spears of the dawn

  1. D-503

    Spears of the Dawn character sheets

    Hi there, Are sheets for Spears of the Dawn downloadable anywhere? I have a pdf of the game, but as I bought it instead of stealing it rpg.now saw fit to put my name at the bottom of every page as a security measure and I'd rather not have my name on the bottom of every character sheet (also, I...
  2. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Spears of the Dawn

    Once upon a time, there was a guy named Kevin Crawford. He designed role-playing games of the old-school variety, namely Dungeons & Dragons retroclones and supplements. He was hanging out on an RPG message board when the topic of racial diversity in games came up, and he heard the familiar...
  3. J

    [Spears of the Dawn] Making Spears viable

    No, no, when I mean 'Spears,' I mean the actual weapon, not the PCs. I am probably going to start a Spears of the Dawn campaign soon; the evocative setting and simple-yet-effective mechanics appeal to me a great deal, especially since part of my group are a) new to gaming and b) do not speak...
  4. Mike Taylor

    [Sine Nomine Publishing] Unofficial Stars Without Number Fan Page

    For those of you who are fans of Sine Nomine Publishing's Stars Without Number, Other Dust and Spears of the Dawn RPGs, I have created an unofficial fan page where all are welcome to discuss the games and share your original creations for them. I also post links to articles that I think players...
  5. A

    Sell me on Spears of the Dawn!

    This looks like a pretty cool game, but I'm afraid that I might get another Nyambe or Northern Crown (basically real life Africa and North America with a thin veneer of fantasy). I'd be much more interested in a wholly original fantasy setting with African flavor. So, for those of you who have...
  6. B

    I need some setting material for Africa and India

    I run a campaign that exists across a massive archipelago in a primarily tropical zone. The majority of the islands are covered in rainforest/jungle and mountains (likewise covered). Culture across the archipelago is diverse. Currently the campaign is set on a large island heavily influenced...
  7. C

    [Sine Nomine Publishing] Spears of the Dawn Now Available

    Enter a World of Splendor and Blood In the marketplace, flame-tongued griots recall the glories of dead heroes to set the people ablaze against their undying Eternal foes. In the palace, mighty warriors stride among pillars of carved ebony and bright jewels. Beneath the earth, daring...
  8. Mike Taylor

    Are You A Fan of Sine Nomine Publishing?

    This Facebook fan page was initially created just for Kevin Crawford's "Stars Without Number" sci-fi retro RPG, but is open to discussion of "Spears of the Dawn", "Other Dust", "Red Tide" and anything else he might come up with. I also provide links to real world science news, artwork, and to...
  9. E

    [Kickstarter] Spears of the Dawn, cool african-themed D&D

    Kevin Crawford's new project just saw the light of day on Kickstarter. It looks superficially similar to Green Ronin's Nyambe, which is impossible to get a hold of. So I'm seriously considering getting in on this. I like Kevin's stuff.
  10. C

    [Sine Nomine Publishing] B/W artists wanted for Spears of the Dawn

    In a fit of annoyance, I'm publishing Spears of the Dawn, an African-flavored old-school retrocousin game based on the Stars Without Number engine. After listening to one too many iterations of the monthly lamentations over the lack of diversity in RPGs, I'm writing this as an example of a...
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