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  1. empulsive

    Dwarf Fortress To Be Released On Steam and Itch.io

    Per Toady's announcement and a small sampling of the many articles about it! I've been playing DF for a very long time now, have given Toady some money in the past, and I plan on buy it on Steam the moment it's available. Already have it wishlisted. This is exciting. I'm excited! :D
  2. Tambourine

    Atelier series on Steam... which one?

    I see that both the Arland series (Rorona, Totori, Meruru) and the new series (Sophie, Lydie, Firis) are available on Steam. I'd like to get one of them, but only one (so, no bundle). Based on some cursory searches I understand that out of the two series, the Arland series is the superior one...
  3. Leonaru

    [Steam] Game on Valve found with cryptomining malware

    Remember been Valve vowed to ditch all quality control safe for games that are trolling (whatever that means, exactly) or illegal? Well, it turns out they failed to do the latter. A game named Abstractism, a super simple indie platformer, apparently used user machines to cryptomine, and was most...
  4. Sphinx of Black Quartz

    [ Sell / Unsell Me ] The Steamtroller is 30% off for two weeks. BUY? ( Y / N )

    The Steam Controller is down to $34.99 for the duration of this year's Summer Sale. We're in the process of setting up a nice entertainment center in our new house, so I'm already about 90% sold on the Steam Link, which is down to $14.99. I'm now thinking a Steamtroller might be just the thing...
  5. evilmrhenry

    Steam Direct News

    http://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/1265921510652460726 Basically, the Steam Direct fee will be $100 and recoupable. Still no definition of recoupable, or when it's coming out. The change to trading cards is a bit more interesting...
  6. B

    Decision time coming up ... Switch or something else

    I'm currently in the positive state of having too many choices. For my continued entertainment at least. I'll need some introductory words though, to clarify my line of thought. Some time ago I bought the Wii U, because I had given up on gaming and wanted to revitalise that hobby. I had been...
  7. H

    Hobby Maniacs Unite~! Bring new players to the table! New Gaming FB Group

    The Coming Dorkness Post new events Attract new players https://www.facebook.com/groups/532761530233804/
  8. Matt.Ceb

    ... Steam is filled with flat out Nazis.

    So, as was to be sadly expected, someone uploaded yet another Nazi mod for Hearts of Iron IV. ("The Greatest Story Never Told", a music mod for Germany and Austria, from a Neo-Nazi propaganda movie. With tracks as these: Hitler's Economic Miracle, Hitler's Lament, Kristallnacht, Last Plane Out...
  9. JoanieSappho

    [WIP] Where Joanie Plays ALL the games

    Apparently it was two and a little bit years ago now that I saw SirGyvsalot's shiny new WIP My Entire Steam Library thread and commented that I probably should do something similar, since there's all these games around here that I've either not touched, or barely touched. Putting in some good...
  10. Coyote's Own

    [Steam] Summer Sale Card trading thread

    It that time of the year people. I have: 2 x he swell is righteous today 1 x Everything is fine I'm looking for: X marks the spot! Catch it if you can! *SPLASH* You had one job! And for the people who do know what deal with the cards is: They don;t give anything aside of steam badge as some...
  11. Sphinx of Black Quartz

    [Sell/Unsell Me] Watch_Dogs I: The Prequel to the Sequel Part 1: The Beginningening

    Learning Lucien Soulban will be the lead writer has gotten me a bit interested in WatchunderscoreDogs 2. I never played the original WatchunderscoreDogs, but it's on sale on Steam with all the bells and whistles for $15. That's a low enough price point that I'm considering picking it up. I...
  12. NeoVid

    [WildStar] Steam release on the 9th!

    Yes, to match the usual effort put into promoting WildStar, they announce the date of the Steam release two days before it happens. But it's still going to get an influx of new/returning players over the next week, and I'll be on (relatively) often to welcome them, often with free stuff for...
  13. Sphinx of Black Quartz

    (Ms.) Pac-Man, Dig-Dug, and Galaga now on Steam!

    Four arcade classics are now available on Steam: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and Galaga. (There's also a bundle with everything except, strangely, Ms. Pac-Man.) Apparently these are faithful translations of the original arcade machines, and Dig Dug and Galaga are particular favorites of mine...
  14. sun_tzu

    Steam Account Locks - How Long Do They Last?

    So... a bit over a week ago, I received an e-mail for Steam about a suspicious login attempt, asking for a confirmation code. Now, that's happened plenty of times before... except that this, the login attempt wasn't by me. Or originating from my location, because I definitely wasn't in Kiev at...
  15. Sphinx of Black Quartz

    Windward (high-seas sandbox game): Any good?

    Today on Steam I noticed Windward, an "action-filled sandbox game that puts you in control of a ship sailing the high seas of a large procedurally-generated world." I am intrigued -- if it delivers everything it promises, it could be a fun little time sink. But does it deliver everything it...
  16. Sphinx of Black Quartz

    GOG Galaxy is out of alpha and into open beta

    As of today, GOG Galaxy is out of alpha and into open beta. For those of you not familiar with it, Galaxy is GOG's multipurpose content delivery, chat, and matchmaking client. They're clearly shooting to be a better alternative to Steam — "better" in the sense that you still have the option to...
  17. W

    Argh, help me decide what games in my Steam Library I should finally play!

    I keep on going "Oh, I've got time to game these days, I should install one of those games I've got on steam and never play." And then I get paralyzed with choice. Help me? I don't have tons and tons of time to game these days, so recommendations that fit well into a half an hour there, an hour...
  18. Sphinx of Black Quartz

    Sell Me On/Off Burnout Paradise

    Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box is 75% off on Steam for the next not-quite-two days. All I know is it's a racing game, and I have a friend who played a lot of it a few years back; I think he rather enjoyed it. Have you played it? What's your opinion of it?
  19. Coyote's Own

    [Steam Christmas Sale] Card trading sale

    We had one for the summer sale so I thought it might good to make thread for the Christmas sale. I have an extra Sparkels and I looking for Clementine, Monte, Sliver or Zippy.
  20. Count_Zero

    [Steam] Valve getting into game streaming

    Valve has set up a system inside Steam that supports game streaming among Steam users. It doesn't appear to have any connection or comparability with Twitch or Hitbox, and it's not clear how well (or how poorly) the system will work with non-Steam games launched through the Steam client. The...
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