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  1. AJ the Ronin

    New Marvel RPG? [Speculation]

    Fantasy Flight Game has the Marvel license for a card game. FFG, via Asmodee is doing a miniature game. How long before we see a Genesys powered Marvel RPG?
  2. NautilusComics

    🎨 Creative Help With A Disaster Relief/Search & Rescue Superhero Team

    Hey all, Nautilus-Comics here. So I'm currently in the midst of developing a comic book universe and I wanted to do a different take on the classic "team" archetype and have the team, (the Earthwatch) take on a more disaster relief/ search and rescue sort of role, catering to such things like...
  3. Nate_MI

    Secrets of Empire City

    This is a game of superheroic investigation, using the City of Mists ruleset and some playbook aids from the game Spectaculars. Slots are reserved for the dragon with the unpronounceable name, @Bremen, and @QuZi. Some free resources for City of Mists may be found here. The game is based around...
  4. NautilusComics

    🎨 Creative International Supervillain Team Name:

    Hey everyone, So just like the title says, I need a name for a group of international supervillains. Can be as campy or as serious as you like 😀 Cheers!
  5. B

    Precis Intermedia Two-Fisted Tales + Man, Myth & Magic Now Available!

    The Roleplaying Game of Man's Greatest Adventures is Back! Discover the Riddle of Stonehenge... the Secrets of the Pyramids... the Mysteries of the Ancient World... as you play Man, Myth & Magic. The classic 1982 boxed set returns as a PDF and Softcover (pre-order, read the PDF while you wait)...
  6. CitizenKeen

    Good Superhero RPG for Campaign/Adventure/GM Guidance?

    Tomorrow, I'm going to be running my first comics/supers game in... 20 years? (Spectaculars, for the record) What RPGs have good guidance on running a superhero RPG? I don't care about the system or the setting of the book, I'm just interested in reading notes on theme, structuring an...
  7. CitizenKeen

    Superhero Team Archetypes

    There are a million definitions of superhero archetypes, but after some Googling I couldn't find a list of Team Archetypes in a Supers world. Please chime in and help! The Best - Avengers - Superheroes who have no unifying characteristic other than they're a team. The Origin - Hulk/Red...
  8. NautilusComics

    🎨 Creative Help With A Team Origin

    Hey all, So for a while, I've been developing my own comic book world I like to call the "Nautilus Comics Universe." I've already come up with a few characters who will form an international team of heroes known as the "Earthwatch" who will mainly focus on disaster relief and search and rescue...
  9. CitizenKeen

    SuperLancer... Musings

    I’ve got some thoughts about hacking Lancer into a superhero game. I’m just going to occasionally vomit some up here because it’s as good a place as any. Design Principle #1: It’s a Game. This is very much a game, and while every attempt should be made to emulate the genre and allow the telling...
  10. NautilusComics

    🎨 Creative Help with an acronym

    Hey all, just need some help with an acronym for an international protection agency known as A.T.L.A.S. Anything you have to offer will be appreciated 😀
  11. Tensen01

    🎨 Creative Interesting Superpowers Limits?

    So this is going to be a fairly specific thread, not about a general idea of Superpowers having limits, but figuring out those limits within the idea I have. So currently my superhero game idea is that the PCs are all basically Homeless and Wayward Teens. They had all been abducted by an...
  12. Tensen01

    [Supers] Freeform games that emulate superheroes but not comics?

    Long title, but that's what I'm looking for. Thanks to Endgame I'm in a Supers mood, but I'm hoping to find a Supers game that is a bit more freeform with what you can do. Like it's open either through it's rules or lack of rules, to interesting uses of powers and such. BUT, and this is a big...
  13. T

    Fantasy + Supers: an Unexplored Genre

    I've never heard of a story that combines a fantasy setting with the supers genre. I know comic book publishers sometimes publish stories about medieval times, where magic is real and knights wield enchanted equipment, but I mean something different here. I'm also distinguishing this concept...
  14. The Discerning Gentleman

    Superhero RPG Recommendations

    I would like to start playing a superhero game, but the last one I played was TSR's Marvel in the 80's. Any suggestions?
  15. NautilusComics

    🎨 Creative Help Me With Civil War Heroes/Villains

    Hey all, Nautilus-Comics here! So I've been thinking of developing some heroes and villains based in the American Civil War. Can anyone help me out with some Union or Confederacy inspired characters? Any input you have is appreciated! Thanks!

    Supers RPGs with simple character creation?

    The idea of reviving our old supers campaign bubbled up recently, and I've tentatively filed it in the queue of things to play with my current group. The issue is that there's a fair few newbies in our current lineup, and I want to give them the ability to make the character they want without...
  17. E

    🎨 Creative 101 heroic acronym organizations, a la '60s spy shows

    A little background: my next campaign will take place in an area called Septagon City. The city is divided into seven districts, each reflecting a different genre of fiction. Within a district people's behavior and the laws of physics work as they would in the corresponding fiction. For example...
  18. NautilusComics

    🎨 Creative 101 Plots for a Superhero Campaign

    Hey dudes. So just for fun, I was thinking of creating a whole bunch of possible plots for superhero rpg campaigns 😀. I'll start off first: 1.) Luck Of The Irish: After an anonymous message alerts them, the PC'S travel to Ireland and are immediately confronted with a monstrous beast...
  19. Marcantony

    I need your aquatic villains

    Its for a superhero game but it doesnt matter if its a fantasy or space villain. Does anyone have any ocean based bad guys? They dont necessarily have to have super powers; Black Manta is quite deadly with just his tech.
  20. NautilusComics

    🎨 Creative Help Me Build A Comic Book Universe

    So I have been thinking about and started to build a unique superhero world/universe that is not very typical type of a superhero world/universe such as those of Marvel and DC. However, I've suffered a bit of an artistic block and I need some help coming over it! What can be done differently...
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