent on the matter? I ultimately want to make a 313 Stormer (Over-sized Image) from SLA Industries as the ultimate boss surprise for my players when...
  7. Ahrimanius

    SLA Industries Nightfall Reprint vs SLA Industries Hogshead.

    I've been looking at Grabbing Myself the Reprint of SLA Industries by Nightfall Games. I own a softcover copy of the Hogshead Edition but that has seen quite some use over the Years. Now I've been wondering how extensive where the Hogshead "Revisons" compared to the Original 1993 printing. Is...
  8. R

    SLA Industires, new printing

    I see there's a new printing of SLA Industries out this week. I did a spot of research and came across this: http://nightfall.co/612/sla-industries-redux-now-available.html#more-612 I popped over to DriveThru, and there are a couple of reviews, one from 2015 suggesting that an older scan was...
  9. Ahrimanius

    SLA Industries Unreleased/Unofficial Sourcebooks?

    I remember there used to be Sourcebooks for SLA available online. I found the Thresher scourcebook but im sure there were others too i remember one having rules for MMA (not exactly sure ) & "Ground and Pound" Are these available anywhere? They used to be hosted on the fan site fractal...
  10. wirecrossing

    [sell me] So, what's new in Sci-Fi gaming?

    I've played the 40k and Star Wars games extensively, though I guess those barely count as sci-fi. And I am a huge Fading Suns fan, though I think I'm an edition or so behind. But what's new these days? What's cool?
  11. B

    SLA Industries: How's the system?

    So, I recently bought the whole SLA Industries line because what I'd heard about the setting sounded cool. I do really like the setting; it's like a really cool 2000AD comic. But I've got to say, whenever I try to read the rules system my eyes kind of glaze over. It honestly seems kind of bland...
  12. V

    A Fiasco Playset for SLA Industries

    I have the seed of an idea for a Fiasco playset based around the last, disastrous mission of a squad of SLA Operatives. I've played a lot of SLA and pretty much every campaign ended in a storm of betrayal, incompetence, infighting and desperation, so I thought it would be fun to fast forward to...
  13. D

    [Recruitment - Semi-Closed] SLA Industries - I'm Only Happy When It Rains

    New thread for online SLA Industries game. If you're in you already know. If you're not in but you are in Australia (time zone reasons) and are interested, drop a post or PM me. No guarantees but I'll keep your interest in mind. Thanks.
  14. A

    SLA Industries Announcement - Movie News!

    Nightfall Games just announced that they have signed a deal with Romark Entertainment covering the film and TV rights for SLA Industries. (Full announcement: http://nightfall.co/368/sla-industries-news.html) Nightfall will also be working alongside Romark to create more SLA books and also...
  15. I

    A Lighter And Softer SLA Industries

    TL;DR: How do I make SLA less "bitter" up front? Is a two page pamphlet on background and character creation the way to go? I have a secret, a terrible awful secret. I always wanted to run or play SLA Industries. The problem, for me, has always been that the books want to be rather... In Your...
  16. Skadedyr

    Character Anthology Supplements

    So I've been working on some SLA Industries NPCs. Unfortunately, SLA's few character examples and templates in official books have always been lackluster. I've been thinking that I might be able to use NPC collection books from other games to help me make some characters and templates with a...
  17. S

    [SLA Industries] "Modernizing" the World of Progress

    I've got a tingling itch to run Savage SLA Industries (via Voidstate's awesome conversion, of course), but before I even get close to plotting anything, I really feel the need to roll the setting into a garage, tighten some bolts, scrub off some rust, replace the 8-track player, and bring the...
  18. J

    [Nightfall Games] All seven parts of Hunter Sheets 2 for SLA Industries available.

    Links to all seven parts on the Nightfall Games site. The current cheap price of $1.49 per Data Packet will be ending soon and all our prices will be going up. Ps. Yes, a complete PDF of all seven parts in one file will be out soon, if you'd rather wait. And yes, this will be followed by a...
  19. J

    [Nightfall Games] Hunter sheets 2 - part three

    Enforcer Shiver gone rogue, an ancient monster awakens and an imaginative filmmaker. Three thorns in the sides of SLA Industries. Turn up and tool up. These are the third batch of Hunter Sheets to be presented as Data Packets, a ten page PDF with three targets SLA Industries wants you to get...
  20. J

    [Nightfall Games] Hunter Sheets Issue Two - part two

    An unusual creature, the last of the Tek Trex staff and a sneaky Carrien. Three enemies SLA would rather not be worried about anymore. Best get your boots on. This is the second batch of Hunter Sheets to be presented as a Data Packet, a ten page PDF with three targets SLA Industries wants you...
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