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strands of fate

  1. S

    [FATE] Invisibility

    So I own Strands of Fate and Legends of Anglerre, and one of my players is interested in making an invisible character. Now, this comes with the standard problem of how to constantly be able to target him, but I noticed in FATE, that problem was exacerbated, at least for me. Both SoF and LoA...
  2. S

    [Strands of Fate] Single Set Stress Boxes

    Hey all. I played Dresden RPG awhile back and really preferred their stress system over SoF's, specifically that it was a single row of stress boxes for each different type of stress. SoF has that optional system listed on page 250, which I will be using. That being said, I started getting...
  3. M

    [Strands of Fate] The Wheel of Time

    A few folks have asked about this of late and I finally managed to find a Google + post I did on the subject (thanks Tomi!). So I figured I'd post some of my notes here for potential discussion. I'm a huge WoT fan, and would be lying if I said it wasn't an inspiration for some Strands bits. In...
  4. L

    [FATE] Strands of Shōnen

    How well do you think that Strands of FATE would handle a shōnen manga/anime style game? Could you run a Bleach or DragonBall Z game with SoF? If you were going to try, how would you do it?
  5. F

    [Strands of Fate: Dragon Age] a magic system

    Dragon Age: Fate This is an attempt to use Control to bring about some of the flavor of Dragon Age’s magic system. Any constructive criticism is welcome! The rules of magic in the DA setting are as follows: There is no teleportation, though you can create the appearance of teleporting by...
  6. V

    [Eclipse Phase] System Shock! (Not the FPS/RPG, sadly)

    So I've been reading Eclipse Phase and have fallen in love with it. It feels so well-researched, so well-written, so colorful and dark at the same time. It combines my absolute favorite genre (cyberpunk) on a much higher level (transhumanity) with harsh, realistic horror. But there's a problem-...
  7. C

    [Strands of Fate] Hacking Deadlands

    My players have shown a great enthusiasm for Strands of Fate after our recent run with another FATE based game. We’re about to finish a mini-campaign for Mutants and Masterminds in a couple of months (give or take). After some voting, it was decided to go with SoF – and Deadlands. Obviously...
  8. W

    [Strands of FATE] Question about Aspects vs Aspects.

    During last Wednesday's session, I have such a situation : ----------- GM : He attacks you with Ki Power Attack! (Hit) 10 Damage. Player(I) : I have absorption(Kinetic Energy)... But I will invoke my power aspect "Firm as Mountain"(Spend a FATE point), and I absorb the Ki damage. GM : OK, but...
  9. R

    [Brackets] How is the "Strands of Fate" RPG?

    Also, I am especially curious as to how "open ended" this system is.
  10. M

    Vehicles for SOF

    Would anyone be intrested in posting any of their creations as this would help others either construct their own (ok thats me!) or be ever handy for situations where a tank, bat-boat or rocket would be needed.
  11. F

    [Strands of Fate] guidelines for trading Advantage Points for Refresh?

    I remember someone talking in some Fate thread or another about "normals" buying up their Refresh with Advantage Points in high-powered games. Instead of buying tons of Advantages, I mean. Any guidelines on how much this should cost?
  12. Chris J

    Strands of FATE vs GURPS

    Strands of FATE vs GURPS I've got a few questions concerning the above two games. Which gives you most flexibility in character creation? GURPS is, I think, the more grittier, combat wise, and can do cinematic, Strands of FATE isn't as gritty, but can it be made to be so? By gritty I mean...
  13. I

    Strands of Fate?

    I was starting to think about picking up a print copy of Strands of Fate. Given both its page count and dimensions, I get the feeling I would be better off getting the softcover copy (I imagine the hardcover would make it hard to open fully and keep it open). What are your experiences with...
  14. M

    [FOR SALE] Lot of 3 RPGs: Burning Wheel, Strands of Fate, & Jaws of the Six Serpents

    Hi folks, I am selling parts of my RPG collection because I need to downsize. Price is $40.00 for the lot (plus shipping of about $8.00). I accept Paypal and will send this out the same day I receive confirmation of payment from Paypal (or early the next morning if I receive payment after the...
  15. K

    [FATE/SoF] Warlords of Alexander (a historical hack)

    Not a new idea for me, but a progression and tightening of my thoughts first brought up in this thread (also mirrored on the Strands forum). To save people having to flip between threads, I'm going to repost the old background info here, along with my more specific thoughts on how I'm going to...
  16. P

    STAR WARS - Saga Edition -> Strands of Fate

    Hi folks, I'm kinda new around here (though not new to RPGs or RPG forums in general - you might know me from the WotC, d20 Radio or EN World forums). For the past year, I've been running the Star Wars Saga Edition Dawn of Defiance campaign. Unfortunately, I think I've kinda burned out on the...
  17. G

    [FATE] Strands of Fate for Eclipse Phase

    So, I know that Strands of Fate covers some basic elements of transhuman sci-fi games, but with Eclipse Phase’s huge number of available morphs, I’m not sure Strands’s default option of “buy one from a list” really works. Technically, that is how Eclipse Phase does it, but I sort of feel like...
  18. S

    [FATE] Strands of Gilligans Isle

    That's right, Gilligan's Island. Yeah, I know it's pretty corny, but I'm wanting to introduce an RPG to my children for our family night activity. I should probably use PDQ for this, but Strands of Fate is new for me and I just want to try it out. My children (five girls) range in age from 5...
  19. K

    [FATE] Strands of Fate mega-thread II

    The previous Strands of Fate mega-thread hit the board limit of 1000 posts, so here's a new one for all those Strands of Fate questions that perhaps don't quite deserve a thread in their own right. Or that you'd prefer to post in one place knowing lots of people will certainly read it. First...
  20. S

    [Strands of fate] Using It For High Level Dark Heresy

    I am considering running a 2 - 3 part mini-campaign using SoF in place of the DH rules. Has anybody done this? Any pointers? I am planning to have one player run an Inquisitor and the others be his personal retinue as in Eisenhorn. Thanks for any advice or anecdotes on this! Scott
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