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time travel

  1. downer

    [Setting/System Riff] The Timeline-Jumpers

    Having just watched about half of the first season of Timeless on Netflix, I have returned to an idea I've had a while ago (there may even be a thread here somewhere on it), but never did anything with. Here it is: The employees of a scientific project to study alternate timelines and universes...
  2. Malkavian87

    [Riff] 80s Science Fiction & Horror Earth

    Recently my mind has been occupied by the idea of an alternate 1980s setting where all the elements of that era's Science Fiction and Horror are real. I see it working with a time-line like Kerberos Club has. At the start of the decade it looks like our 80s. But as the years pass the world gets...
  3. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180604

    click here for do it yourself sound effects (*1) According to my son, I am involved in time travel on a regular basis. I go through old game material. I do it a great deal of the time actually. What material might you ask? I go through old GM Journals. I go through old old chronicle...
  4. M

    🎨 Creative [101] Time Agency Plotlines

    With the recent interest in Time Agencies (Time Watch, Time Patrol, Time Agency, or Time Enforcement Commission (TEC)), as seen in this thread, or that thread and others. Or that one coming up. (Will link that one once this time wave reaches that point). We should have a new thread for Time...
  5. Pip

    🎨 Creative 101 Time Patrol Facilities

    The time patrol has facilities and branch offices throughout history. Some would say throughout all possible histories. They usually blend in with the surrounding locales and eras. Each is different, though, ands most are interesting in their own way ...
  6. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20170802

    Here is another great chronicle set up brought to you by my continued GI issue. This one is not "creative". There is an old GM maximum of Poor GM's Copy, Good GM's Borrow, Great GM's steal outright. I am a Great GM. Setting: Paratime Based on the classic stories by H Beam Piper. Info on...
  7. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20170724

    You know, The Bard was a character on Dr Who. Time Travel To Blog or to buy and download all the Dr Who books from the Humble Bundle now going on 0724, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler for my loyal following to be more enlightened, Their slings and arrows of comments pointing...
  8. E

    🎨 Creative 101 Time-manipulating villains!

    I need a new style of bad guy for my games. Please give me your best chronomancers, time travelers, and other time-manipulating villains. Thank you!
  9. R

    Sell Me on a Time Travel game

    Yes, yes, the usual wisdom for allowing PCs to travel thru time is "don't do it," but I'd like to hear about it from the minds around here. I'm really interested in running a few one-shots of some kind of continuum-romping adventure. I know about TimeMaster, which looks good and is reprinted by...
  10. L

    [TimeWatch] Anyone played it yet?

    its out just wondering if anyone has played it yet?
  11. D

    101 Time Travel Scenarios

    Yes, I'm going to go there... what are interesting scenarios, conundrums and quests for PCs who can travel in time? Answers should specify whether or not it's possible to change history, and how easy that is. By default I assume that it's possible, but extremely illegal, and that people will try...
  12. D

    Making Continuum Playable

    One of the games I would be most interested in running a campaign in at some point is Continuum, an old game based on time travel. It has a fascinating setting and I have a number of stories that are just dying to be told. The trouble is this: everything I've read says that the rules as written...
  13. GQuail

    [Continuum] Any Progress On Playtest/New Edition?

    So, last year, I posted a thread asking for information on Continuum: Roleplaying In The Yet - and in particular Actual Play Reports in a search for people who have managed to use the game in practice. I find the whole thing curious and I desire to learn more, but it's hilariously out of print...
  14. S

    Sci-Fi movies as future history

    If you were going to build a future history to play out a time-travel game by picking Sci-fi movies to represent the different eras, what would be your selection? Mine would be: Strange Days followed by Inception - both 20-minutes-into-the-future movies driven by new technologies. Children of...
  15. GQuail

    [necro][Sell Me] [Continuum] Actual Play Experience?

    I've recently become very interested in CºNTINUUM: Roleplaying in The Yet, the 1999 time travel role playing game. I've played a few games around time travel before - I've very much enjoyed one-offs of Time & Temp and its unusual resolution mechanic - but the more I read about Continuum the...
  16. T

    [101] A 101 Towns Sent Back, Forward, Or Sideways In Time

    This is the thread for all kinds of ideas about towns (or city blocks, or other kinds of locations or institutions) which have been sent back or forward in time in their own worlds, or have been sent to different timelines or different worlds entirely. Inspired by this thread (1632 series)...
  17. T

    101 Time Travel Themed Plot Ideas

    This is the thread for all kinds of time travel themed plot ideas.
  18. N

    Good time travel (or similar setting-changing) RPGs?

    I got more out of my Mom about what sort of games she's interested, and it's basically like that. She made reference to some card games we've played with that theme, though not by name, since she'd forgotten -- Chrononauts and another whose name I can't remember either. (Each player plays from...
  19. L

    [Continuum] Explain it, and Narcissist, to me like I'm five

    See that. I have heard snippets of these game's lore, but given the lack of any online materials or a proper review, I...am stumped. The closest thing I have in the podcast System Master's review, and they bluntly stated that it's largely incomprehensible to them too, which is part of why they...
  20. Qwa'ha Xahn

    Edge of Tomorrow - Anybody see it?[Yes, this may have spoilers.]

    [Spoiler Zone] (not in first post, but probably eventually) Theater crowd was pretty thin, but the movie is actually solid. I wasn't as impressed as a lot of reviewers seem to have been (I kinda liked Oblivion more), but that may have been my mood. The performances were good (it was...
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