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  1. E

    [Strange FATE] Will we ever get a FATE Core treatment for it? I'd love a generic Strange FATE Core!

    As the title says, i am wondering...will we ever? I'd really like to see a generic aka non-setting bound treatment of Strange Fate (SF) updated to Fate Core. You can even include some short example settings in it, if you wanted, to show what SF can do. I know that there is a kind-of-SRD...
  2. J

    Armies in Strange FATE

    So I've been messing around with ideas on how to handle armies in Strange FATE. My current idea is to make higher tiers represent more mooks per mook. Extraordinary tier mooks have 5 mooks per stress and top out at 25 mooks. Superhuman would be 20 mooks per stress and top out at 100 mooks...
  3. mosswood17

    [Strange Fate] Organization rules

    So I am really stoked to possibly pick up the Kerberos Club again (Strange Fate version). I sat down and started writing about the various factions that are in play in this particular game and have got quite a stunning number of groups going. I want there to be a feeling that things are...
  4. H

    [Strange FATE] Questions

    I like Strange FATE and am probably going to run a bit of Base Raiders in the near future. I have a question or two. How would one character blind another? If one had a light-based superpower, they could create an advantage with their power, such as blinded by the light. This would only give...
  5. The Unshaven

    (Atomic Robo/Strange Fate/FAE) Fairy Tail: The Fast and Dirty Way.

    Alrighty folks, this is the first thread of two. There's two ways to do Fairy Tail in RPGs: the Fast Way or the Right Way. This is how I'd do it if I were sitting down with friends and we were throwing something together to handle a Fairy Tail experience. It's messy, but I think it'll do a...
  6. S

    So.... the different versions of FATE.

    I recently got in on a Base Raiders-related KS, and it occurs to me that it's powered by "Strange FATE". Is this markedly different from other versions? Like, does FATE Core supersede things like Strands of FATE/Power, or the version used in Diaspora, or Dresden Files, or Bulldogs!? Is Spirit...
  7. Extinction Burp

    [Devlin1?] Updated StrangeFATE rules for superheroes?

    So, I remember hearing, during discussions about Atomic Robo, that StrangeFATE might be getting a new updated system for modern-day superheroes. Any progress on that front? Anyone remember what the hell I'm talking about?
  8. mosswood17

    [Kerberos Club] How do Minions work?

    Because I didn't really get how Minions worked in Strange Fate I kind of bastardized them with the legend of Anglerre rules and allowed them to be associated with a player is villain to give them bonuses to their rolls. Tonight we decided that Minions could not do this and acted as a group unto...
  9. The Unshaven

    [Strange Fate] Right-sizing Strange Fate

    Inspired by this thread, I was wondering if people could help me sharpen my techniques for running Strange Fate games. I've been running Kerberos Club games for a little while, and everyone's been having fun but I want to up-skill my engagement with the system. Lots of swashbuckly shenanigans...
  10. F

    Game system that can do super powered AND pulp heroes well?

    I've got a hankering to play/gm some pulp hero and super hero games. Below are my desired criteria, itemized only for ease of reference and not necessarily by priority. I realize that there may not be any one game/system that will satisfy all of my criteria, but the more the better. I have...

    [Fate Core] Hacking it for Asgardians, Amberites, and other cosmic badasses

    So a friend and I have been tossing around ideas for adding "Kirby space gods" to our existing supers setting. (We're going Celtic-ish with it since we haven't seen it done and we think it's cool, with a twist that the aliens were inspired by human folklore rather than the other way around.)...
  12. F

    [Kerberos Club] [Fate] Simple vs Advanced Minions

    Reading the Kerberos Club (Strange Fate version) book I'm confused by the advantage of advanced minions over simple minions. For double the base cost (4 vs 2) you get what looks like more limited minions. Simple minions get Scopes, which means that they've got all skills that are appropriate to...
  13. P

    What is the best FATE variant for running Supers?

    I want to run a supers game. FATE core is my RPG of choice atm. Is there a good FATE variant out there for supers? One special requirement: It must have a pdf I can purchase (I don't do printed books much anymore)
  14. A

    Strange Fate SRD Question

    Is it possible to play a game using just the Strange Fate SRD, or do I need to pick up a copy of The Kerberos Club, too?
  15. mosswood17

    [Kerberos Club] Crafting with Sacred Works

    I am in the middle of a Kerberos Club game and enjoying the hell out of it. I have been exploring the mechanics more and more as I go along and have come to the Crafting skill. I would say it is one of the most complicated in the book. My question is that the Sacred Works form of Magic (the...
  16. SJE

    Would Marvel and Fate work well together?

    So the idea of High Concepts, Troubles and tagging various situational aspects seems like it might work well for a Superhero game. I was just reading some Captain Marvel and a bunch of Avengers titles, so it got into my head that the Fate system or FAE might work really well for the usual mix of...
  17. The Unshaven

    (Strange Fate) Does the Tier Benefit on Physical Force stack with melee weapons?

    Hi folks, a player posed a good question today: does the tier benefit on Physical Force stack with melee weapons? ie, if someone had a Weapon 1 tier benefit and was hitting with a Weapon 1 item, would it count as Weapon 2? Left to my own devices I'd say take whichever number was higher...
  18. I

    Base Raiders, tell me about it.

    I see that it's available on RPGNow. I've been curious about it for a while, just curious to see what KS Backers' experiences have been. I don't have Kerberos Club (also on my list), but BR is also based on Strange FATE, yes?
  19. mosswood17

    [Kerberos Club] Statting a paralyzing neurotoxin

    Hey all! I am generating stats for a man sized shapechanging lizard that can, in its original form, spit a paralyzing neurotoxin. I used the shoot plus unusual descriptor for what it does, but I would like some insight for how it does this. In the book, mind control (convince+psychic) is...
  20. H

    [Strange FATE] Odd Questions

    I want a PC with a decent cooking skill. Craft doesn't seem to fit, as it is for "permanent works." What does, and why? And no, I don't want to commit and aspect to Pretty Good Cook and spend Fate points to use it. Inspire doesn't seem like a fit either. I buy several common skills. Two share...
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