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  1. Lilith Viktoria

    Stellaris Thread II

    Stellaris does have a new Game Director. Daniel Moregård is succeeding Martin Anward. Martin Anward is moving towards a new secret project. The old thread
  2. Axiomatic

    [Stellaris] How do I space battles?

    I've recently started playing this, and I've never felt so incompetent before. Any fight I get in, I lose. And not just lose, but lose embarassingly. As in, I'll throw 29 ships at 32 enemy ships, and they might be able to take out five before I lose literally the entirety of my civilization's...
  3. Max Deltree

    [Sell me On] Stellaris

    So, this game picked my interest after I read that Alexis Kennedy (Fallen London, Sunless Sea) wrote something for it. I love exploration with good narrative and atmosphere, and it seems this game deliver in those fronts. But I'm a bit afraid of real time strategy games. I never delved too...
  4. S

    [Stellaris/Rant] I just found out fans made a "Europeans only" mod. WTF?

    And of course, I made the mistake of reading the comments on the article and threads talking about it. Long story short, someone made a mod to make the human portraits and names "European only" (which of course means "white only", and arbitrarily picked "European" names, which probably means...
  5. Apis Rex

    [Sell/Unsell Me On] Stellaris

    I didn't want to clutter up the ongoing Stellaris megathread, but I've been seriously considering picking up this title after idly following a couple of Let's Plays. My concern with the game pre-launch was that certain things had seemed somewhat... anti-science in the details leaked and some of...
  6. Matt.Ceb

    [Stellaris] A tiny glimpse...[and also general discussion of the game]

    ...yet still really cool! This is pretty cool. :D
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