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    eBay Fighting Fantasy Sky Lord

    Another batch of FF handbooks. Sky Lord , City of Thieves, Creature of Havoc, Caverns of the Snow Witch, and Sword of the Samurai. Plus the Introductory Role-playing Game
  2. I

    eBay Fighting Fantasy Spectral Stalkers

    Now selling on eBay FF Spectral Stalkers in very good condition. Also listed: Midnight Rogue, Beneath Nightmare Castle and Sword of the Samurai
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    eBay Fighting Fantasy Knights of Doom

    More FF books - I've a box of these I'm gradually listing. Please check out the rest. Knights of Doom
  4. Phergus

    World Generation Supplement for DragonQuest

    Hey DragonQuest (and Steve Jackson) fans. Steve Jackson consented to releasing the draft version of the DragonQuest supplement, World Generation out to the world. You can find it on my DQ blog here:
  5. The Wyzard

    [AMA][Staff Pick] Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games

    Mr. Jackson has agreed to do an AMA. It's scheduled, tentatively, for about 24 or 25 hours from the time of this post. So, Wednesday the 24th, maybe 5 PM CST. Steve Jackson has received over a dozen Origins awards and has probably sold as many gaming books as nearly anybody in the business...
  6. Dirk Desiato

    Steve Jackson has The Fantasy Trip again! [Kickstarted successfully!]

    Reported on, after about four decades Steve Jackson has gotten back the rights for the parts that he wrote for The Fantasy Trip! This is very early on but it looks like he is going to publish it again. I have Meele and Wizard around here somewhere and it would be great to have a...
  7. T

    Looking for Steve Jackson (US) interview about the early days

    Has Steve Jackson ever been interviewed or spoken about his early career, particularly the time with Metagaming before forming SJG?
  8. L

    Interviews with Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson in the G*M*S Magazine Podcast

    Its been nearly a month since the last podcast with interviews from Spiel, and a lot longer since we recorded some goodness and brought you some interviews. Time to change that! At Dragonmeet, I had the opportunity of interviewing Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson for a few minutes, and Dr...
  9. L

    How relevant do you think are Fighting Fantasy books nowadays?

    Recently, at Dragonmeet, we recorded the seminar below from Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, in which they spoke at length about their origins and also about the process of creating the books and the history of the company. They are obviously very passionate about it and it is wonderful to...
  10. E

    [GURPS] Need any help with GURPS?

    I have been playing gurps for 20 years and been running most the games me and my group of gamers play for the last 12. I am new to these forums so i thought id offer my knowledge. I know 3rd and 4th edition almost completely. Ive played most popular tabletop RPGs(whitewolf,D&D,D20, etc.) but...
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