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  1. T

    💯 {Staff Pick} Some Stuff about Classic Traveller

    Just a couple things I've noticed on going back to the original edition & looking at the numbers... * Rules as written: Roll 2d6 six times, record the results. NOTHING says you can't put the numbers where you want! So where DO you want them? * END is vital to survival as a Scout, where every...
  2. Miss Atomic Bomb

    💯 {Staff Pick} [+][He-Man and She-Ra] I'm going to try to explain _all of it_. Join me?

    Okay, so, I'm working on an original setting for a game in the style of 80s action figure fantasy. On Facebook, that started some babbling on explaining why things happen the way they do on Eternia and Etheria, and make it gameable while not sacrificing the general style of storytelling. I have...
  3. F

    💯 {Staff Pick} My Zelda Dungeon Generator

    I created a dungeon generator that will generate dungeons that play out like a Zelda dungeon. Let me know what you think. Here is the original file if you care to play around with it.
  4. Lenin

    💯 {Staff Pick} Princess Bride RPG [Staff Pick for post #76]

    Anyone know anything about this? I don't do Facebook, and I'm feeling too lazy to look around.
  5. manwhat

    💯 {Staff Pick} RPG History - what events/games led to 'System Matters' needing to be 'rediscovered'?

    DnD was the first roleplaying game. Or close enough, anyway, for the intents of this topic. And as the OSR movement will tell you (I'll take it on faith from them), old-school DnD, as it came out, was a reasonably well-designed game. We can poke fun and Gygaxian prose and using the world...
  6. A

    💯 {Staff Pick} Your best RPG acquisition of 2016?

    What is your single best RPG acquisition of 2016? Mine was, without a doubt, Petty Gods: Revised & Expanded Edition. This thing is brilliant through and through. I've actually ended up prepping two entire campaigns around it; one using Low Fantasy Gaming (itself a strong contender for best...
  7. Wakshaani

    💯 {Staff Pick} So, I want to make a modern "Sleepy New England" town.

    Set for a horror game, with a slow build for down the road. A few elements I have bumping around in my head are: Starting with Rhode Island. It's exotic enough to be odd, small enough to not be a New York.Boston thing, and oft-overlooked. Coastal. I know I want a lighthouse (Possibly two, the...
  8. J

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Deadlands] The Dead South

    So, in the Deadlands Kickstarter thread I mentioned that I used an alternate history for Deadlands where the CSA collapsed and the Deep South has fallen into anarchy and terror. Several people requested that I make a post detailing my alternate history, so here it is. Notes The below only...
  9. Jürgen Hubert

    💯 {Staff Pick} Everything you wanted to know about GURPS but were too afraid to ask

    In honor of the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter, I figured we should start a general GURPS Q & A thread - where GURPS fans can answer questions to those who are curious about GURPS, and give advice to those considering playing and running it. Personally, I have used GURPS to run several...
  10. Ultima

    What does it mean when d&d says there is no size past Collosal+? [Staff Pick]

    I read somewhere that Epic Dragons stop growing after they reach Collosal+, even if they reach that size relatively early. Does that just mean they stop growing or just that there aren't any rules for creatures of that size?
  11. P

    💯 {Staff Pick} [nWoD2/CofD] Stuff that bugs me

    I generally like the Chronicles of Darkness (formerly known as "World of Darkness, Second Edition"). I think the new editions have done a lot to improve the games both mechanically and stylistically, but god-damn some of this stuff disappoints or annoys me and I have to complain about it. I...
  12. Sleeper

    💯 {Staff Pick} [2E] Let's read The Illithiad

    I started reading The Illithiad, and realized that I was interested in what the rpg.net collective had to say about the book. So welcome to my second let's read! Context The Illithiad (1998) is a supplement for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition, and was one of the last books produced...
  13. loconius

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Shadowrun] A rules light announcement? [It's been released!]

    I heard on a podcast that there was a rules lite version of shadowrun(using the same rules) in the works. Is this real or just a fake out? What would a rule lite version even be like?
  14. Leonaru

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Let's Read] AD&D 1e Fiend Folio

    Welcome to my Let's Read of the Fiend Folio! The Fiend Folio was basically AD&D's second Monster Manual and for the most part a collection of creatures from the Fiend Factory column from White Dwarf magazine - many of which were created by British roleplayers. The book also includes...
  15. G

    💯 {Staff Pick} WIW: A Submariner watches "Down Periscope."

    In 1996, David S. Ward directed Kelsey Grammer, Lauren Holly, Rob Schneider, Bruce Dern, Harry Dean Stanton, William H. Macy, Rip Torn, and Cessna in the movie Down Periscope. In 1998, I left my last boat. It wasn't a WWII fleet submarine like the main one in the movie. It was a Los Angeles...
  16. N

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Sine Nomine] Godbound

    I asked Kevin Crawford the other day about Godbound, his OSR demigod game that is an expansion on his Exemplars & Eidolons rpg, and he directed me to his G+ page where the beta is available. Wow! It looks awesome, even in beta. It is already at 133 pages (some are blank and waiting for text...
  17. G

    💯 {Staff Pick} [WIW] A submariner watches "Crimson Tide"

    Back in 1994, Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman made a movie about a mutiny on a Trident submarine, the USS Alabama. When the movie came out, I had just transferred off of the USS Alabama (SSBN 731), Gold Crew. Several of my friends have been asking me to post a Where I Watch of the movie for a...
  18. O

    💯 {Staff Pick} [LTTP] [Where I Watch] The Legend of Korra

    After I watched Avatar: the Last Airbender, I was really excited to watch The Legend of Korra. But then, thinking about doing another WIW thread, I got nervous. First, some friends told me that Korra was kind of a contentious topic on the Internet and people argued about it a lot, and I...
  19. CK!

    💯 {Staff Pick} TRAVELLER: Out of the Box -- Only Using Books 1-3

    Although the OSR is built around fantasy games for the most part, I believe another game deserves a second look in terms of the exciting RPG play growing these days. The game is Classic Traveller. And when I say Classic Traveller I mean only Traveller Books 1, 2, and 3. In Traveller Books 1, 2...
  20. briansommers

    💯 {Staff Pick} Trying to understand the Medieval Feudal system and how it relates to towns/cities and marketplaces.

    So, I get the basic feudal system. Well somewhat. The king owns the land, he then gives parcels out to the Lords - the Lords then promise to protect the king with military protection. Now the Lords give out smaller parcels to Vassals, in the same way. Then the Vassals get the peasants to work...
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