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system hacking

  1. D

    About GURPS

    Perhaps I'm thick, but the current dice scheme used to resolve actions in GURPS (3d6) seems like a waste. Since all the dice go from 1-6, that means the range of results is from 3-18. The way I see it, it should be that players take two 10-sided dice (ones labeled 0-9, that is), and add the...
  2. S

    Rethinking Mage: Spheres as meta-abilities

    Recently, I've been thinking about Mage: the Ascension. It is a strong contender for my favorite game of all time. But what I love most about it is the very thing that has the weakest mechanical support: Paradigm. So, I've been looking at Mage's wonderful freeform magic system and trying to...
  3. V

    Using 4e to improve 3.x

    Perhaps the biggest complaint about 3.x is that it is very difficult to DM at higher levels, especially when it comes to designing NPCs. For those still playing 3.x or about to try Pathfinder, could the 4e design of simplifying NPCs (depicting only a handful of their best abilities) be used to...
  4. C

    [Mage: The Ascension] Recommend an alternate system!

    If you were to run a game of Mage, but you couldn't use the original Storyteller system, what system would you recommend? I'm trying to find something that allows for the extreme versatility required in a creative Mage game, but also mimics the thematic effects of proper magic use. Something...
  5. C

    [C:tL] Achievements

    Hey! I want to jump on the achievement bandwagon, and since I'm going to be running a Changeling the Lost game soon, I'm looking for Changeling achievements! Contract Lawyer - Activate 50 contract powers without using any glamour. Rollercoaster of Emotion - Have your Clarity rating change a...
  6. W

    (Achievements?) Can someone explain how this works?

    I saw mention in a few threads about a game where the players earn achievements, Xbox 360 style. I find this interesting and want to integrate it into my games. Can someone tell me of these tabletop achievements?
  7. Wratts

    Unknown Armies with Poker Cards

    Preparing for some UA games, I suddenly got this wonky idea. It struck me with some of the avatar symbols being connected to poker cards, and stuck. Not sure if I'm actually going to use it right away, but I'm tempted. The general idea is playing UA with a deck of poker cards instead of dice...
  8. E

    [Buffy] Banding Together - Rules for bands

    Maybe a year ago, I ran a Buffy game in which the PC's were members of a band (based outta Sunnydale), who toured around Southern California, fought vampires, and made music. I recently ran across my rules for that, and thought I'd share. My group seemed to really enjoy the session. Basic...
  9. The Scribbler

    [A Dirty World] Urban Fantasy Modifications?

    I've been working on putting together a possible urban fantasy game and recently decided that I wanted to give it a spin off of this very cool system. So I spent a good deal of time last night coming up with thematic pairings of Qualities based on the different supernatural backgrounds, really...
  10. M

    [HERO] How I would design 6th edition

    I've discussed my suggestions for streamlining Hero before (and refined them along the way), but the list of confirmed changes going into 6th edition has brought back the itch to discuss how to design a "better" HERO system. A term like "better" -- even in quotes -- seems to summon a certain...
  11. xiaolung

    [M&M] Second Edition Books and Feng Shui Adaptation

    In my attempts to find a new system for Feng Shui (to perhaps do a fan adaptation), I have looked at Cortex, Savage Worlds, and even Cinematic Unisystem (Angel, Buffy). My latest lead before I ultimately decide which one to use is Mutants and Masterminds. I have the Second Edition Core Book and...
  12. redwulf25_ci

    Alternate uses for Donjon . . .

    I'm thinking of running the occasional one shot using Donjon. While somewhat silly fantasy can be fun I've heard the system can be used for multiple things, so does anyone have advice that will help me use it for non-silly (or at least not too silly) Cyberpunk or Sci-fi (especially space opera)...
  13. V

    Trust points from Mountain Witch... in other games?

    Have somebody here ever used the Trust points from The Mountain Witch in other games? Im in a conspiracy vibe lately and this idea seems perfect for games like Paranoia, Over the Edge, Gurps Illuminati, etc. For those who dont know it, the "Trust points" mechanics is very simple and works like...
  14. M

    [OWoD Changeling] Alternative takes on kiths

    Heya, I've messed about with various search tools without luck - I recall a thread where some enterprising poster shared their alternate take on Changeling, complete with different more-balanced kith descriptions, e.g. different benefits and weaknesses. There was other cool stuff too. It was...
  15. G

    Stealing systems

    Over the last couple of weeks, I've been thinking of various games I've played in and run, and I realized that as a GM, my friends and I tend to steal concepts from various systems that we play, and I just wanted to know if anyone else has some good stories about some in-house rules based off of...
  16. Mithras

    [Classic Traveller] Ancient World Trading and Sailing Rules

    This has been on my mind for several years, and I had chance to get all my notes together last week to write it up. The ancient world seen through the eyes of Traveller characters, they own a ship, travelling from port to port, trading and smuggling, picking up rumours, having adventures, taking...

    Adding DV from Scion into Adventure!

    anyone try it? This has always been my biggest gripe about Adventure! (Unless Ive read it wrong, which is always a possibility) that its really simple to hit somebody, but after reading how Scion does its defense (DEX + [related Skill] / 2) as a target number, I believe that will be a fix, but I...
  18. Gentleman Highwayman

    [nWoD] Mega-Attributes & Knacks ?!?

    How hard would it be to port over Mega-Attributes from Aberrant and Knacks from Adventure to the Storytelling system in the new WoD? Iain.
  19. K

    Mage: The Awakacensioning

    I haven't run a WoD game for a looooong time. The last one was Mage the Ascension and it was great. After my Shadowrun group recently fell apart I'm looking to get a few of my friends who have never gamed into trying the hobby. I wanted something not too game-ey that they could all relate to so...
  20. briansommers

    Savage Worlds - I want to make it hard core

    I was looking at the moscow connection and really liked the gritty damage rules, but I want to take it even further, I was thinking: no soak roles and no bennies, but keep everything else, would this "break" anything? thanks bs
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