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stars without number

  1. A

    Stars Without Number: Borderlands Homebrew

    Hey guys I'm running a homebrew SWN campaign heavily inspired by The Borderlands Series and I wanted my vault hunter players to have some sort of like unique vault hunter abilities. Anything y'all would suggest? I was considering giving an extra foci but wanted y'alls opinions
  2. D

    [Online] [Roll20] [Discord] [Need Players] Apoapsis: A Scifi Campaign About Community and Revolution

    Play Location/Method Online, using Roll20 for rolling and character sheets, and Discord for communication Game/System Mostly Stars Without Number: Revised, though I'm trying to hack it to make it better for social interaction, community, and the sorts of social, interpersonal, economic, and...
  3. Chris J

    Stars Without Number 2ed

    Just watched a YT vid review of Stars Without Number 2ed and it looks great. One thing I dislike though is the attribute bonuses only go to a +2 and that +2 is only available if you roll 18. In all the D&D games I have played the minimum bonus has been a +3. My question is, what motivation do...
  4. KingJosh

    Stars Without Number on Bundle of Holding

    Stars Without Number Revised (http://bundleofholding.com/presents/MoreStars) and Classic (http://bundleofholding.com/presents/SWN2019) are both on Bundle of Holding! I’m tempted to get the Revised bundle, at least the Starter Collection. At $9, it’s half the price of the Deluxe PDF, and you get...
  5. thewhippinggirl

    [Stars Without Number] Star Trek?

    I have wanted to run an original series style Star Trek game for awhile and one thing that keeps coming up is Stars Without Number. Would running such a game be possible? I did some Googling to see if anyone had done such a conversion but haven't found anything yet.
  6. calliban

    Mongoose Traveller 2e or Stars Without Number - Help me to decide my next campaign

    I've read a few past threads no both systems, but I still have some unanswered questions. My players asqued me for a game set in space, but we don't wanna go the Sci-Fantasy / Space Opera route. They want something based on Star Trek (More TNG than TOS), Cowboy Beebop, and Firefly, albeit a...
  7. O

    Stars Without Number revised and Star Wars

    Are there any fan resources out there converting the Star Wars setting to work with SWN? I realize that SWN is a DIY toolbox but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to. On a related note, are there any active SWN or Silent Legions communities?
  8. Crusty One

    Stars Without Number: Plundering Other Games for Locations etc.

    There's an old thread about converting dungeon crawls to SWN (here). Further to that thread and following hot on its heels:p I'd like to call upon the hive mind for suggestions for materials to plunder for the following: a world of ruins with pre-scream and possibly much, much older non-human...
  9. D13

    System recommendation: Stars Without Numbers vs. Mongoose Traveller?

    I am creating a space opera campaign. I am stuck on which system to use. A little background on the campaign, it's going to focus on exploration, and character development. Probably will exist on the softer side of the sci-fi spectrum, and include psionic powers, like many space opera sci-fi...
  10. S

    🎨 Creative [Stars Without Number Revised/Other Dust] Creating a swedish wasteland

    I've had the good fortune to wrangle together a second group of players and we recently sat down and discussed (over Discord) what we wanted to play. It was a really good discussion and we finally reached consensus: we're going to be playing a post apocalyptic sandbox. The ruleset will be Other...
  11. S

    🎨 Creative [Stars Without Number Revised] Making sense of weird Tag combinations

    One of the coolest things about Stars Without Number (original or revised) are the tools for creating a sector. Sometimes you'll roll planetary tags that just make sense because they work so well together. Other times you'll get some that need a bit of thought to work out, but the result is so...
  12. ColinChapman

    [Sell/Unsell] Elite: Dangerous RPG and possibly contrast with SWN

    So, Modiphius are pushing the Elite: Dangerous RPG, but I was wondering what folks think of it? I understand that everyone gets their own starship, but what are the rules like? Is it all nitty gritty detail or more fast and loose, for example? Similarly, I know little of the setting beyond it...
  13. F

    Mongoose Traveller 1st edition vs. Stars Without Number Revised

    So, I'm looking at these to games for a bit of rollicking space opera fun, emphasis on medium to soft sciences. MGT has a magic supplement and SWON has magic baked in to the deluxe version (required). Both have robust sector/system/planet generation, which are extremely important. And both...
  14. K

    OOC [Godbound] Dark Matter

    Welcome! Zaenso Xi sector Wiki
  15. AJ the Ronin

    [+]Mongoose Traveller 2nd vs. Stars Without Numbers 2nd

    Both games look amazing and in an ideal world people would own both. But if you get stranded with your gaming group in a desolated asteroid 2 hexes away from the nearest planet with drive technology, which of the two games would you rather have with you to read and play?
  16. Albertorius

    [SWN Revised vs MGT2nd] Pirates of Drinax?

    So, I finally got my hardcopy of Stars Without Number Revised Edition, and I'm liking it quite a bit so far: it reads like a pretty cool game with lots (and lots, and lots) of help for the GM. I was thinking about starting to prep something for it... ...and I saw that DrivethruRPG was doing a...
  17. Fred

    [Interest/Lookin for GM] Godbound set in Star Without Number

    I'm watching Altered Carbon and the futuristic visuals coupled with the technological name dropping have really wheted my appetite for a scifi game. And since my motto is that "anything is better with superpowers", I immediately pictured superpowered characters in a setting like AC's. This led...
  18. TavelGorge

    Stars Without Number: Blackstar

    We started running Stars Without Number Revised among two of our players while our larger games have to take some intermittent breaks due to the holidays. The idea is to smart small with the systems, factions, and supplemental material available and gradually ease into the whole Far Trader...
  19. J

    Stars Without Number Second Edition

    SWN 2E is out. I snagged the free version. Does the premium version (here) have a lot more in it than the free version? I skimmed the playtest files but nothing serious until now.
  20. Crusty One

    [JORUNE] Using Sine Nomine Products for Jorune

    Playing in Jorune is something I think about from time to time. I've never liked the SRoJ system, but love the world. Over the years I've considered different options: BRP was a front-runner for a long time and more recently FUDGE and Savage Worlds. FATE would probably be great but I've never...
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