1. M

    [Let's Read] SJR1 - Lost Ships

    It's been a while since I've done one of these, but I've been wanting to cover another of the favorite D&D books of my teenage years: SJR-1 Lost Ships. This is a 1990 book for the Spelljammer setting by Ed Greenwood. 98 pages, stapled binding B&W inside. It's written by Ed Greenwood, better...
  2. Cosmic Hobo

     What I want from Spelljammer 5E

    To me, Spelljammer is D&D Age of Sail...in space. And the further it goes from that, the less interested I am in the setting. I'm fine with the goofier parts of the setting, but some of the restrictions to that magical combination of elements (D&D Age of Sail...in space), just kill the setting...
  3. DeathbyDoughnut

    5e How do you run Spelljammer?

    All the buzz about Spelljammer going around, I am interested in running a long term Spelljammer campaign. I have a few specific questions, but this thread is more about the title question than the smaller questions contained in this post. What are some interesting ways to run Spelljammer...
  4. Crimson Carcharodon

    Building a Spelljammer Setting

    Currently I'm running two Spelljammer games, one here as a PbP, the other over Roll20. They both use the same setting, the Shadow of the Spider Moon mini-setting from Polyhedron #151 back in the days of 3E. It was my first introduction to Spelljammer when I was a teenager. Since then, the only...
  5. HDimagination

    [WIR] Spelljammer Monstrous Compendium

    So, a couple of the threads here recently have gotten me all nostalgic for Spelljammer and as I've not done any writing in a while (sorry my poor abandoned Rebels WIW thread… casualty of having a divorce I'm afraid…) I thought this might help me get back into the grove somewhat. So, what am I...
  6. F

    Spelljammer Questions

    I am looking to start a Spelljammer campaign for the first time and I have a question about how the ships work. I know spellcasters power the helms (for typical helms), but how are the ships steered and how is navigation done? I cannot seem to find anything in the books about this. If the books...
  7. Dalillama

    Undead Armada (Spelljammer) (edition agnostic)

    My upcoming Spelljammer campaign is starting in an atmosphere-filled sphere of my own creation called Zephyrspace. This sphere houses a variety of monsters, but the villain is a Siabrae occupying a corrupted/undead Elven Armada. What sorts of traits/abilities/characteristics might such a thing...
  8. B

    Published adventure suggestions that can be adapted to Spelljammer

    Our regular GM for a Spelljammer campaign is suffering from a bit of real; life induced exhaustion and wants to take some of the pressure off himself by using a published adventure. I've a pretty low opinion of the adventures originally published for Spelljammer (and have read them as well...
  9. QuadOfThay

    [AD&D 2nd Edition] Your house rules for Spelljammer

    In the interest of not getting lost in the mix of the great house rules thread, I'm in search of some good house rules for Spelljammer in AD&D 2nd Edition. My planned 3.5 campaign is in limbo and I'm thinking of porting over the idea of the campaign (rebuilding a navy) into Spelljammer, a...
  10. J

    Other Publisher Starjammer (Pathfinder in Space) is HERE!

    Note that this is NOT the Paizo "Starfinder" product. This is Pathfinder in Space as conceived by d20pfsrd.com Publishing. It's over 200 pages of awesomeness (if I do say so myself!) https://www.opengamingstore.com/products/starjammer-core-rulebook Thanks to Peter K. Ullmann, Kirby Flake, Troy...
  11. DMH

    What would be the result of spelljamming on Athas?

    Say the neogi found a way to reach Athas and have decided to scout trading opportunities. What would they have to sell and what would they buy or trade in exchange?
  12. Afterburner

    [Let's Read] Practical Planetology (Spelljammer -- AD&D 2e)

    So I've never done one of these Let's Read things, but I am currently going through an active "binge-read all my RPG stuff" phase. And I figured maybe Practical Planetology would be a good way for me to dip my toe in the Let's Read waters. Spelljammer, as most of you know, is D&D IN...
  13. F

    [Fate D&D] D&D Hacks for Fate?

    So I've been thinking about running a Spelljammer game again, but I've been hitting a system wall with actual D&D-- it's not flexible enough and every version comes with some kind of cruft I don't want to have to deal with. Which brings me back to my other go-to game, Fate. Which, of course...
  14. Tonbo_Karasu

    Spelljammer Ship Construction

    So, I've been reading MacBalance's thread about the Spelljammer Campaign Setting and have been inspired to go and read various websites, dig up memories of the novels and generally been enthused about the setting again. One of the things that came up in the thread was that the basic Spelljammer...
  15. M

    [Let's Read] Spelljammer Campaign Setting

    In this thread, I'm going to read through the original Spelljammer box set from 1989. Here's the cover of the box: The picture was linked via Jeff Grubb's blog on the origion of the Spelljammer setting, which should probably be required reading for this thread. To summarize, it was an idea...
  16. M

    [Let's Read] CGR1: The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook

    Yes, I'm doing another Let's Read! However, I'm not going to try another book that highlights my personal gaps in history, but a favorite book from when I was a teenager. http://www.dndclassics.com/images/44/17257-thumb140.jpg This was a favorite book of mine. After reviewing it, I think it...
  17. F

    [Setting Riff] Spelljammer and Street Fighter

    So that thread about remaking the universe out of your RPG collection got me to thinking. My answer was to combine Spelljammer and Street Fighter because they're some of the least horrible settings I own and because they include a lot of my favorite things: planetary romance, sword & sorcery...
  18. thewhippinggirl

    [Spelljammer] Die Vecna Die...in Spaaacceeeee!

    I've always wanted to run this adventure and now I may be forming a campaign to throw it in. I'm currently putting together a 2nd edition Spelljammer campaign in which the pcs will be working for a wizard NPC by traveling the crystal spheres and collecting cursed items. Eventually I want them...
  19. rickjthree

    Spelljammer - trying to remember where i saw this

    I recall an old Spelljammer book that had a ship shaped like a great big beholder head made from stone. My google fu has not turned it up. Anyone else remember this?
  20. J

    SpellJammer space wars game

    X-Wing system for Spelljammer space battles. I want it. I want to pilot a space cuttlefish in a battle against beholders and Illithid dreadnoughts. That is all.
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