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star trek adventures

  1. Cybe

    (Cybe Reviews) Star Trek Adventures - Core Rulebook

    Star Trek Adventures – Core Rulebook http://cybeswebsite.com/star-trek-adventures/ Set phasers to bad puns and be ready to warp into trouble – or should I say, tribble? Okay, okay, I’ll give a serious review. Publisher: Modiphius Entertainment Authors/Artists: Dave Chapman, Jim Johnson...
  2. Kaemaril

    [STAR TREK ADVENTURES] Any idea what's coming up next?

    So, the Alpha Quadrant sourcebook was great, and the Modiphius website states "In August, Star Trek Adventures will explore Strange New Worlds with its second mission compendium. With 9 original missions to play through, exploring challenging away missions on dangerous planets and weird...
  3. Tom McCambley

    (Star Trek Adventures) Advice for games with NPC Captains

    I’ve got a naissent STA game, where the players have decided mutually not to play the ship’s captain. I have to admit a little uncertainty about running a game where no PC is at the top of the command structure for the group. It feels dictatorial and railroady. Would anybody have any...
  4. J

    Ooh, the Alpha Quadrant

    Guys, the Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook for Star Trek Adventures is out. It's pretty awesome. I've had the privilege to read early drafts of it, for another project, and it is awesome. There's a lot of stuff in it that has never been covered in a Trek RPG, and very deep worldbuilding. Many thanks to...
  5. M

    Baseball T-shirts to Help Support our shows

    Hey everyone! We're running a pre-sale on a new shirt we're offering to help support all of our Heroes of Awesome live-streams. The design is inspired by our Star Trek Adventures stream, "Constellation." There's the obvious wormhole and also the less obvious mirror reference. Until July 30th...
  6. M

    [Star Trek Adventures] Bridge Station and Ship Damage Reference sheets

    Our group has found these sheets I made to be pretty helpful so I thought I'd post links here as well in case anyone could use them. I've made a BUNCH of reference sheets to help with ship combat in terms of what each bridge role can do in their turn. I've also made sheets to keep track of...
  7. mrlost

     (Star Trek Adventures; DS9) Trying to put together a one shot

    So after running a couple of one shots using both some Andorian pregens I made, as well as the TOS crew. One of my gaming groups has expressed interest in doing a DS9 one shot. However unfortunately for me, I can't find any already made for DS9. I was hoping maybe one exists for the STA...
  8. H

    [Sell me on/off] Star Trek Adventures (and some questions)

    I like Star Trek a lot, though I'm not very familiar with the canon. I have trouble tracking those sorts of things. What reasons do you see that I should get this? What are some things to be aware/cautious of? What are the bad things about the books and system? One sell off point for me is...
  9. mrlost

    [ST:A] Need a scenario for Deep Space 9

    So I agreed to run another one shot of Star Trek Adventures, and I originally had an idea to run a Voyager adventure set during the Year of Hell two parter but the prospective players would prefer me to run a DS9 scenario. I went ahead and bought the official DS9 crew that Nathan Dowdell wrote...
  10. General_Tangent

    Star Trek Adventures Entropy’s Demise

    I'm currently running my group through Entropy’s Demise and I was wondering if anyone had maps for the various locations?
  11. General_Tangent

    [Star Trek Adventures] Orion Ships

    Does anyone know if there are going to be more Orion Ships coming out? I've noticed that there is one ship in a published adventure but it lacks any sort of description beyond the combat statistics.; there is no indication of how many decks it has or even a rough deckplan.
  12. Senex

    [Star Trek Adventures] Justifying some Trek-isms

    Okay, so lately I've been considering how to justify some tropes and setting elements in Star Trek in the (increasingly unlikely) event that the game I was running gets resurrected. At the moment, I have a sketchy outline in my head for an adventure in which the PCs encounter a ship from a...
  13. briansommers

    Star Trek Adventures Modiphius - I think I might need this?

    So the main question is can PC's take each station on the ship? Do you have ship maps? Can the PC's walk to each section of the ship, etc? How do the overall ship functions work? I'm looking for rules where the PC's have game mechanics to fly and work the ship, anything like this? something...
  14. General_Tangent

    Star Trek Adventures Starship Combat

    I was hoping somebody had an example of how starship combat worked, preferably a written example so I could go over it again until I had a better idea of how to do it.
  15. Zed

    Masks, Star Trek Adventures, Tiny Dungeon, Pugmire & other New Year New Game bundles

    New Year New Game bundles The Masks corebook and all 3 supplements are just $15 -- I regretted not having backed the Masks kickstarter and have been buying the supplements as they've come out; if you missed the kickstarter and don't already have them, here's your chance to get 'em for almost as...
  16. P

    [Star Trek Adventures] Operation Division Manual

    I just started flicking through this today. It seems pretty nifty. Of course the section 31 part caught my eye. I err on the side of thinking Section 31 are monsters that characters in the franchise need to thwart. I hate when fan works try to make S31 a necessary evil or generally buy into...
  17. Timon

    [Star Trek Adventures] Ship choice

    My IRL gaming group is having fun with the Tutorial adventure and I think they will want an actual ship when we get to Nadenda station. We are playing in the default 2371 timeframe, so it could potentially be an Akira, a Galaxy, an elderly Miranda or its Nebula successor, or a brand new...
  18. Timon

    Star Trek Adventures Resources for the table and online

    We have a couple of STA games running right now, one of them mine, and I keep finding cool resources, so I thought I would share them here. These are particularly handy for STA as the rule-book tends to spread the information around a bit. Please add ones I have missed. There is a particularly...
  19. S

    Using Star Trek Adventures for Stargate?

    Anybody done anything like this? Looking over the core book it seems pretty perfect for a Stargate game with the ability to build competent science/engineer characters, the focus on episodic game play, and the high starting competence of PCs.
  20. Cosmic Hobo

    [Interest] Star Trek Adventures

    I’m still new to the forum and still learning the ropes, but I’d like to get an idea for how much interest there is around here for an STA game or games. So what are people’s wants and needs for Star Trek gaming? What era? What style of play? Episodic or serialized? Favorite bits of...
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