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strands of fate

  1. Mostlyjoe

    How does [Strands of Fate] handle combat?

    Is it any different than Spirit of the Century? I've always had issues with the strange damage track from SoTC. It would be headache inducing when I couldn't just track simple things like HP, etc. How does it modify for cover, etc? I'm curious on what's different from the earlier Fate model...
  2. I

    [Strands of Fate] What are you doing with it?

    Well, my one and only gaming book of this year is currently being process by Lulu, so I thought I'd see what other people are doing/are planning on doing with SoF! I plan on running the following: 1) A World of Warcraft game (yes, heresy, etc, I know) focused on the Horde. Game will either...
  3. C

    [Strands of Fate] Strands of Shadowrun

    Planning on running a Shadowrun game for our group using Strands of Fate, as it seems to have a lot of design set up with such a setting in mind as one of the settings it is particularly geared to emulate (although there are a lot of settings Strands looks set up to handle). My thoughts so far...
  4. Wil

    [Strands of Fate] Tribe 8/Syntehsis

    Ok, I've been reading SoF with an eye towards resurrecting (and finishing) my Tribe 8 adaptation to FATE. So far, it looks like SoF is a great fit, and supports some minor tweaks I'll be implementing for T8. I particularly like the way that the Aspects and Advantages have been broken down and...
  5. C

    [Strands of Fate] Statting the opposition

    What sort of "power levels" would be appropriate to throw at a group in Strands of Fate to give various levels of challenge to the players ("cannon fodder", easy, challenging, etc.)? Would it generally be a good idea to give them one for one opposition having been built through the same...
  6. S

    [Strands of Fate] Power activation discussion

    Moved from here to avoid a threadjack: http://forum.rpg.net/showpost.php?p=12991066&postcount=35 That makes sense, and I can largely deduce those from the rules (which speaks well of their design). I think the reason why I have questions about it stems from exactly these points. For example...
  7. M

    Strands of Fate and disparate power levels

    Well, I've bought the PDF of Strands of Fate not too long ago and I intend on ordering the hardcopy pretty soon (within a week most likely). So far I like what I see but I haven't been able to get into reading the PDF. I'm wondering how well the system handles a campaign with multiple power...
  8. Chris J

    Strands of FATE: the Future

    I know the SoF book's print hasn't even dried yet, but I was wondering what we can expect in the future from Voidstar? World settings, genre settings, a magic spell list supplement? Do you have any ideas percolating Mike? Oh the possibilities :D
  9. G

    [Strands of FATE] Using SoF for Magic: The Gathering?

    I realized this when I read the writeup for the Control power in Strands of FATE, and because of the fact that it seems like there have been a few threads talking about playing an RPG based on Magic: the Gathering setting recently. I think that Strands of FATE could be used pretty well for an...
  10. Extinction Burp

    [Strands of Fate] How to do Mage: the AscensioWakening

    So, I get that Control, split into specific branches of reality, is an easy way to duplicate Spheres and Arcana. What I'm not immediately getting is: how does one duplicate Arete/Gnosis, how best to do Paradox as a Stress Track, and so on. I read in a related thread that someone's group had...
  11. C

    [DFRPG/SoF] Adding Permanent Aspects to Dresden?

    So I've really been digging my PDF of Strands of Fate, and it's looking like one of the only "and the kitchen sink" style coverage of settings that I actually think looks like it would work well, however I have already worked out a game plan using the Dresden Files rules and the Grizzly Peak...
  12. Tush Hog

    The Strands of Fate Challenge

    I've already purchased the PDF and I'm really excited about the possibilities. But because of work and family, I won't be able to sink my teeth into it for a few days yet. Anyone willing to take up the challenge of creating character examples for some of the different genres to show how they...
  13. M

    [FATE] Strands of Fate: Release Discussion & Feedback

    Following up from this thread, Strands of Fate has been released in PDF form. Now that some folks are getting to see it, what do you think? What are you planning on doing with it? Any questions?
  14. M

    [FATE] Strands of Fate PDF release

    Alright guys. It's done. The PDF for Strands of Fate is live and we are now accepting orders. But here's how we'll have to do it. I literally just finished putting the PDF together. Obviously that means I haven't gotten things worked out with DrivethruRPG/RPGNow yet. So if you want the book...
  15. Chris J

    Strands of FATE (Genreless & Universal) Rpg

    I was wondering how the production/play testing/publishing is going? Link SoFATE Any news?
  16. H

    [Fate] Comparing Fate to D&D 3.5

    To help me and my friends wrap our minds around the fate system I drew up a list of comparisons between Strands of Fate and D&D 3.5: D&D 3.5 = SoF Abilities (Str, Dex, Con, etc.) = Abilities (Agility, Reasoning, Persation, etc.) Action Points (Eberron) = Fate Points Skills = Expert Advantages...
  17. T

    Spirit of the Freedom [Superhero/SotC]

    What kind of Superhero game experiences do people have with SotC? I started a game for Freedom City in 1936, godlike style universe, with Fate and it was a blast. :) Cheers -Tonpa One power tree I did was: ITEM EMPATHY Item Empathy Super skill [Stunt] You Know items more personally than...
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