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super hero

  1. NautilusComics

    🎨 Creative Help With A Team Origin

    Hey all, So for a while, I've been developing my own comic book world I like to call the "Nautilus Comics Universe." I've already come up with a few characters who will form an international team of heroes known as the "Earthwatch" who will mainly focus on disaster relief and search and rescue...
  2. NautilusComics

    🎨 Creative Help Me Build A Comic Book Universe

    So I have been thinking about and started to build a unique superhero world/universe that is not very typical type of a superhero world/universe such as those of Marvel and DC. However, I've suffered a bit of an artistic block and I need some help coming over it! What can be done differently...
  3. NautilusComics

    🎨 Creative Help With Designing A Comic Book Universe:

    Hey all, Nautilus-Comics here. Anyway, so I've recently starting developing my own comic book universe, (which btw, you can check out on Deviantart by searching "Nautilus-Comics Deviantart") and it's going pretty well, but I do have an idea that I would love some feedback on. Anyway, to...
  4. M

    Best Superhero RPG Ever

    The last poll on the subject seems to be 12 years old, so let's make a new one :) Same criteria but not same choices ;).
  5. ColinChapman

    Supers! RED RPG - What cool supplements (including generic superhero supplements)?

    So, looking to expand my collection. What do folks feel are the best supplements for the Supers! RED RPG (or generic for any superhero rpg) and why?
  6. B

    🎨 Creative [Supers!] Setting ideas

    Hey all, I'm preparing to run a Supers! RED game for my son and I. I'm wondering if the collective might have some input as to the setting. I'm planning a street level short campaign focused on the origin of powers and it's aftermath. Background: Kind of like Agents of SHIELD in that...
  7. Varyar

    🎨 Creative [101] Shenanigans at Superhero High

    Inspired by the Marvel/DC Academy Draft that Old Toby is running yonder in Other Media, let's have 101 shenanigans that can take place at the Xavier Academy, Jean Grey School, Avengers Academy (or any DC equivalents, I just don't know much about that side of things). 1) Teenage Emma Frost. 2)...
  8. B

    🎨 Creative Help Me With: Street (or slighly higher) Level Teen Super Heroes Ideas

    Much like the previous thread, I am once again looking for ideas for super types. Only this time it's the opposite side of the coin among the just past side kick level crowd. Our protagonists have shifted venues and look to be running across a lot of those sorts in the near future and I could...
  9. M

    🎨 Creative [Hero] Original characters

    Where I submit characters inspired by V&V. Basically I used a copy of V&V to roll up an NPC; stats, powers and background skills. I then used my Hero Designer to make what I hope is close to what I see! These are original NPC and free to use. So take and enjoy!
  10. R

    [BASH!] New GM using Strike Force with BASH... Worthwhile?

    All, I have never run a super hero game but have recently purchased the BASH rules and they look great. One question... Would I find Strike Force a useful supplement even if I am not running a Champions game? Thanks!
  11. J

    eBay Worlds in Peril Hardbacks Half Off Sale

    I am trying to get rid of my stock of Worlds in Peril Hardbacks. Around 50 available. All Brand New. Never used. Shipped Priority in Gemini Shipping boxes. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/252561225590?roken=cUgayN&soutkn=GS1biZ
  12. R

    [BASH!] BASH Super Hero Character Generator spotted in the wild..

    Hi all, I found a site that provides a darn good character generator for BASH Super Hero types. I don't know the author's name but the URL is http://www.bashcreator.net/. This page https://bashcreator.wordpress.com/2016/10/01/so-how-do-like-it/ has a list of features and bugs currently in...
  13. P

    Setting riff: Post-apocalyptic supers

    *** NSA ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE ARCHIVE *** *** AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY *** PROVIDE YOUR CREDENTIALS :> submit to my power you stupid system *** CREDENTIALS ACCEPTED *** :> create me a playlist about superstrain virus outbreak *** PLAYLIST READY *** :> play ODIN MEDIA GROUP, "DAY IN SCIENCE"...
  14. P

    A military term for superscience.

    Super-science is real. Atomic monsters, psionics, killer robots, mindcontrol, mutated superviruses and worse are all possible. The PCs are agents of a secret taskforce whose job is to shut down illegal superscience research before it causes another "incident" (like what happened in Mount...
  15. L

    🎨 Creative [101] Ideas for Teen Superhero School Scenarios

    Okay, decided to come up with a 101 list of my own, to help myself come up with adventure ideas for my own Teen Superhero Academy campaign. So, to get the ball rolling.. 1 - "I Declare you my Arch-Nemesis! ...If that's all right with you?" A new, upcoming supervillain (possibly the...
  16. S

    Need christmas themed super villain names

    I need Christmas themed super villain names. Horrible pun based names are encouraged, the worse the pun the better. Bonus points will be given for mixing the holiday theme with a circus theme.
  17. S

    Need an acronym for a S.H.I.E.L.D. analog for a supers game

    Need an acronym for a S.H.I.E.L.D. analog for a supers game in two weeks. Right now I'm leaning towards something with control but surely someone used that in the big two for something major right? I really don't know D. C. but my players do so I'd like to avoid a direct rip off.
  18. Chikahiro

    Its my birthday! i need super hero minis!

    Yay! I'm now in my late 30's! :D Anyhow, since my group sometimes plays super heroes, it occurred to me that all the good minis I see are generally fantasy or military. I want super heroes! I want my hero, Amperian, to be on our table's hexmap, thwarting evil doers! I'll get a pic up later...
  19. F

    Anyone know a good, flexible supers system that isn't Mutants and Masterminds?

    Lately I have been going on a bit of a supers kick and am very interesting in running a game exploring the ramifications of supers in the modern day. Only trouble is every time I have run Mutants and Masterminds we have an argument. Usually it's over the rules, one player keeps trying to force...
  20. Harshael

    Most Complicated Core Mechanic Ever?

    Lately, I've been looking at different superhero systems. Yesterday, I found the Valiant quick start rules. I have some fond memories of Bloodshot and other Valiant properties. After downloading the quick start, I went straight to the core mechanic. First, I saw how many dice were involved...
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