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  1. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180702

    Meta - Setting: The Bolt(s) Yesterday, there was a massive blue lightning bolt from the sky (ionosphere to be exact), striking the center of Times Square. Electrical systems all over The Square shorted out. There is a glassy spot where that manhole cover is in the center of things. It is...
  2. D

    🎨 Creative MCU: Avengers International seting riff (no infinity war spoilers)

    " My late friend Nicholas Fury had an idea.The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to to fight the battles we never could. Now after the events in Sokovia the nations of the world...
  3. Senex

    🎨 Creative Creating Chessmaster characters

    Chessmaster in the TV Tropes sense, that is: characters who are good at plotting and scheming. This is a very general question, and I'll probably look to apply advice on it to both writing and gaming: how do you convincingly create such characters when you are, like me, about as deep as a...
  4. J

    Help me pick (CC, Bash or M&M)

    Hi Folks I am trying to decide on a book to buy, I would like an rpg I can use for anything. So I decided to go for a superhero based game figuring I can use one of those for pretty much everything, I did take a look at gurps but all the extra books above and beyond the characters books put me...
  5. K

    (Recruiting) Masks: The Next Generation

    AEGIS Field Office, Halcyon City Confidential Memorandum Per the recent directive of the DDO, what follows is a brief synopsis of the current metahuman landscape in Halcyon City. The metahuman SuperMax facility, Nedor Hill, is currently at 40 percent capacity. There was one escape in the...
  6. L

    🎨 Creative [M&M] The Romverse, A Furry Superhero Campaign, RPG.net Edition.

    Okay, for some reason I'm having trouble reaching the Ronin Army forums. Hoping the issue gets resolved within the next few days, but in the meantime, I'll just start a copy of my worldbuilding notes right here on rpg.net. So, this is an intro document to my new Romverse M&M setting, which I'm...
  7. M

    The lightweight superhero RPG games match

    Fed up with super hero polls with various RPG supehero polls without taking in account their crunch ? Sure, if you mix heavy crunch games with light crunch games, a poll cannot be really a good one. So in this poll, I offer to choose between light crunch superhero games only (because it seems...
  8. D

    [Supers] "So You All Meet in a Bar"

    When you start a new supers game, how do you get the heroes together? Do you presume they already know one another? Do they all just show up to the same crime? Are they forced together by an authority?
  9. M

    Will Infinity War cause a surge in interest in Supers Gaming?

    NO SPOILERS Please... Despite packed theaters, not everyone has seen it. My primary genre of gaming is supers. From 2044 on, I have played it. Now interest in supers gaming has come and gone and come and gone and back and forth... and well you get it. In recent times, despite some cool...
  10. D

    [Supers] How many teams in your world?

    I'm doing some world design for a new Champions campaign and I'm trying to think outside my usual way of setting things up. I had a world that I used for 24 years before taking a hiatus of more than a decade, so I decided to create something new. In your supers game, how many active superteams...
  11. Bellerophon

    What elements would make up a perfect X-Men One-Shot? (details inside)

    So, for my birthday party every year, a group of my friends and play a one-shot session of an RPG, pre-made to be able to just jump right in. It usually matches the theme of the party (I'm a birthday-zilla, sue me). Last year's was Star Wars, for example. This year, the theme is X-Men...
  12. Miss Atomic Bomb

     You've put supers in a fantasy setting. What makes the system feel "fantasy?"

    To start: I know this is a hella broad question. But some recent threads (one on new Age of Sigmar Daughters of Khaine models, one on Masters of the Universe) have me thinking. It's fairly easy to stat a She-Ra or He-Man figure and some appropriate baddies for them to fight in a supers system...
  13. M

    🎨 Creative The Supers Chronicles/ Settings/ Set ups

    This thread is for super hero/ meta form chronicles. These can be 4 color or some other super powered vaguely heroic chronicle. They can be based on a game's setting or completely unique. A post should include the basic setting premise, the chronicle premise (if different), and sometimes the...
  14. D

    Small Press New for Villains and Vigilantes - Death Warrant

    Death Warrant I am the the one you need. I can make your problems go away. I will be a scalpel if you need one and the hammer when you don't. Show me your problems and I'll be the one to sign their Death Warrant. Written by Dominique Sumner, with full color art by Joe Singleton, and layout...
  15. D

    Small Press New for Villains and Vigilantes - Sea Witch

    Hostile Intent: Sea Witch College is that impressionable time when a student can be swayed as much by what they are exposed to as what they are learning. Mary just wanted to go to university to explore everything life had to offer. Of course, life will sometimes offer you a quick trip to your...
  16. DrFaust

    CW DC Superhero Board Games

    I just had a crazy pipe dream of a thought: what if there were a series of board games themed around the CW's DC superhero shows, designed in such a way that each is a distinct, complete game that captures the essence of each show -- so Arrow: The Board Game had mechanics that emulated that...
  17. W

    How did you start creating your own superhero universe?

    And how did you explain how people became super-powered? Was there an event? A new technology? Aliens? A plague? And how long have Supers been around in your universe? Im working on revamping my own that I used from the 80's and lost my notes sadly. Its a lot of work! But I had using IPs...
  18. Quasar

    X-O Manowar in the Valiant Webseries

    https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/12/19/derek-theler-x-o-manowar-ninjak/ Really did not know this was happening. And my exposure is brief just to some of the Waid run. I guess Liefeld will get a Prophet movie up next.
  19. A

    [Interest/Recruitment/Development] Marvel Universe Superheroes-- Savage Worlds "Necessary Evil" system

    This is an introduction, interest, recruitment, and development thread for a Marvel superheroes game using a minor rework of the Savage Worlds "Necessary Evil" system. I love the system, but I don't like the stock setting, so I'm cheerfully chucking it aside and setting in within the Marvel...
  20. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20171211

    Today's post is brought to you by a cranky internet fairy that obviously wants something from Tiffany's rather than a fairy ball or a bowl of milk. So I grabbed a cool supers setting. Setting: Iron World It started in the late 60s. The first set of Iron was invented by a military weapons...
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