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the complete thief's handbook

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    Running an urban all-Thieves Game

    Pretty much what the title says. Our heroes are a bunch of Thieves who live in a city, not sure what the setting is yet, but they belong to a Thieves' Guild like the kind in Skyrim and are engaged in all manner of skullduggery to line their pockets. What do you think are the keys to playing...
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    [Where I read] The Complete Bard's Handbook and The Complete Thief's Handbook

    I was debating doing a "Where I read" on one of the old brown leather books but couldn't figure out which of these two to do. In the end, I determined that neither really had as much fodder for exploitation as The Complete Book of Elves so--instead, I'm doing both. Tah-dah! Okay, we'll start...
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