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the expanse

  1. JonA

    The Expanse RPG - anyone played it yet?

    So now it’s been out for retail for a few weeks and the KS backers should have their copies I’m intrigued as to what everyone’s first impressions are. Some of the online reviews are largely positive but I’m curious what RPGnet’s user’s opinion of it is. I love the books and the TV series. I...
  2. D

    [Expanse] [Literature] Tiamat's Wrath

    So this is out now. What do people think? I admit I've been hoping to see the Laconians brought down a peg or do. They really came off as, "And now we've somehow entered Gundam with the fascist nobility vs. the plucky rebels. No mecha and old as hell heroes, though."
  3. B

    *Podcast* "Eros is moving?! [Polyhedron Interview Steven Kenson about The Expanse RPTG]

    Polyhedron | Episode 65 - "The asteroid can dodge?!" NSFW (mild language) *Mild spoilers from the book and show* We sit down with Steven Kenson of Mutants & Masterminds fame about his latest project, the official Expanse RPG by Green Ronin Publishing. Enjoy! [Website] // [iTunes]...
  4. Fred

    [Kickstarter] The Expanse Roleplaying Game

    I didn't see a thread for this, but yesterday the kickstarter for The Expanse Roleplaying Game went live and quickly beat its goal of US$ 30,000. As of this post, it's at US$ 131,217. It comes with a free Quickstart. I have no experience with AGE, but it seems liek an optiization of the M&M 3e...
  5. ANT Pogo

    [LTTP] The Expanse (no spoilers please)

    So, this show has been on my Amazon Prime watchlist since I got Amazon Prime over a year ago, but I only just started watching it a few days ago. I'm only up to episode 5, but DANG this show is good. I think my favorite part so far is how it milks a lot of its drama from hard-sci-fi stuff...
  6. Ben W Bell

    The Expanse Season 3

    So this starts tonight (though since I get it on iTunes I won't be able to watch it until tomorrow evening at the earliest.) Getting excited and ready for some Avasarala lip and action.
  7. Sabermane

    A Setting in Brief: the Vyom, or 4 worlds

    Sometimes I have ideas I know I'll never really use or develop much beyond a post or two. I realized this was pretty good use of a blog. So here, have an idea--if you want to riff or make a thread or whatever, feel free, but I just needed to throw this idea out there. Maybe it will help inspire...
  8. Tom B

    The Expanse (season 2)

    I just wanted to mention something in the season premiere that I thought was perfect. No spoilers, I'll keep it vague. The Roci was running interference for another ship. Missiles are fired at the ship the Roci is protecting. You see this from just behind the Roci...the PVCs swing and fire and...
  9. B

    The Expanse TV show setting: What game/system to use?

    DISCLAIMER: I briefly perused the "Other Media" thread about who likes/dislikes the tv show. That's not what this thread is about. I watched the entire first season, and I like the show overall, despite what some may consider a slow start. This thread is for those who, like me, either like...
  10. Summer Solstice

    You've finally gone and done it - got me to start watching The Expanse (no spoilers)

    So I know nothing about this going in. Just got the first disc, first three episodes. Not doing yet another WIW but this should be fun :)
  11. AslanC

    The Expanse - Inspirational Material?

    So I love the Expanse (the books and the TV show) and I recently learned that the writers were once considering it as a table-top-rpg. So that got me thinking, what RPG source material, from whatever game system, is there for that sort of "hard sci-fi" solar system level setting? Thanks in...
  12. wirecrossing

    [The Expanse] How great is The Expanse? It's pretty great.

    Just started watching it a few weeks ago, we are up to episode 9 tonight. I think I will watch this series again, just because there's so much there. Standout things: I like Miller. He is lame as fuck, but it kind of works. Chrisjen, obvs. She carries whichever scene she's in. Main guy Holden...
  13. N

    The Expanse: What system?

    I'm not really asking because of the show. I've been thinking about this since I started reading the books. My own thoughts include Firefly because I think it would be easy to modify the distinctions to reflect the setting and many probably don't even require much work. The Void is also...
  14. A

    The Expanse

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvZeQD1Vf2s The Expanse (based on the novel series by James S.A. Corye) is being billed as Syfy's biggest sci fi drama since BSG went off the air. The first episode was released digitally and is quite impressive, and reviews so far have been strong. Anyone else...
  15. AegonTheUnready

    SyFy 'The Expanse' trailer

    Trailer for SyFy new show 'The Expanse' coming in 2015. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8X5gXIQmY-E Between this and Defiance, SyFy is really spending money on original programming these days. I guess what's-her-face got axed and now SyFy can do, well, sci-fi? How does it look to you folks...
  16. Tom B

    Children of Men Writers Adapting The Expanse Series For TV

    Children of Men Writers Adapting The Expanse Series For TV This is the trilogy by James S A Corey (Leviathan Wakes, Caliban's War, and Abaddon's Gate.) Excellent SF with very well done characters and a pretty tight plot. ....hm...Okay, this scares me a bit. This could be really good...but has...
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