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star trek: discovery

  1. DisgruntleFairy

    [Star Trek: Discovery] Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2 - Spoilers

    Well that was quite a conclusion to the story. So what did everyone think? I loved seeing the D7's. I'm thrilled to see whats going on next season. I'm hoping we get a full season in the future.
  2. B

    [Spoilers] Star Trek: Discovery - Season 2 - Episode 13 - "Such Sweet Sorrow"

    This is for discussing the episode named in the title. :D I liked seeing a modernized version of the Enterprise bridge.
  3. KaijuGooGoo

    ST: Discovery - how is it this season?

    We binged last season last year and generally liked it, although the end was a bit rushed and had some issues. How is it this season so far? We are considering reviving our All Access subscription to watch it.
  4. DisgruntleFairy

    Star Trek: Discovery - Through the Valley of Shadows - Spoilers

    Oh boy... Well that was interesting. Spoiler space.... Things I liked in this episode. I loved Jett Reno's discussion with Culbert. The Klingon Monastery had a good mix of the bizarre and the expected. I liked the post disaster Pike makeup. Pike really shows his character in this...
  5. DisgruntleFairy

    Star Trek Discovery - Perpetual Infinity - Spoiler Thread

    Sooo.... Well this week was interesting. Lets go a bit further for spoiler space. Some more spoiler space A bit more... There we go. So they confirm there is a third party. I'm betting it's Michael. Because the reading should be similar but not the same. Michael is using her mothers...
  6. DisgruntleFairy

    Star Trek Discovery - Red Angel - Spoilers

    Hello everyone, So tonight on Discovery we discovered the identity of the Red Angel. I wasn't expecting that... So what does everyone think? Spoilers welcome.
  7. O

    [Star Trek: Discovery] 2x09 Project Daedalus (***Spoilers***)

    Airiam's like: Yes/No Or What? Go away Please come back later Fuck you, asshole Fuck you
  8. O

    [Star Trek: Discovery] 2x08 If Memory Serves (***Spoilers***)

    General Order 7, yo!
  9. O

    [Star Trek: Discovery] 2x06 The Sounds of Thunder (***Spoilers***)

    Saru-centered, yes! Give me all the Doug Jones!
  10. O

    [Star Trek: Discovery] 2x04 An Obol for Charon (***Spoilers***)

    In which Number One makes her appearance!
  11. Matchstick

    [Star Trek: Discovery] 2x02 New Eden (***Spoilers***)

    Jonathan Frakes returns to the series to direct. (He and Sirtis seem to be aging well. Given how non-averse Discovery seems to be to fan service, I've got to think pretty much every TNG cast member who wants to is going to show up on the Picard show eventually -- especially if it has a long...
  12. Matchstick

    [Star Trek: Discovery] 2x01 Brother (***Spoilers***)

    Star Trek is back starting tonight on CBS All Access. Discovery Season 2 will consist of 14 episodes. (The Picard series is set to debut, I believe, later this year.) Goes online at 8:30 p.m. EST Thursday night. Discuss!
  13. Matchstick

    [Star Trek: Discovery] 1x15 Will You Take My Hand? (***Spoilers***)

    The end (of season 1) has come. Discuss!
  14. Matchstick

    [Star Trek: Discovery] 1x14 The War Without, the War Within (***Spoilers***)

    CBS cares not for your Super Bowl counterprogramming! Nothing shall stop the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Discovery season one from going online. Discuss!
  15. Matchstick

    [Star Trek: Discovery] 1x13 What's Past Is Prologue (***Spoilers***)

    Season's end is fast approaching. Discuss!
  16. Matchstick

    [Star Trek: Discovery] 1x11 The Wolf Inside (***Spoilers***)

    Captain Killy returns! Discuss.
  17. Matchstick

    [Star Trek: Discovery] 1x10 Despite Yourself (***Spoilers***)

    And we're back with the first of six episodes to finish out the first season. Discuss!
  18. Matchstick

    [Star Trek: Discovery] 1x09 Into the Forest I Go (***Spoilers***)

    Last new episode until January 7. Discuss!
  19. Matchstick

    [Star Trek: Discovery] 1x08 Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (***Spoilers***)

    Penultimate episode before the midseason break. (The title translated: "If you want peace, prepare for war.") And discuss.
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