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star wars

  1. W

    Disney all-in on Star Wars a mistake?

    So my wife and I (no kids) are planning a trip to Disney World, and some of the headlines are that that the new Star Wars Land in DisneyLand doesn't have the numbers expected as does the Star Wars theme land in Disney World might be softer than expected. I am reading articles about the Last...
  2. A

    Star Wars what if - Lucky Shot

    A recent ILM Star Wars art contest yielded this fun submission from artist Morgan Yon Obviously, the force makes a sith lord randomly dying to a lucky shot very unlikely, but let's assume for argument's sake that somehow the exact scenario depicted in the image comes to pass. A New Hope...
  3. M

    *Web Site* Star Wars One-Shots - and a free Age of Rebellion One-Shot

    With Star Wars day on Saturday, I wrote up on my blog a review of the best Star Wars RPGs for One-Shots (already realised I've missed a few - Fate being the most obvious - but let me know!) and also my FFG Star Wars con game of defending Echo Base on Hoth from possible Imperial discovery -...
  4. F

    New Trailer for Clone Wars, Season 6

    Looks great, but does anyone else feel a bit of the tug on the heartstrings with her and Anakin's little moment, given how things turned out in Rebels?
  5. Coyote's Own

    [Star Wars Infinities] What if Obi-Wan killed Anakin on Mustafar?

    I belive Unfinities is correct term for SW What if/Elseworlds? So what happens if Obi-Wan rather leaving Anakin to, what he could only presume to be slow agonizing death, had mercy killed Anakin after their duel on Mustafar? (asumption 1: let's stick to current canon, assumption 2) let's...
  6. F

    The Exalted host in Star Wars...

    So, at about the time STar Wars Rebels is starting, something happens--an ancient crypt opens up, and amazingly enough... the Exalted host is cast across the galaxy. Solar, Lunar, Abyssal, all of them. They seek out worthy hosts, to do great deeds, and find heroic destinies. Just how badly does...
  7. Sabermane

    Riff? Star Wars minus Star Wars

    So I don't really know wht I'm doing with this, or if it will actually go anywhere, but I was pondering Star Wars a bit, and was thinking there's a lot going on there that, due to the fact that it's a movie and not an RPG, you're going to bypass or ignore that could still be really interesting...
  8. Andy-C

    [Star Wars] Adventures on Hoth

    My Star Wars PCs have found themselves assigned to Echo Base. The Imperial attack is a few weeks away, and I'm looking to run a couple of sessions before the big event. So far, I've come up with a few ideas, and I'm calling on the collective minds here for some help. 1. "Having trouble adapting...
  9. heruca

    [Kickstarter] Developing mapping content for sci-fi battlemaps

    When it comes to map-making software and mapping assets for pen-and-paper RPGs, the sci-fi genre usually gets short shrift. GMs of sci-fi RPGs like Starfinder, Star Wars RPG, Traveller, Shadowrun, Stars without Number, Numenera, and other sci-fi game systems need and deserve a good set of tools...
  10. Mendalla

    [LTTP} Rogue One

    Don't think there's really any spoilers in here. I'm trying to keep it fairly high level. I don't get much movie watching time so I am woefully behind on most major series, even personal favorites like Star Wars. I do have some opportunity this weekend, though, so I ran through my Netflix list...
  11. C

    Star Wars - what's with the useless Armour and flaky weapons?

    I suppose I didn't notice this so much in the original SW movies, but after watching all of SW Rebels (brilliant show, btw) I was quite struck with how utterly useless armour was in the SW setting... but people still wear it. The characters even make a comment when they're stunned while wearing...
  12. Malckuss

    🎨 Creative [Cortex Prime, Star Wars] Help me RPG.Net! You're my fervent hope! Place to lament my current Star War Hack

    Apologies in advance, I waxed long-winded on this post. :( TL: DR - If you are familiar with Cortex Prime, skip to the formatted section, then please give me your thoughts; thanks in advance! A long time ago, using a version of Cortex that will soon be obsolete...I built a Star Wars Hack. I...
  13. P

    [Star Wars] How do you feel about how the events of the new movies reflect on the Original Trilogy

    Spoilers for the Force Awakens and The Last Jedi I guess. I was discussing Star Wars with my brother. We basically agreed that The Last Jedi was pretty good with a few wonky bits (the whole fleet being chased bit). We started talking about the events of the new movies and how it feels to me that...
  14. TavelGorge

    (Savage Rifts) - Rifts Vs The Star Wars

    Introduction! https://sponsoredbynobody.podbean.com/e/savage-rifts-rifts-vs-the-star-wars-introduction/ This actual play is brief and absolutely a comedy. Imagine the goofy sci fi gonzo of Rifts, and the characters you play in that game. Now imagine those tonally unbalanced characters being...
  15. C

    New System for FFG's Star Wars Force Powers

    I posted this in another Forum, but hopefully I'll get more help here. :) I'm going to be making a new system for a friend to use for FFG's Star Wars RPG. We're not really happey with the current system. Basically, there'll be 3 skills (Control, Sense, & Alter duh) that you roll with an ability...
  16. Rick

    (Spoilers) + The Little Things in Solo You Really liked

    How about a thread for discussing the little things in Solo you liked. Obviously lots of spoilers welcome. A non-spoiler thing I love is Landos voice at his first line. Glover knocks it outa the park. Are we still doing "+" threads? Ive been away for awhile.
  17. Umbraed Nox

    eBay STAR WARS d6 RPG West End Games Core Rules and More, 5 books $70 Start Bid, Buy-It-Now $91 (Auction Duration: 3 days)

  18. B

    [Star Wars] How does space piracy work?

    I'm gearing up to run a Star Wars game--probably using Edge of the Empire--and I'd like my players to be menaced from time to time by that old favorite enemy: space pirates. But I'm not exactly sure what piracy in the SW universe would look like. How do pirates work? I'm assuming (from what we...
  19. Caldorian

    [Spoilers] Solo: A Star Wars Story

    So, I watched Solo yesterday. ***mouseover spoiler space*** I really liked it, whereas all my friends (more casual Star Wars fans) thought that it was the worst of the recent movies. A few random thoughts: - If Rogue One was the Age of Rebellion movie, this is the Edge of the Empire...
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