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strands of fate

  1. Wil

    [Strands of Fate] Bartering

    I thought that someone might find what I came up with for bartering and resources in a setting with no currency useful.
  2. S

    [Strands of FATE] Pain Editor

    Hey all. So I'm trying to see if I can convert the Corporation RPG to Strands of FATE. I'm not sure if that's doable, but I'm going to try -- I'll probably have more questions for this forum if I do, like how to handle resources. The first hurdle, however, is how much more powerful Agents...
  3. Wil

    [SoF] Using the FATE fractal for Tribe 8

    I've been reading more about mechanics and concepts for various incarnations of FATE, and I think I've hit on one that I'd like to make more prominent in my Tribe 8 adaptation: social/cultural groups. Essentially, I'm thinking about making the social group much more prominent (which is to say...
  4. Chris J

    Tell Me About: Strands of FATE

    Having decided against Savage Worlds, BRP and GURPS, I'm down to Strands of FATE, the generic universal Fate system GUFS!). What are its pros and cons? Thanks.
  5. M

    [Nova Praxis] Strands of Fate does Sci-fi

    [Nova Praxis] New Strands of Fate setting does Sci-fi For the last year or so we've been hinting around about having an official Strands of Fate setting in the works. Well, here it is... I'm going to use this thread to answer questions about Nova Praxis. Ask me anything.
  6. Matt.Ceb

    [FATE SciFi] A project I'm working on. [Dresden Files/Diaspora/Strands of Fate]

    I love Dresden Files. I love Strands of Fate. I love Diaspora. I also really love non-jingoistic Military SciFi. It can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. I'm also a technophile of great magnitude. There are rules and small meta-details in each of the games above that don't sit well with me...
  7. F

    [Strands of Fate]

    One of the things that always makes me feel more comfortable is the level of support, either from the fans (see numerous old school D&D forums) or from the company if it's still in production (e.g., Savage Worlds, W40K). I have my copy of Strands of Fate, but their forum is very low volume, as...
  8. C

    [Strands of Fate] Building Thaumaturgy - help?

    I'm converting my Dresden Files game to Strands of Fate, and thus far it's gone pretty good. But I've hit a snag I can't quite figure out... How would you build Thaumaturgy in the SoF Ruleset? I've looked at Ritual Power. It's close, but it gives you a certain amount of points (based off of...
  9. F

    Croudsourcing Help w/ Generic System Choice

    I'm trying to settle on a 'generic' RPG system. I'm sure GURPS is fine, but it's too crunchy and realistic for me. Ideally, I'm looking for something that: - doesn't require dozens of books to master; - can be mastered by a "normal" GM and players; - can be deployed in a very wide variety of...
  10. CleverName

    [SoF] Anyone got Strands of Power yet?

    I know it is really new, but anyone with the PDF care to illumine us on its contents and utility?
  11. S

    [SoF] Str/End vs Super Strength

    Hello all... Last week we completed our first Dark Super Hero scenario (Shattered Heroes Campaign) using Strand of Fate. The whole game went actually pretty good and the aspect system really helped get into the super hero theme. In addition, as a GM I found it very easy to adapt to situation...
  12. StanTheMan

    [FATE+] Which FATE version for my Burning /Iron Empires conversion?

    So, long story short, my players like the setting of BE but not the system (we played 3 sessions of it, and sessions were fun, but players didn't really engage with the system; don't need to get into why, they just didn't despite my prodding). We recently did a one-shot with Legends of Anglerre...
  13. D

    Strange FATE vs. Strands of FATE.... FIGHT!

    Which do you prefer, and why? :)
  14. F

    [Strands of Fate] Another weird super: can turn any environment into DnD style traps

    So, I'm having fun coming up with somewhat offbeat superpowers. My latest idea: a super who can turn his surrounding into D&D-style traps. He snaps his fingers, and hidden arrow launchers open to fire storms of slicing death, boulders come smashing through the undergrowth, the floor gives away...
  15. F

    Full Throttle/Strands of Fate game looking for players.

    I'm looking for fans of the old LucasArts adventure game, or people who want to try out Strands of Fate. We will be using IM and Google Docs. If you're interested, I have a campaign started at Obsidian Portal, or you can just respond here.
  16. F

    [Strands of Fate] How to build a superhero who can manifest & use objects from myth?

    So I just came up with the concept of a superhero who can call objects from mythology, folklore, and religious lore to his hand and use them for a while – Excalibur, the Apple of Discord, the Spear of Destiny, the Seven League Boots, the Seal of Solomon… Anyone up for providing some stats for...
  17. S

    I just got Strands of FATE... its so awesome.

    I went to check my mail today and there it was... a box... and inside this box is the book that I have been waiting for... BAM! In my hands it is... so nice and shiny in its black glossy like, hardbound cover... the pdf, it was nice... this book... way way better. :D Me loves it... time to read...
  18. L

    [Smallville & FATE] Pathways relationship mapping and Strands of FATE

    I like the Smallville system, but my favourite part is easily the Pathways relationship mapping stuff you do at the beginning alongside character creation. I found that it even helped players connect and 'get' their character more than simply making your character and dropping him into a game...
  19. S

    SoF - Summon Creature

    Hello all, How does this power advantage works? I read that the activation and costs are directly derived from the summoned creature's highest ability. However... Lets say you want to summon a fire elemental, how do you evaluate its cost considering that he is far more then abilities. He...
  20. S

    SoF - Armor to powerful vs non-powers?

    Good afternoon, I am putting together a game of Dark Super Hero (metro level) and one of my player is considering the ARMOR power. If I understand correctly, for 3 AP, and at a TL of 4, he gets 11 points or armor [base of 2 + 4TL + 5 for metro level]. This is quite balanced with the Power...
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