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today is my birthday

  1. Craig Oxbrow

    🎨 Creative It was my birthday - give me tournaments!

    I had a birthday on Wednesday and went to see jousting at Linlithgow Palace on Saturday to celebrate. So I'd like jousting or other tournament-style activities for any setting. Intrigue at Camelot's summer tourney for Pendragon? Podracing? The old "group fighter forced into gladiatorial...
  2. Pandorym

    🎨 Creative It's My Birthday! Give me Sci-Fi (or Warhammer 40k) Plot Hooks!

    As the title above. I could use the assistance! Aliens, weapons, events, worlds, all of it!
  3. Daistallia

    [It's my birthday] - hit me with fun/intersting/cool ideas for Delta Green

    51 years ago, my mother didn't heed the advice given in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and hence I was born. :) I'm working on getting a Delta Green campaign up and running. So, hit me with your original ideas for DG - hooks, NPCs, scenarios, villans, green boxes, organizations, weird locations...
  4. 3rd Level Fighter

    🎨 Creative [IT WILL BE MY BIRTHDAY IN A COUPLE WEEKS TIME]101 random encounters in an Elizabethan city

    Yes, I should post this on 17th February, but the campaign kicks off next Friday! System: houseruled Backswords & Bucklers (an OSR retroclone, based off Swords & Wizardy Whitebox), though for the purposes of the thread it could be any old system Location: York, 1585 There is folk magic...
  5. mrlost

    Its my birthday, please post whatever PC you are playing now.

    I always forget to do this, but I finally am posting one of those birthday request threads. Anyway, one of the things I have done since I joined RPG.net in 2003 has been use various posters' usernames as inspiration for NPCs in my games, or simply use their username when I'm on the spot and...
  6. That Other Guy

    It's My Birthday, and I Want to Enroll In Some Magical/Superhero School Classes

    As is my right on this, the day of my birth, I request that the good citizens of RPGnet bestow upon me the weird and wild classes that are likely to sppear in superhero and magical schools
  7. junglefowl26

    It's My Birthday, and I want helicopters!

    I have always loved helicopters, but alas, fiction has not been kind to them, mainly using them as fodder for giant robots, giant monsters, super spies, action heroes, and other things like that. So let's give them some attention and love. In addition to interesting helicopter designs that...
  8. Ghotfish

    It's My Birthday: Give me Sci-Fi Invasive Species

    So, the basic premise of a setting I'm going to run is that, in the not to distant future, a hyperspace bypass derails in our solar system and few hundred alien spaceships come in for emergency landings/crashes on Earth. It's not exactly hard sci-fi, so I'm assuming a fair amount of biological...
  9. N

    [I'm turning 40 tomorrow, 30/8] Give me: 101 features of a supervillain prison

    So I am turning 40 and I am turning to the wisdom (or collective insane minds) of RPGnet for inspiration for a supervillain (or the occasional framed superhero) prison. The Raft, the Cube, The Kyln, the Phantom Zone...where you lock away people who would escape any normal supermax prison in an...
  10. W

    It's my birthday: Give me creative magic systems!

    Title kinda says it all. I want magic systems. Doesn't matter what ,as long as they're creative. Show me some magic!
  11. C

    It's not my birthday but I would like the powers of RPG.net to come up with Buck Rogers type settings

    Essentially your players whatever their civilian profession in whatever the game system or mechanic due to some contrivance a gas leak in a mine. Or a coma or trapped in a frozen swamp like flies in amber slumber for centuries perhaps millennia when everyone they knew is now dead and theywake...
  12. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180630

    My Productivity Scores Another Saturday Sidepost. If you have been around RPG.NET for a while, you might of seen my name on a few threads. Now there is often sage advice or a slightly snarky comments, but most people see me in The Creative Threads. I tend to support the 101s, Setting Riff...
  13. NinjaWeasel

    [It's my Birthday!] Give me Your Weird, Surreal & Eldritch Cats!

    As the title suggests, I want descriptions (and maybe Story Hooks) of weird and/or surreal Cat NPCs. They can be for any game or any background you want really but I'm particularly keen if it's for games like Unknown Armies, Heaven & Earth, Over The Edge, The Esoterrorists, or Call of...
  14. Craig Oxbrow

    🎨 Creative Today is my birthday - I'd like bands

    Rock bands in a beat-up van, strolling players going from village to village, VR megastars whose real names are unknown. Any setting, no system requirements. They can be protagonists, antagonists or setting details. What's their musical style? Are they famous or obscure? What kind of adventures...
  15. Mr_Sandman

    It's my birthday - I'd like fantasy capers, cons and heists.

    Hi all. I'm running a Leverage-inspired campaign set in a fantasy world. I'd love to hear people's ideas for clients, marks, jobs, twists and challenges for the crew. The city it's set in is sort of a blend of Sanctuary and Ankh-Morpork, with additional elements of D&Dish fantasy races thrown...
  16. Fred

    [It's my birthday] Give me some love for RPGnet columns!

    I've been writing Superseeds here at RPGnet for eight years now. It's one of many interesting columns the site has. Though there are some ways to know if they generate interest (forum posts, site metrics etc.), it's difficult to gauge how RPGnetters feel about them. So I decided to use my...
  17. P

    🎨 Creative I just gave in my dissertation! To celebrate, how about 101 (more) locations in an inter-dimensional city

    I loved the last inter-dimensional city thread, and still love the comics of Grimjack and the concept of inter-dimensional cities in general! I'll start with three (apologises if these were already brought up): 1) Mr Fenwick's Doom Emporium - managed by the charismatic and former warmonger Mr...
  18. M

    It's my Blog's Birthday!

    MoonHunter Sayeth has its birthday yesterday at 1800. For three times a week (on average) for a year, I have managed to write something somewhat interesting. Yay Me! So this thread has a lot to do with my last thread about my Blog. What do I write about now? I got some inputs about Martial...
  19. Daz Florp Lebam

    🎨 Creative for my birthday, I would like eleventy-one FTL drives

    I suddenly realized that my birfumsday is, like, a week away, so... A ship streaks through space, faster than light itself, careening at nigh-impossible speeds toward...destiny! But...how does that crazy gizmo really work? And what is this FTL system called? Can people be on the ship? Do they...
  20. Occam's Spork

    🎨 Creative It My Birthday! Give Me Things in a Haunted/Cursed Fantasy Ruined City

    One part of my fantasy campaign includes a cursed fantasy city that has been abandoned after being sacked during a recent war. I always like getting new ideas for anything to add to it; Be it ambiances, weird events, encounters, or hazards. I'm 46, so let's shoot for that number!
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