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the division 2

  1. johnnype

    The Division 2 is free to play this weekend.

    XBOX, PS4, PC. Go download it. It's worth your time. I've been playing it on the PC since it released and enjoying it muchly. If you're curious now is the time to try it. The story (first 30 levels) will take you a while to complete. You likely won't finish it before the trial is over. The...
  2. Q

    [Division 2] Open Beta and Beyond!!!

    So, Division 2: Washington Boogaloo (May not be actual title) by Ubisoft is coming out. Following up on the post-apocalypse of the NYC winter in the first game, Division 2 takes place in the summer in Washington, D.C. With the Open Beta weekend starting on 3/1 (preloading available earlier), I...
  3. johnnype

    Problem: The Division 2 or Anthem?

    The Division 2 is out on March 15th and I just preordered it on Green Man Gaming for 16% off. I played the living daylights out of the first game and it is, without a doubt, top 5 of all time for me. I have no idea how this next game will be. It might suck but I'm buying it purely on the...
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