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strands of fate

  1. Saber

    Strands of Fate 2e Resources?

    I picked up Strands of Fate 2e when it came out back in November, and from what I've gathered so far, it seems like the perfect mix of FATE freedom with enough crunch to solve the "hand-wavium" issues I have with FATE Core. However, in my quest to begin a campaign using this system, I've been...
  2. V

    Strands of Fate 2e just landed, anyone check it out yet?

    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/252313 Very little fanfare, but Strands of Fate 1e was the game that got me into Fate. Very excited for this and I'll probably pick it up today to read over the weekend. No reviews out there yet. Anyone here play the beta or playtest copy?
  3. F

    [necro][Fate] What ever happened to Strands of Fate?

    I know the author moved on to Nova Praxis and never went anywhere with this after releasing Strands of Power, but did anyone else ever release anything for it? Reading some of the current Fate threads, I wonder if an updated version that used some of the best refinements that Fate Core had, but...
  4. mediapig

    Strands of Fate power question

    I've been getting back into Strands of Fate, and I have a few questions about powers: 1. How would people build a leaping power, like the Hulk's ability to jump vast distances? Or, scaled down, someone like Batroc who is still human, but can leap relatively great distances? 2. How would you...
  5. N

    New Fire FATE Mechanic Discussion

    Hello, everybody! My name is Jason, and I am the lead designer of the published game, New Fire. It's an Aztec/Mesoamerican inspired RPG with heavily narrative mechanics that was funded through Kickstarter and assisted tremendously by the community here at RPG.net--I made contact with a wonderful...
  6. S

    [Sell me On][Fate] Strands of Power/Fate & Hacking it!

    So I realized I wanted to perhaps Hack Fate, I've seen dozens of games do this, Legends of Angelerre, the upcoming Mindjammer, and I am wondering how one actually figures out how to hack Fate? I have an idea for a hack, and development of rules: Create a 'system' for Creations of Towns...
  7. S

    [FATE-based games] How many Aspects is too many?

    I'm running a Burning Wheel game now that'll probably end in a few months as we near the climax, and I've a thought to run...something...with Strands of Fate. At it's base, like many FATE games, Strands wants us to have like ten Aspects. My question is - is ten Aspects a lot? I have some...
  8. Rangdo

    [Let's Read] Nova Praxis

    So, after having done a fairly extensive Let's Read on the Legends of the Five Rings corebook (link in my sig), I thought I'd do something a little different this time: Nova Praxis. I was actually given the pdf as a complementary copy several months ago, under the condition that I would talk...
  9. J

    [Strands of Fate] Building Taskmaster's Power

    'Sup. I'm putting together FATE packages of reasonably common superpowers, and funnily enough, there's no exact power for doing stuff like Taskmaster. For folks who don't know who that is, he's got the ability to instantly learn by seeing, including things like learning someone else's fighting...
  10. CarrotandStick

    [Fate Core + Strands of Fate + crunch] Powers, WR/AR, single set stress and the Zero Sum (oh, and Mass Effect homebrew)

    Brace for rambling crunch discussion. You have been warned. The tl;dr verison: in Strands of Fate, how do you scale powers causing stress to deal with the greatly reduced stress capacity of the upgrading single-set optional rules? Super tl;dr version: Mass Effect's Biotics in Strands of Fate...
  11. S

    (Strands of) Fate and Object Aspects?

    I'm not too clear on something; when you have an Aspect relating to an object ("Sword of Power", say), does the object still perform its normal function (with whatever bonuses it may provide), and then you can evoke the Aspect on top of that, or what goes on here?
  12. D

    Character Advancement in Strands of Fate

    So the fine rulebook states, on p29 under Character Advancement that you can purchase Advantage Points for gained XP, and that: "You may add a new Advantage or upgrade existing Advantages with these additional APs." It doesn't say how, but I guess it means you can purchase modifications to your...
  13. S

    [Strands of Fate] How to handle this kind of conflict?

    Say you have a Senate of Rome type game; players are all senators of various stripes, they've formed a faction, and they intend to guide the Republic through the current political crisis. Now, debates in the Senate are going to be important to the game. We want them as some sort of conflict...
  14. F

    Fate Core v. Strands of Fate

    I have two of the Strands of Fate books. Is there anyone out there who has Fate Core from the kickstarter that can describe the major +/- when compared?
  15. M

    [FATE] Nova Praxis - New Transhuman Sci-Fi game Kickstarting Oct 1st!

    http://youtu.be/Tm3pAxmxmzs Nova Praxis is… …a tabletop role-playing game featuring an evolution of the award winning FATE game system utilized in Strands of Fate; streamlined and tailored specifically for the Nova Praxis setting. …self-contained. You do not need to own, or be familiar with...
  16. Andrew J. Luther

    [Find a System] Non-D&D system for D&D setting

    (Just to be clear, don’t bother telling me I shouldn’t run Ptolus with anything other than D&D 3.x. It works perfectly fine with other systems, as I’ve run it for years with different groups using non-D&D rules.) This thread was eaten the first time I tried to put it up, so let's hope it works...
  17. Wil

    Generic lists of locations in modern areas

    I'm working up some tables for post-apocalyptic exploration of pre-apocalypse locations. These are meant to drill down to the types of resources or locations that might be found while exploring; the GM either picks (if it's known already) or rolls randomly. The tables are intended for at least...
  18. D

    Strands of Fate vs other Fate games

    I'm kind of new to the whole Fate system so I was wondering. I wanted to run The Dresden Files RPG and then I saw the Strands of Fate is slightly different version of Fate. Since I constantly see you good folks praising Strands of Fate I was wondering if I should run The Dresden Files RPG as...
  19. CrackedMan_SAH

    [Exalted/SoF] Exalted via Strands of Fate, help requested

    I'm working on a SoF conversion for Exalted and I'm starting on grouping the powers by Exalt/Caste types. I'd like some input, pointing out where a particular power should or shouldn't be allowed for a type and why. I'm not trying to offer a perfect translation of every charm available, but...
  20. Wil

    [Strands of Fate] Some Location goodness

    I was playing around with different implementations for locations in FATE, and I think I came up with something very, very interesting (at least from my perspective). LOCATIONS Defining Aspect - The Aspect that defines the overall theme, tone, purpose or some other fact about the location. For...
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