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super heroes

  1. sun_tzu

    [Comics] Raiding Barnes&Noble

    So. After several years of absence, I've at last returned for a brief holiday in America. Which, for me, means spending all week inside the nearest Barnes&Noble, reading everything I can get my hands on. ... ...OK, not everything I can get my hands on. I ain't touching "Justice League: Cry for...
  2. M

    DC ADVENTURES and The DC #1s

    The Comicappocolypse is coming. You can no longer count on the run numbers to keep your long term collections straight. All your "favorite" characters are changing (slightly). All that continuity you have memorized over the years will mean squat. It is the biggest and most complete change...
  3. Kevin Mowery

    🎨 Creative [necro] [+] New Marvel RPG: Pitch your campaign ideas!

    This is a plus thread, you know the drill. What do you plan to do with the new Marvel RPG when it comes out? I'm hoping it'll be perfect to run my Wonderful World of Four Colors setting*, since I consider the Marvel Universe (or at least the Avengers Movieverse) to be an alternate reality to...
  4. gtroc

    [Godlike D20]Seriously, has anyone played this?

    Ok, I have been looking over the rules for D20 Godlike and, mechanically, I think they look pretty spiffy as a way of running supers. Has anyone run a game with them? I am curious how they play for real. thank you.
  5. Cgeist7

    [SUPERS!] Stuff for folks to use!

    Hey all, I thought it would be helpful for game masters and players of SUPERS! to have a single thread where folks could leave character builds, optional rules and other stuff to help folks out. I originally threw together a military force for a game and added it to a thread that was promptly...
  6. A

    [Supers] Help me fill out my rules lite collection

    Since fate consistently denies my the opportunity to actually play rpgs I have consigned myself to collecting and reading them for the foreseeable future. And right now it's rules-lite superhero rpgs that have caught my fancy. I currently own: ICONS BASH! Ultimate Edition Supers! (technically...
  7. S

    [Supers rpg] Largest variety of supers with least amount of rules?

    So, my GM (one of them), wanted to run a Supers RPG, so I lent him ICONS. He told me he is having a hard time really understanding it, and is thinking about using a different supers system. What system do you think is best, both in the lite rules department AND the heroes/power variety...
  8. Apis Rex

    [Worldbuilding Riff] Fantasy Supers

    I'm having some trouble developing a setting around the idea of superheroes in a fantasy world. I know (roughly) what I want the setting to have and not have, and I have an idea of why the setting goes towards the "supers" route instead of towards more traditional angles for a fantasy setting...
  9. J

    [Heroquest 2nd ed.] how good is it at supers?

    I read the back of the book at lunch time and it said it can handle superhero RPGing but I was wondering how super can it go. Does it work well across the board or does it do some styles better than others? Is it more suited to humans with one or two powers or can it manage Avenger level heroes?
  10. Extinction Burp

    Using Heroquest to run an Aberrant campaign

    So, my copy of Heroquest 2nd Edition is coming sometime soon. I'd like to run an Aberrant-type campaign, with regular people getting superpowers, and the fun that results. I'm thinking of turning the Mega-Atts into Keywords, with players being able to expand the keywords to get more...
  11. blaster219

    [MnM3E] Project Apex

    Summary Project Apex is a science-fiction setting set in 2418 and it's heavily influenced by Halo and other media sources. The PCs are all supersoldier prototypes created by Project Apex, a top secret research project run by the United Solar Nations, the interstellar government that runs most...
  12. K

    [Interest] [T&J] The Race Against Time [Semi-Closed recruitment]

    The door to the TARDIS was held open. The Doctor and his companions - Amy Pond, River Song, Bill Marvel, Sarah Iris Daniels - The Flash, and Echion, all wore special goggles that translated impossibility into something their minds could understand. Held firmly in Echion's clawed hands was...
  13. B


    So check it out: A buddy of mine is kind of obsessed with Multiple Man. He's wanted to play that character (whom he lovingly refers to as "Jamie") for a while, now. I love running supers games, but I'm leery of any game in which the players take on the role of established characters. I don't...
  14. kitty voodoo

    🎨 Creative {Supers} Post your international Heros here

    Inspired by the "Help with European Superhero Names" thread, see here: http://forum2.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=508258 I thought it'd be fun to see the types of European Supers people had come up with for their campaigns, and what the fuck let's make it International Metas in general, they can...
  15. J

    [10 year necro] [Supers] Need a Clever Acronym For a Superhero Organization

    I'm planning to try my hand at running a superhero game (Mutants and Masterminds) for my friends in Halifax in the new year. What I would like to do is create a world similar to Marvel or DC but with a bit of a grittier feel. I plan to have a sort of "superhero NATO" - essentially a governing...
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