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system hacking

  1. M

    [Lady Blackbird] Gothic Hack

    Credit where credit's due: I was turned on to the awesome Lady Blackbird game by Sethra007 in our discussion of newbie-friendly games. If you haven't taken a look at John Harper's Lady Blackbird check it out here: Lady Blackbird. Lady Blackbird looks to be a great way to introduce new players...
  2. A

    Modern-day Ars Magica vs nMage

    Hey hey, I have a couple of questions about Ars Magica: Could its magic system be used in a modern-day setting? Is there some ready-made conversion out there? How would a modern-day Ars Magica system compare to nMage? Is the 'type' and 'feel' of the magic any different? Is one more flexible or...
  3. R

    Hacking Diaspora: Mass Effect

    So I've been thinking about Diaspora, and it occurred to me that it may be the system to hack for Mass Effect. Aspects and stunts seem a good way to model the game's biotic and tech powers without going overboard with the rules. Whilst a "softer" approach than the default Diaspora, there's...
  4. B

    [Wild Talents] Mass Effect

    I'm opening this thread up for discussion on the idea in the subject line, I already have a lot of work done on it that I'll post ASAP but first a question As I design the alien races I'm trying to cut down the cost on some effects Like Krogan regen, Is it too cheesey to take Single Use and...
  5. Apis Rex

    [Scion][Rules Riff] Since I doubt there will be a 2nd Ed.

    It's no secret that Scion is a broken game. Not broken in terms of "ZOMG, THAT ABILItY IS TEH BORKZORZ!", but broken in terms of "shit guys, this won't work." My group of the last three years is well aware of its flaws, and getting more and more irritated with the way the game set up. Its...
  6. F

    oMage Setting/nMage Rules version umpteenth

    Several years ago, I wrote a set of houserules for playing Traditions v. Technocracy, consensual reality style Mage, using the much more stable rules of Awakenings. A bunch of people requested it in the following thread: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=507950 which is one of many good...
  7. Pip

    GURPS Cabal using the GURPS Conspiracy X pulling string rules

    So, I was digging through my hard-drive yesterday when I came across something I originally wrote as a Pyramid article, but never got around to submitting. It's far too late to submit it now, I feel, so I've tidied it up a bit and put it online for anyone who wants to read it...
  8. salinea

    Mage Ascension with Awakening rules, a question

    Lately I've been wanting to try to GM an Ascension game. Since the nWoD system is mostly superior to the old one I was thinking of using those rules; and possibly the Awakening rules for magic as well. I have the Awakening corebook at home, though I never managed to read more than the first...
  9. Steve Dubya

    Does Trinity run a less "psi-fi" game well?

    I've been trying to pin down a game that might scratch a sci-fi itch that I've had for some time and I remembered about Trinity. From what I know of the system (which I imagine is rather identical to that found in Aberrant and Adventure!, more or less) it seems like it might work, but how well...
  10. M

    Matt Colville's Warfare for D&D4

    Ok folks, we had our first real playtest of my new Warfare system. For those who don't know and who might care, I was behind a lot of the ideas in Eden Studio's Fields of Blood, which was my version of Mass Combat for 3E. My design pedigree is a lot longer than that obviously, but I'm giving...
  11. C

    [Diaspora] Hacking it for Ghostbusters

    So that thread title probably just came out you out of nowhere. My group has no game for tonight (oh the poor planning!) and it occurred that I could probably run Diaspora pretty fast on no planning. I just finished the recent Ghostbusters game, so I got to thinking I could maybe mix in some...
  12. Carreon

    [DRYH] Fullmetal Alchemist Hack

    Warning Heavy Spoilers, You where warned. This is a small hack that has been floating around in the back of my head the entire weekend. It seems to me that Don't Rest Your Head would be good for doing a fullmetal alchemist game if you made the following changes to the sheet. My name is: And I...
  13. King Hellfire

    Cthulhu Feudalis

    I know, I know. Putting the Mythos into everything is chichéd as all heck, but...I have this itch, you know?? So Madness would be a condition, like any other, possibly becoming a permanent Aspect. Summoning and binding Mythos beasties...hmmm, have to come up with a system for that... Apart...
  14. T

    [In Nomine/Mechanic fiddling] Hacking the d666

    tl;dr: Increase d666 1-12 scale to a 1-18 scale by making all three of the d666 add together. Increase max stats and starting characters appropriately, and modify most numbers (essence costs, etc) up by one-half. So soon I'll be playing In Nomine, and while I'm fond of the setting the system...
  15. G

    Looking for an old OtE thread

    I already pillaged the search function and can't find what I'm looking for. It was a thread about using the Over the Edge rules for high fantasy or sword and sorcery. I seem to remember it had rules for typical class archetypes and maybe some magic. Does anyone have a link for this?
  16. S

    [Storyteller] No dice pool?

    Does anyone have any tales of hacks to make Exalted/WoD/etc work with something other than a dice pool system, but with similar (or adaptible) result probabilities?
  17. N

    oWOD Rewritten Core Rules

    I'm going to try and make a set of 'core' rules for the Old World Of Darkness setting. The rules will be based on mortals, so that any other game can be added to it as a kind of splatbook/core rulebook, like the new system. Anyone got any advice? I'll have the nWOD basic nine stats to start...
  18. B

    Fixing D20?

    OK, I've got this problem. I love Fantasy Craft and Spycraft. Even D&D 3.x. But, about the time I get ready to play, I remember that even though I'm supposedly good at what I do, I'm going to fail half the time I try to pick a lock. And fail miserably 1 in 20 times. It really is a terrible...
  19. TheRoleplayer

    [Storytelling Hack] Dropping Attributes and Skills

    There are 3 things that inspired me to start this thread: 1) my recently awaken interest in non-traditional Attribute/skill sets 2) Greg Stolze's Dirty World rules 3) Jared Sorensen's Monster Garage hack, found in Requiem Chronicler's Guide. In A Dirty World, Stolze is using semi-traditional...
  20. H

    adding talent trees to CoC

    I am very seriously considering using the Call of Cthulhu rules rules to run a sort of steam punkish fantasy i have in mind. but i would like to include a bit more character options and crunchyness than would be appropriate for a typical game of Lovecraftian horror, so i was thinking about...
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