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star wars saga edition

  1. The Jovial GM

    Trade/Sell H: Leverage RPG, Star Wars Saga: KOTOR; W: D&D5E Books

    I'm specifically looking for Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, Xanathar's Guide to Everything, and Volo's Guide to Monsters. My copy of Star Wars Saga; Knights of the Old Republic has a small scar on the cover and a little warping on a few of the pages where there appears to be very minor water...
  2. Doctor Guilty

    Anyone Still Playing Star Wars Saga Edition?

    Konnichi wa, campers. I was looking over my shelves the other day when I remembered my collection of Saga books. Is anyone still playing with those rules? I had an idea to use them as a replacement for D20 Modern (after I rebuilt the vehicle stats into something that made sense to me), but I...
  3. A

    [Star Wars] Anyone sticking with Saga edition over FFGs version of the game?

    Note: I'm putting this thread here because IMO it could fit either here or the d20 forum. Apologies if I misposted. Anyhow, I don't find FFGs Star Wars doing much for me; I would play it if it was the only version out ofcourse, but I am prefering Saga edition by WOTC over FFGs version; I find...
  4. The_Gekko_State

    [Star Wars Saga] How Long Does Dawn Of Defiance Part One Take

    Hello all, I'm in need of help again! I've decided to volunteer for a local con to run some Star Wars Saga Edition. Only I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for a game. I came across Dawn of Defiance and was wondering how long does part one take to play? I need it be around four hours...
  5. A

    Star Wars roleplaying... which book?

    Hello I'm wanting to run a Star Wars game and while I know the SW universe pretty well, I don't know a thing about the various versions of rulebooks. I know there is a West End games version, WoC version and the newest one by Fantasy Flight games. Is there one better than the other? I'm...
  6. T

    [necro]Still Playing Star wars Saga?

    Greets all I was wondering if there were anyone in here who still plays star wars saga? I like saga, there are not the best but usable. The reason i am asking is a few question regarding Defenses, Heroic level or armor. On the sheet to the game, under reflex defense, you can add either...
  7. B

    Star Wars Saga for Fantasy?

    I hate to ask this, but after 30 minutes of searching here, drive-thru, and google I'm swamped in false positives. There's a PDF which is a fantasy conversion of the Star Wars Saga rules. It has a pre-Raphealite piece of art on the cover. Anyone know the name?
  8. J

    Star Wars Saga rules.....

    I was going to entitle this a sell me unsell me but as I have all the books there's no point in unselling me Ok a little background I go the rule book for my birthday when it first came out but my group were star trek fans and refused to play it so it got put onto the shelf and left. Over...
  9. I

    [Star Wars] So, my players want to be play a Senator & his lackeys....

    So my group was discussing games the other night. Star Wars came up, but they questioned being a Jedi, citing being tired of playing heroes after our current game of D&D. (I'm currently a player in this group.) I mentioned my wish to run an all Sith darkside game of some kind, maybe during the...
  10. V

    Star Wars Saga Edition: were there any adventures published?

    In looking over the released books for the SW Saga RPG, I don't see any published adventures. Am I missing them? Were there any published for the previous d20 iterations?
  11. Miss Atomic Bomb

    [Star Wars] How was WotC's Knights of the Old Republic book?

    I've realized that what I want out of Star Wars gaming is basically the Old Republic era. All the recognizable SW stuff is there: Jedi, Sith, smugglers, commandos, literal star wars, but with the plot wider open for new galaxy-shaking events. Go forward into the MMO timeline and you even have an...
  12. V

    d20 Star Wars: the good, the bad, the ugly

    I believe there were two (?) d20 versions of Star Wars RPGs produced by WOTC. I know the most recent was called the Saga edition. What can you tell me about either edition? Were the lines any good?
  13. E

    Star Wars Saga Edition House Rules

    So, starting up a new Star Wars Saga Edition game, and wanted some opinions on House Rules. The main quibble between me and one of my players currently involves Base Attack Bonus and Defenses. He's in favor of eliminating the Heroic Level bonus to both altogether. I'm a bit hesitant. . . it...
  14. C

    Star Wars Saga vs Age of Rebellion/Edge of the Empire

    Everyone in my group likes Star Wars and I believe that we'll probably start a campaign after seeing the new movie. We already have Star Wars Saga and the we like the system. But... I read some good reviews of the new system (Age, Edge, etc.) and I'm curious: could someone tell me the...
  15. S

    [SWSE]. Space and Hyperspace travel expansion

    Greetings... As I started a long time ago, I finished the first useable draft of that document. The idea was to expand the existing rules mostly by reverse-engineer the existing information and fill in the missing bits. (And take out a few bits that are self-contradictory or would lead to...
  16. L

    [Star Wars SAGA Edition] Conversions from d6 to d20

    Hello. I am a new member to these forums and am looking for information on system conversions. I'm mostly asking due to an interest in a specific species from Black Sands of Socorro: the Kadri'Ra. The Kadri'Ra are a very cool and interesting species; vacuum survival, being effectively...
  17. That Other Guy

    [+] You Know, Saga Edition Wasn't That Bad

    I think that Star Wars: Saga Edition could make a pretty good base for a D&D clone/heartbreaker, adding in some elements from 4 in particular in terms of power design (focusing it around a per-encounter paradigm) and maybe shaving off a few d20-era sacrd cows.
  18. J

    Starship Combat in SWSaga

    I'm retrofitting the class fiction of 5e to Star Wars - so far it's been a cakewalk. However, I'm at a loss for vehicle combat, and was curious how Saga handled it. Were there several things to be done on a ship, so that everyone could potentially help? Or was it straight up pilot vs gunner...
  19. N

    [necro]What is the best Star Wars rpg and why?

    I`m listening to the Star Wars episodes of the One Shot podcasts. They play both the D20 system for a few episodes and then do a sequal with the Edge of the Empire system. Are these systems any good or should I check out another one? What is your favourite Star Wars game and why?
  20. A

    [5e] Why was the Star Wars SAGA version not adopted for D&D?

    This could also apply to D&D 4e, but let us consider it for 5e for the moment. I am genuinely curious, why the fantastic system used in Star Wars SAGA was not adopted in D&D 5e? It hearkens back to 3e, which is what they were going for after the the presumable loss of market share to...
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