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system hacking

  1. S

    Chtulhu Advantages/Disadvantages

    Hoy! I was looking for some house rules for Chtulhu that would allow for some Perks or Disadvantadges to help flesh out investigators similar to those found in L5R. Sadly, I have yet to find anything of the sort online and I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Know any site or forum...
  2. C

    toughness save from M&M for D&D 4.0

    just curious has anyone ever try adapting the toughness save from mutants n mastermind into d&d 4.0 can it work, anyone has any houserules on it they can share? thanks.
  3. F

    [Unisystem] Using ideas from Houses of the Blooded and Fate

    Hi all it is me again, I reread Afmbe and it is just a great game, but there is one thing that I don't like about Unisystem, just one thing...all the edges and flaws...just too many small additional rules. So how to handle it? The first idea here is to use Aspects from Fate or HotB. I think...
  4. C

    green ronin song of ice & fire + wagers from Houses of the blooded

    this thought came to me the song of ice and fire rpg uses dicepool, could house of blooded wagers be incorporated into the game, so as to make the game more interesting anyone think it is feasible?
  5. J

    [Cthulhutech] Parapsychics Rebuilt

    Building on the last couple threads where I have been developing this idea. I've redesigned the buyin structure and the method of using psychic powers before, and am now moving on to changing the powers themselves. Largely, this is going to focus on consolidation, deeper exploration and tweaking...
  6. S

    RIFTs Rules Streamline

    So I know someone did this a while back, but since I stepped down from my RIFTs game as GM I have decided to streamline my house rules a bit. This way in the future I can make everything a bit smoother. First up is the skills system. I want to convert this to a D20 roll instead. Something...
  7. Arkat

    [Feng Shui] System heads, help me adjust the rules.

    So a thread on the forum rekindled my interest in Feng Shui, and I started to wonder how I would smooth out some of the wrinkles of the system. While I don’t consider Feng Shui especially crunchy (to me it is about as crunchy as nWoD, except for the fact that the core book gives you the core...
  8. J

    [CTech] Hacking the Sorcerer Advancement Curve

    DISCLAIMER: So, sorcerers and parapsychics don't follow the progression model of the other characters in the game, using the zero-to-hero low start/high progression model instead of the high start/low progression model of the other character types. This is what this thread is attempting to...
  9. Singing Smurf

    [4th Edition+] Creating a background skill system

    I'm having a great time with 4th edition. I do miss being able to define characters' skills prior to becoming adventurers, or crafting ability - essentially, I miss the Profession (x) and Craft (x) skills of 3rd edition. Many posters here have had some good ideas regarding this, and the...
  10. G

    [HeroQuest] What's the deal?

    So only six years behind schedule I managed to procure myself a brand-spanking-new copy of HeroQuest. Way back when I had heard of this interesting system, and despite my relative disinterest in Glorantha, I decided that I would like, one day, to own this. Well the day finally came. I've been...
  11. J

    [Cthluhutech/System] Wanna Help Me Hack Exalted?

    Werl, I say hack Exalted, but I have that done...almost. This is about using a modified version of Framewerk, the system for Cthulhutech, to run Exalted games, at a mostly Terrestrial/God-Blood level of play, and I think it's pretty good. It's simpler, and would run far better for my players...
  12. Owlbear Camus

    [SW Saga] Messing with how the abilities effect the defenses.

    So, to riff off the 4e thread where the OP suggested using the Saga Edition method of deriving fort, ref, and will defenses for 4e, what if we used the 4e method for saga? One emergent effect I see is con becoming a bit more of a dump stat.
  13. D

    [4E, Multiclassing] Thought on a new way to handle the multiclassing feats

    So, many people expressed discontent over the current implementation of power swaping with Multiclassing. I had a brainstorm on that topic- what if you introduced parallel feats that let you take Powers as the next worse degree? As in, you could spend a feat to take an At Will from your...
  14. N

    [Exalted] Looking for alternate social conflict rules

    The core system is quite satisfactory. It does well enough but there are some issues about that bother me. I know some rpg.netters among others have worked out alternate system and house rules. Here are some of the things I'd like for alternate system to do: I want something to that gets rid of...
  15. Bailywolf

    [ORE Toolkit] The Astonishing Dewhiff-O-Matic

    One of the regular criticisms of the One Roll Engine is the (perceived or real - debate rages) issue of whiff with dice pools lower than 6. The odds say with 4d you've got even odds of throwing some kind of set, but for whatever reason, it sometimes doesn't feel that way. And lets be...
  16. M

    [4E] Simple Houserule - Pressing on

    As I read 4E I see no mechanical disincentive to the following structure: encounter long rest encounter wait around 10-12 hours until you can long rest again long rest repeat ad nauseum. Now, this isn't really a problem with my players as they find the above just as ridiculous and...
  17. E

    Savage Worlds: Anyone else not really like the vehicle rules?

    As per the title... To me it seems that the vehicle rules do not really fit the fast, furious, and fun motto. Anyone else not really like how vehicles and chases are handled in Savage Worlds (Explorer Edition)? Edit: To go beyond just complaining, I was wondering if there are any alternate...
  18. S

    Need info on how magic works in different RPGs

    I've played a lot of D&D but I am dissatisfied with the magic system. I would prefer a NON-level-based system of magic and don't like the "you get a certain number of spells per day" idea. I was wondering if any magic systems were based on points instead or maybe some other system entirely...
  19. The Wyzard

    [Game Hacking] D&D: Saga Edition

    So, I find myself increasingly enamored of the Saga Edition rules. Having actually run the game last night, it was pretty much just what I wanted it to be. I have actually decided I would like D&D to run more like this game, since it would make my games massively more fast-playing and...
  20. B

    Dungeon crawling with Over The Edge

    This is something that occurred to me the other day. I toss it out for consideration and poking at, to spot flaws before I try it. "I don't like that" isn't relevant to me unless you're one of my players, but "this would require extensive adjudication every time" would matter a lot. I assume...
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