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supernatural (tv show)

  1. therealaliwa

    🎨 Creative Idea's for Monster of the Week - Supernatural Campaign

    Hey All! I am looking for some idea's for sort of Monster of the Week sessions/Fronts for my Homebrew Supernatural campaign. I am using Dungeon World as my base, which builds each session using Fronts. I have my idea for my Campaign Front, but those who watch the Supernatural TV show know...
  2. therealaliwa

    Homebrew Supernatural Campaign - Help me build the Witch/Warlock Class

    Hey All! Some of you may have seen my other post about building my first homebrew campaign, which is a Supernatural Campaign! I have been hard at work building the classes and I have the majority of them finished! However, I am having some trouble customizing the Witch/Warlock Class. For...
  3. therealaliwa

     Building my first Homebrew - A Supernatural Campaign

    Hey everyone! This is my first post - and I am looking for some advice on being GM and building a Homebrew Campaign. I am a newbee GM - only being GM for part of my groups Pathfinder Jade Regent campaign for about 6 months. I really enjoyed it, but had briefly taken the reigns for our usual GM...
  4. mpswaim

    Supernatural Season 12 finale, and looking towards season 13 [spoilers]

    Spoiler space . . . . . . . . . . . . Well, that pretty much cleaned the slate. Every major character other than the boys is either dead, unreachable, or both. Jody and her daughters are still around (which was a bit of a surprise), and they still have the bunker, but other than that, it was...
  5. mpswaim

    Supernatural - "Rock never dies"

    Spoiler space Spoiler space Well, that was nihilistic. And once again, the British Men of Letters are nowhere to be found. I hope that at some point the two subplots intersect, and Lucy kicks their butts.
  6. mpswaim

    Supernatural Season 11, because Sam & Dean can't get a break

    I missed most of Legends of Tomorrow (I'll have to Hulu it), but I did catch the season premier of Supernatural. [Spoiler space for mouseovers] . . . . . . What the hell? After watching the boys stumble through multiple near apocalypses, you decide to get involved by torturing Sam so he'll give...
  7. rickjthree

    Supernatural RPG alternatives

    So my son and all of his pals are crazy for Supernatural right now and he said he'd be interested in playing that sort of game with his pals. I just did a check and the actual licensed RPG is out of print and crazy expensive. Just off the top of my head, I figure I could run something similar...
  8. S

    So I started watching Supernatural and this is so classic Vertigo inspired that it's wonderful

    Mainly on the promise in another thread that a John Constantine analogue was going to show eventually, but I wasn't expecting to have a Reaper pretty damn close to the Death from the Sandman on top of that in the first ep of season 2 in the slightest. Sure the serial numbers have been very much...
  9. P

    [Supernatural-ish] So, Samuel Colt made a gun, a special gun...

    A gun that can kill anything. In 1835 during flyby of Halley's Comet. According to the TV show Supernatural, which despite some creaking in its old age, is still pretty good for inspiration. Lets say Colt wasn't unique. Lets say that in our light horror / urban fantasy game universe (pick...
  10. T

    [Hunter: the Reckoning] Reckoning or Vigil for "Monster of the Week" Campaign

    I'm planning to run a Hunter game, but I don't know whether I'd be better off using Hunter: the Reckoning (HtR) or Hunter: the Vigil (HtV). I would appreciate some insight into HtR. This is a sister thread to my topic about HtV compacts and conspiracies. So far, I am more comfortable with using...
  11. Fred

    [Supernatural] Is Jared Padalecki leaving the show?

    I ask because I sensed this odd vibe while watching the latest episode. First, there's Sam talking all the time about leaving the hunter life. Now, they have the vamp buddy from Purgatory teaming up with Dean in a hunt. It seems like they are setting up the scenario for exchanging Sam for Benny...
  12. Hunter

    [Television] Let's Talk About The Tv Season Just Past! What Rocked? What Stunk?

    May has come to end, and, with it, the 2011-2012 television season. As always, the TV year was a long, strange trip, with many blind curves and 50-foot-drops along the way. Shows that were launched on a wave of critical acclaim and network hype found themselves beached on the rocky shores of...
  13. Fred

    [Supernatural] The Girl with The Dungeons & Dragons Tatoo

    So, Felicia Day will be guest starrig in an umpcoming Supernatural episode. Here's a teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj5P-AVvEoM&feature=youtu.be I wonder if the character does have a Dungeons & Dragons tatoo and if she will tatoo some kind of accusation on Dean or Sam's chest. :) Tchau!
  14. Robert A. Rodger


    So, I'm finally watching the series. I'm maybe on the fifth or sixth episode of the first season. It's pretty enjoyable. I'm surprised for some reason that the leads are so young. For whatever reason I thought they were older. But a couple questions... Do the leads ever become more likeable...
  15. Jay

    [Supernatural] Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!

    Really, I just wanted to post the actual title (above) of the episode, and then DJ Qualls showed up. They haven't topped the TV episode, but this one's pretty close. (Or it could have been "Hey, it's November, time for a comedy episode.")
  16. G

    Supernatural will be running this soon and I can't hardly wait...and need some advice

    ok so I'll be running Supernatural RPG which runs on the Cortex Classic System..... I have many...many ideas...but here a couple of questions... What rank be best for starting the campaign? Rookie ( 42 Attribute Points, 62 Skill Points, 0 Trait Points) Veteran (48 Attribute Points, 68 Skill...
  17. Hunter

    [Supernatural] 2-25-11, "The French Mistake"

    Preview here. Yup, it's finally happened. SUPERNATURAL has gone meta...
  18. P

    Supernatural - Is there a reason we need a unique game for this?

    I've been re-watching my Supernatural DVD's and have been getting kind of geared up to play some modern urban monster-hunting horror. Naturally I looked at the Supernatural game, which, is fine, but is like a $40.00 book. I already have Hunter: The Vigil and obviously generic World of Darkness...
  19. H

    [Supernatural] What is the Formulae?

    I have not watched much of the series, even though I really like it and would watch it more if I had the chance. Having recently gotten the RPG, is there already a general guideline in the book on an how an episode develops, both in the series and as played in the game? In what ways is it...
  20. E

    [Hacking SUPERS!] Using it for non-supers gaming

    So I picked up SUPERS! from Beyond Belief Games at DTRPG the other day for $6. It seems to me to be a really good system, reminds me of the D6 Star Wars RPG that got me into gaming so many years ago. So I was wondering, how can we hack it to work for other games? I'm gonna be starting a...
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