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system hacking

  1. DigitalRaven

    Mass Effecting the Thousand Suns

    Normally when the subject of a game to play Mass Effect comes up, I'd be one of the two people recommending Trinity. However, I've recently decided to work with the newer, sexier edition of James Maliszewski’s Thousand Suns. And y'know, it works pretty damn well. The house rules sheet...
  2. Shattercrack

    [Ashen Stars] Converting to Mass Effect

    I was hoping to run Ashen Stars with my group, but only got them really pumped about it when I mentioned those magical words - ‘Mass Effect’. So, it’ll take a bit of work to hack Ashen Stars to run Mass Effect. This thread will represent my ideas – it’s going to be rough and fluid, and I’d...
  3. P

    Traveller for Mass Effect

    Has anyone done a conversion for using Traveller for Mass Effect? Obviously a few things would need to change (probably modding social status, changing around alot of the tech, modified rules for biotics) but I think its doable
  4. R

    [FATE] Hacking Diaspora: Transhuman Fate

    There's been a few threads recently about Eclipse Phase and Transhumanisim, and it got me thinking. I liked the ideas behind Eclipse Fate, and have been checking the Strands of Fate for Eclipse Phase thread occasionally, so I've decided to muck around with Diaspora again. I'd definitely like...
  5. S

    [Justified] The Eternal "What System?" Question

    Since it's on tonight, and I'm in a tinkering mood, but a lazy tinkering mood, I'm throwing open the floor for thoughts on a choosin' and a hackin' a game for it. My tastes don't run in the direction of D20 Modern or GURPS. So my thoughts turn to . . . Smallville - Just addsubtract powers...
  6. R

    [FATE] Strands of Mass Effect

    Well, I've been tinkering with Strands, so I thought I'd put some stuff together in its own thread. Feel free to add to it yourselves. -------------------- Strands of MASS EFFECT Campaign Premise: Conversion of the Mass Effect RPG video game to Strands of Fate. Campaign's Power Level: Mythic...
  7. D

    Unisystem Hybrid Questions

    I want to do a bit of a hybrid between Cinematic Unisystem (Angel) and Classic Unisystem (Armageddon) with some things from Classic Unisystem (Dungeons and Zombies) as well, and I have some questions. 1. Drama Points I'm curious: Are drama points worth as much as it's implied in the Angel...
  8. B

    [GURPS} d30s instead of d6s

    I've always wanted to like GURPS but one of my hangups is the perceived lack of granularity (perceived by me, anyway). I mean, a lowly +1 is generally about a 10% increase in your success chance. I like the nitty gritty details. Anyway, has anyone tried GURPS using 3d30s instead of 3d6s...
  9. Yellow Signatory

    [Hacking oWoD] Passive defence?

    A friend is planning on running a game of Werewolf the Apocalypse & is disappointed with the combat system, he'd like it more "sleek & fast paced" & as I've played the most oWoD before he's asked me to help. Sadly as I've explained to him I am completely useless at anything that involves...
  10. Mostlyjoe

    FATEing up (l)ORE.

    So, I've had this little thought experiment. After playing ICONS I wondered...could I add aspects to Bailywolf's (lite) ORE from Monsters and othe Childish Things? Could I develop stress tracks based around stats? Could I have people spend fate points to push/pull/squish/and expand matched...
  11. L

    [Leverage hack] Mass Effect

    this is about exactly what the thread title says. I'm taking the Leverage RPG and hacking it to make it into my ideal Mass Effect system. I'll add stuff as I go along, and any suggestions you come up with are welcome and will be considered. Lets start with the basic stuff, shall we? Mass...
  12. Shingen

    [Star Wars Fate] The Fate of the Galaxy

    I wrote my own Star Wars fate rules, which I call The Fate of the Galaxy. I am under no delusion that they are any better than anyone else's, but I wanted to try my hand at it. I wrote this document up for my players for a game I am going to run, so I thought I would share it with any of you...
  13. K

    [Diaspora] Star Trek Hack?

    So anyone give some thought to hacking Diaspora for Star Trek? (Star Trek isn't exactly 'hard' sci-fi :) Some really random thoughts over lunch: -Shields. The concept of shields is incorporated into ‘frame’. As evidenced throughout the series, a ship without shields is typically destroyed very...
  14. M

    [FATE]Shadowrun conversion

    Yet another Shadowrun thread because I'm a glutton for punishment, but this time a thread with a difference. My group really likes Fate. We've dabbled with Legends of Anglerre and Dresden, and some of us spent a bit of time with SotC a few years back. My group also likes Shadowrun as a...
  15. Pilgrim

    Eclipse Fate

    Beg pardon, but I remember a link being posted to a google document of an adaptation of FATE to Eclipse Phase. But I can't find the link. Cany anyone help me out? Thanks,
  16. Z

    [Mage] Ascension to Awakening hack

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lrHKrSSrPze8cJlUO0UFBUSW-jShjtB8t4ndPB8_YGM/edit?hl=en&pli=1# This is a hack I made based on material written by others. What it aims to do is re-envision Ascension using some of the innovations made by Awakening. Features: Essences have been made into Path...
  17. randlathor66

    [GURPS] New Damage System

    I was wondering if anyone has tried to put together a non-dice rolling damage system for GURPS. Sort of like the quick & dirty space combat rules where you do a base amount of damage, then add a specified amount for each point under your target number. I like GURPS, but I do not like rolling...
  18. T

    [NWOD] Sell me on/off Mirrors...

    I've seen a few blurbs here and there, but not much else. What's it like? I'm not likely to run anything from it, mostly buy NWOD books for reading material (and to annoy our default GM ;) ), but is this one worth picking up?
  19. D

    Sorcerer Revised on nWoD

    I'm starting a Storyteller game in a couple weeks. I want the players to be human characters.. I'm looking to use Sorcerer Revised in nWoD. The Difficulty for each effect is 3+ level of effect normally. I'm looking for advice to convert that over to nWoD's standard Difficulties with varied...
  20. E

    [A Strangely Eclipsed Aeon] Eclipse Phase Hack for Cthulhutech

    Well, I mentioned that in the Ancient Enemies thread I was thinking of starting this. And now I have. Let's just put things out straight. A Strangely Eclipsed Aeon is a systems modification for Eclipse Phase, to use it to run Cthulhutech games. Or at least Cthulhutech-like games; the point...
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