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total extreme wrestling

  1. K

    [TEW 2016][Thunderverse] Pick My Next Game!

    So, I've been playing a lot of C-Verse, and have accomplished all of the "Increase a Company from (Size X) to (Size Y)" goals save International to Global, and I need a bit of a palette cleanse, so I figure the next few days are the perfect time to dip my toes back into the Thunderverse, the...
  2. K

    Total Extreme Wrestling 2020! Coming Soon. Ish.

    Adam Ryland just announced this last night on the GDS boards. So, presumably it will be out sometime in 2020, give or take.
  3. K

    [WIP TEW 2016] South Of The Border Pro Wrestling!

    Time for a new playthrough, now with pictures! For those who've played the Cornellverse, many of you are no doubt now saying, "Oh, right, THESE assholes." For those unfamiliar, a brief rundown. SOTBPW came about in the wake of OLLIE and MPWF and turned Mexico's two way race for wrestling...
  4. T

    [WIP] TEW 2013: Angry Millions

    I've been meaning to start this for a while, but I've finally gotten rolling on a TEW game. At this point I've booked about 6 months of game time, but I'm planning on catching this thread up quickly. I'm playing the C-Verse, alternate wrestling universe with the goals of learning how to book a...
  5. K

    [TEW 2016] What should my next "WIP" be?

    As of late, I've been alternating between two fairly hot playthroughs of AAA and QAW. BUT, since the Cornellverse is like a goddamn pitcher plant for people with short attention spans, I'm feeling the itch to try my hand at another company. So, I'll leave the choice to YOU! Here are the ones...
  6. Y

    [Total Extreme Wrestling 2016] What If: The Rise (and Fall?) of Lone Wolf Wrestling in the Golden Age of 1987!

    "With the unprecedented kinds of money that Chad Smart and his backers have been throwing at it, it's no wonder that LWW debuts so high in the public's esteem. Soon after being officially formed, LWW is already being thought of as one of the most important wrestling feds in North America. If...
  7. K

    [WIP TEW 2016] 5SSW- Five Star Supreme Wrestling. Hail Higa!

    If you've read my other threads, you'll know I've played a few times with the other 2 "Cornellverse" women's federations, but never 5SSW, Japan's major (and only) joshi fed (at least for now). First, I don't know a whole lot about puroresu in general and joshi in particular, but I figure it...
  8. Andrew Sheeler

    [TEW2016] Luchador Fight Club

    Luchador Fight Club (LUCHA) is a promotion I created for the ThunderVerse setting of Total Extreme Wrestling 2016. As you can imagine from the name, LUCHA is more than a little inspired by Lucha Underground. In fact, you might say I'm ripping parts of it off wholesale. Enjoy! Coming in Fall...
  9. K

    [WIP TEW 2016] QAW: Queens of American Wrestling!

    I needed a break from AAA, even though my last playthrough was overall very satisfying. So, I'm going with QAW. Another female federation, I've tried a few brief shots but never committed (I want to get AAA to Cult and make Simony Sentinel a household name!), but I'm going to try for a little...
  10. K

    [WIP TEW 2016] AAA: The Angel Athletic Alliance!

    For the past two years, rookie wrestler Kate Avatar has been the head booker of AAA, America's premiere female wrestling company. Despite some tumultuous roster changes, the company has managed to turn a profit. Now as 2018 begins, what does the future hold...? So, why Kate Avatar? Free jobber...
  11. K

    Tell Me Of Total Extreme Wrestling

    I've seen references to this over on the wrestling thread in Other Media, and my curiosity is piqued. I loved the GM mode in the old THQ Smackdown games (as broken as that was; the CPU-controlled competing brand NEVER had to worry about the stuff you did), so I'd love to try something similar...
  12. J

    Total Extreme Wrestling 2016

    So I've been playing the beta of this and...I dig it. For one thing the Autobooker is waaaayyyy better, making it easier for me to get through spots when I'm just...eh. Freestyle Angles are great. But I think what will get me to pick this sucker up early is the increase in worker events and...
  13. Andrew Sheeler

    [Total Extreme Wrestling 2013] [WIP] Awesome Wrestling Federation: Because Wrestling Is Awesome!

    Visit the Awesome Wrestling Federation on Facebook! Total Extreme Wrestling is a wrestling promotion management sim created by Adam Ryland. You can find it here This game is set in the Thunderverse setting, a fan-created setting officially endorsed by TEW-maker Adam Ryland. AWF is an attitude...
  14. Y

    [Let's Play] Total Extreme Wrestling: United States Wrestling League

    Greetings, fellow TEW & wrestling nerds. :) I'm still planning on doing a proper Where I Play of a TEW campaign at some point, but before I get there I figure it might be best to start with a smaller project, and so the idea of a collaborative Let's Play came to mind. The plan is to build a...
  15. Andrew Sheeler

    [WIP TEW] TCW Presents Total Wrestling

    This is TCW. We offer a "Tradition Updated" product: Classic wrestling with modern sensibilities and just a splash of flash. Traditional: Key Mainstream: Heavy Cult: Very Low Modern: Medium Realism: Low Hardcore: Low Pure: Low Daredevil: Low We weren't always such, of course. Once, TCW...
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