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star trek online

  1. mpswaim

    [Star Trek Online] Thread 6: Discovering new worlds and new grinds

    This is the ongoing Star Trek Online Discussion. Here's the previous thread; https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?719393-Star-Trek-Online-Thread-5-The-Voyage-Somewhere-to-the-Left Copying from previous threads; This is the ongoing Star Trek Online Discussion Thread for the RPGnet Fleets...
  2. A

    [Star Trek Online] Thread 5: The Voyage Somewhere to the Left

    The last thread is getting close to cap, so I thought I'd go ahead and start a new one. Thread 1 Thread 2 Thread 3 Thread 4 Copying from the last thread starter (which was mpswaim copying Bull): This is the ongoing Star Trek Online Discussion Thread for the RPGnet Fleets Vanguard Group...
  3. mpswaim

    [Star Trek Online] thread 4: The Search for Sporks

    Figured that I'd go ahead and start a new thread. Previous Threads; Thread 3 Thread 2 Thread 1 And the client for the game can be downloaded from here for free: Star Trek Online From the previous thread starter: This is the ongoing Star Trek Online Discussion Thread for the RPGnet Fleets...
  4. Bull

    [Star Trek Online] Thread II: The Wrath of Khan Carne

    Previous Thread Can Be Found Here! So this is the ongoing Discussion Thread for Star Trek Online! Which answers the question I posed last summer at the beginning of the old thread "Does anyone still play this game?" :) We have two RPGnet Fleets: Vanguard Group Omega is our Federation Fleet...
  5. Bull

    Star Trek Online -- Anyone Still Playing?

    On a whim, I downloaded the STO free trial, and I'm kinda digging it. It's fairly relaxed, I can jump on, knock out a couple missions, and log out again. And I'm actually enjoying it. I'm not terribly far yet, I'm one level away from Lt Commander. Still rocking my starting ship. But, like i...
  6. W

    [STO] F2P and latest stuff

    So STO is now f2p (if you've ever subscribed, in another week or two otherwise). So... back! New (to me) cool stuff: Duty officer system Earn stuff with a large crew of duty officers. Pick from various escapades and jobs to send them on. It's a neat system and, with the Diplomatic mission...
  7. K

    [STO/Internet Radio] Come listen to my show!

    Mods, please move this post if it should belong in VGO. I run a show on Subspace Radio (http://www.subspace-radio.net) called the Photonic Shockwave on 12 midnights EST Thursdays (0500 GMT Friday mornings). There I am known as DJ Photon, and my show is two hours of funk, electronica and dance...
  8. D

    [Star Trek D20] The Federation War on Terror or Rebuilding Romulus

    A year or two too late, I really like the Abrams Star Trek movie. Ironically, though, I'm more intrigued about the universe left behind as opposed to the universe which exists inside the setting. Basically, Star Trek: Online came up with a very interesting scenario following the destruction of...
  9. Chikahiro

    Unshocking! Star Trek Online going free-to-play!

    http://massively.joystiq.com/2011/08/31/perfect-world-entertainment-confirms-star-trek-online-going-f2p/ citing... http://seekingalpha.com/article/289163-perfect-world-s-ceo-discusses-q2-2011-results-earnings-call-transcript?part=qanda As someone with a lifetime sub to STO, this is pretty cool...
  10. Q99

    Possibly the next Enterprise?

    Star Trek Online is having a contest where fans will submit designs for the Enterprise-F and be voted on, then they'll pick the E-F from the top several. On a forum I go to, one of the regulars made a submission. And a video that goes with it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEUf9UfRpSU It's...
  11. Aetherdyne

    [STO] I shall show you my Enterprise F

    I present for your consideration 1701-F #1385, my entry to Star Trek Online's Design The Next Enterprise contest. My design is a bit traditional, but not as much so as the 1701-F that I built for our tabletop game. Basically, I redesigned and built this model almost wholly from scratch, for...
  12. Aetherdyne

    [STO] Design the next Enterprise - anyone entering?

    Is anybody else planning to enter this contest? Cryptic is having a contest to design the next canon Enterprise (canon for the game that is, not necessarily for films and such). NCC-1701-F, the successor to the Sovereign Class starship from First Contact onward. Prizes include computers...
  13. M

    [STO] I have some questions about the game

    Hi everyone, I'm considering getting Star Trek Online as a Christmas present to myself for making it through a hard year, and was wondering about a few things that I hope you can answer. 1) After I get started in the game, can I go back and do previous seasons or am I just going to have to...
  14. Morticutor UK

    [STO] Any tips for a newb?

    The 'sell me on STO' thread made me remember having seen a demo for it. I've dl'd and I'm patching it now. Are there any things I should know to get the most out of the experience?
  15. D

    Sell me on Star Trek Online

    Is it any good? I'm thinking of getting this game. I'm hesitant though and don't know if it'll be worth the money.
  16. S

    [STO] Welcome Back Weekend

    If anyone is interested, anyone inactive who has purchased the game and activated can play free til 10 AM PST Monday. :) --Z9, probably scooped, but what the hey.
  17. S

    [STO] Decision time, seeking advice.

    I've achieved Commander, and finished Admiral T'Nae's Hunting the Hunters mission. And.. Contacts seem to have dried up. My subscription is up to renew on 8/2. I love the game, but can only do so many patrol missions before I start to fall asleep. Those of you who have gone past to Captain and...
  18. La Maupin

    [Star Trek Online] What kind of RPGnet presence is there?

    I have a nice spiffy new Cruiser (the U.S.S. Solstice NCC-92865). My character is Kessin@Kittyburger - her full name is Lieutenant Commander Kessin Arryn-Jones. (specifically, Lieutenant Commander 2). So who on RPGnet is doing MMO gaming on the Final Frontier?
  19. M

    [STO] VGO Task Force Head Count

    So, I'm looking at giving us all a run at Infected some time next week (Thinking Thursday evenings US time). Who's interested? I need to know your captain's name, career, and ship type. If you've got a non-cookie build for your ship or officers, tell us about it. (Meaning if you're a science...
  20. P

    Star Trek Online.

    Anyone play? I just started playing and I'm a Lt. Commander 4. Pretty darn low level, but I don't have much time to play. Of course, when I do, it's a total blast! What do you guys think of the game (if you've played it)? Just message or friend me anytime. Schala@fleakat86!
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