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super heroes

  1. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20170630

    The First I found something I wanted to share. I found the text of my first full Chronicle Copy. Okay, it was just "The Blurb". Well this Blurb includes some other elements of a proper copy. I used this for my regular Champions group in 1984 (and again 92). This was back when I was still...
  2. Insertname

    Crazy Super Powers

    So, I've been running a Progenitor game for a little bit now, and one of my favorite things is coming up with crazy weird powers. I mean, yes, some people just fly, or are super strong, or control fire, but it's way more fun to start dipping into the weird stuff. So, I thought I'd share a few...
  3. Count_Zero

    Looking for a comic book podcast

    Currently my main go-to superhero podcast, Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, is on hiatus while Jay gets settled in NYC. I am now jonesing for a superhero podcast​to listen to on my commute, and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  4. D

    Your Favorite Cyborgs

    This came out of me thinking of Sufficiently Advanced, and how I have a very hard time picturing a high end Stringtech character (the kind who can casually open wormholes and play around with antimatter) And through tangents I started wondering what people's favorite 'styles' of cybernetics...
  5. E

    🎨 Creative 101 Time-manipulating villains!

    I need a new style of bad guy for my games. Please give me your best chronomancers, time travelers, and other time-manipulating villains. Thank you!
  6. B

    🎨 Creative Help Me With: Street (or slighly higher) Level Teen Super Heroes Ideas

    Much like the previous thread, I am once again looking for ideas for super types. Only this time it's the opposite side of the coin among the just past side kick level crowd. Our protagonists have shifted venues and look to be running across a lot of those sorts in the near future and I could...
  7. N

    🎨 Creative Tell me about your Superhero Campaign concepts!

    Supers or supers-ish, tell me your concepts and ideas for games! Here are some of my very short and simple pitches: - The player characters are X-Men School students in both everyday school situations and more superhero action scenarios (Marvel Heroic Roleplaying or Smallville RPG) - The...
  8. S

    What's your favorite/the best retro/OSR supers game?

    I'm talking recent OSR-ized variants like Guardians or Sentinels of Echo City, or earlier games like Villains & Vigilantes, Marvel Supers, DC Heroes or Superworld. Any others that fit those 'eras', really- Champions has enough of a modern footprint it's not really what I'm asking about. What...
  9. jaerdaph

    [Fainting Goat Games] 40% Off All EXTREME EARTH Superhero Campaign Setting Products for GM's Day!

    All EXTREME EARTH products are 40% off as part of Fainting Goat Games' store-wide GM's Day Sale going on now through March 14, 2017! Please visit the Fainting Goat EXTREME EARTH Store today! DrivethruRPG: https://tinyurl.com/jh9qe7r RPGNow: https://tinyurl.com/z9grvjv
  10. F

    [Capes, Cowls, and Villains Foul] How fast does it play? Any other experience with the system?

    Looking at playing CC&VF soon via video chat with some old chums from my Champions days. I'm digging what I'm reading, but am a little concerned that combat might drag to a halt while players calculate Traits and Links and other bonuses. Anyone played it that can address my concerns. Any other...
  11. F

    My Dream Supers Campaign - Playing the History of a Fictional Comic Book Company

    As the fact that I'm not getting any younger becomes more and more evident to me every day, I've decided to pull the trigger on the campaign I've dreamed about for years while I still have time. It's a supers campaign spanning all the eras of comics, from Golden Age to whatever age we're in...
  12. T

    [School Me] Supers

    1. What's your favorite supers RPG these days? (Feel free to interpret "supers" as broadly as you like. :D ) 2. What specifically do you like about it? 3. What are some legit criticisms or concerns someone might have about it? Thanks!
  13. Davies

    🎨 Creative [HERO6E] A World Too Far

    Introduction: A (Very) Brief History of Superhuman Activity The Thirties As far as most people are aware, supers first became active in the 1930s. For the most part, they were initially regarded as urban legends and tall tales, but by the end of the decade it was pretty clear to most people...
  14. B

    🎨 Creative Help Me With: Street Level Super Villains Ideas

    I'm running a low end super hero game and I am looking for ideas to help populate the setting. What isn't needed is world shaking super baddies, but quite the opposite. We are talking the low end, henchmen level at best people that might belong to a minor organized crime outfit or a street gang...
  15. Kreuzritter

    🎨 Creative [M&M] Kreuz Control: a thread for my character builds

    Hello, and Welcome to Kreuz Control, what I hope will be a pilot thread for this new subforum, meant to put this place through the paces because of our hard post limit of 5000, for the foreseeable future I will be focussing on reposting from my 3rd edition build thread from the official Mutants...
  16. B

    101 Superhero Origins

    Or Supervillain. It's probably the most frustrating part of creating a character for something like M&M.
  17. Sangrolu

    🎨 Creative It's my birthday! Give me all your cool/different supers campaign ideas

    This post is a little late, as I have sort of decided what to do in my newly minted Mutants & Masterminds game. But I may run another one soon, who knows? Give me some of your cool campaign premises for supers campaigns. To get you started: 1) A Runaways style game mixed with Lightning Thief...
  18. Potted Plant

    Setting riff: Post-apocalyptic supers

    *** NSA ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE ARCHIVE *** *** AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY *** PROVIDE YOUR CREDENTIALS :> submit to my power you stupid system *** CREDENTIALS ACCEPTED *** :> create me a playlist about superstrain virus outbreak *** PLAYLIST READY *** :> play ODIN MEDIA GROUP, "DAY IN SCIENCE"...
  19. A

    💀 Necro [Superheropack] C-Z list superheroes (and villains) you've always kind of liked.

    I was thinking of Collective Man's appearance in one of the later Inhumans books (the one with Spidey guest-starring) and I remember I always liked him. He has a the kind of goofy-silver-ageish-yet-kinda-powerful-and-sorta-mildly-stereotypical power, but the idea has always been kind of cool...
  20. E

    Need help with best representative attributes for use with free-form super powers.

    So I wanted player made powers to be narratively used for whatever situation they want to use them in. So as primary combat stats I had: Brawl, Gambit, Defend, and Resolve. Basically fighting skill, non-aggressive tactics skill, defense is ability to avoid damage via dodges or blocks,etc, and...
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