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  1. P

    Mobile Frame Zero: Frame Design Second Impact

    Continued from the previous thread! Mantisking, I had an idea: how well do you think it would go over at the Hangar to have a monthly (or otherwise periodic) challenge to build frames based on pictures of mecha? For instance, one month's challenge might be to put up a pic like this: ...and...
  2. B

    Skirmish-level rules for use with Lego minifigs

    Due to a lack of time to paint and an abundance of bricks, my friend and I are looking to do some skirmish-level gaming using minifigs and a slew of Lego terrain. We were all set to use Savage Showdown until we ran into the fatal flaw that the ruleset and the "troop builder" don't actually tell...
  3. S

    Lego wargames?

    I know there's Mobile Frame Zero, but I'm thinking about larger scale games. The whole idea was brought about by seeing Kre's GI Joe line, specifically the "Cobra Armored Assault" kit. Are there Lego/building block games out there that operate at the level of a minifig being a single 'infantry...
  4. I

    [LEGO Heroica] New Set! Iliron Catacombs

    http://shop.lego.com/en-US/HEROICA-Ilrion-3874 Hooray! There's a new LEGO Heroica set now available (at least) on the LEGO website. It looks awesome! However, my fiance just lost his job due to his company squishing the IT department down... =( If anyone gets their hands on this, please...
  5. Vrylakos

    [Mechaton] I did the Mechaton/Metal Frame Zero Kickstarter! (I... have no LEGOs)

    So, I loved the Xevoz toys that came out a few years ago. I love putting stuff together. I love Gundam toys. I saw the Mechaton/MFZ kickstarter and said "This looks like my cup of tea." And then I realized I have no LEGOs. Any recommendations for good ways with currently available sets to get...
  6. Mantisking

    [Mechaton/MFZ] Strategy & General Discussion

    Here it is! :D To start it off, I'll make an admission. When I'm playing I primarily go after my opponent's mechs. His stations are secondary to me. I know this is a problem in terms of points swing but, it's just so satifying to crush an opponent's mechs. :) Yes, yes it is. Okay, now...
  7. yalborap

    Mecha games, what're my options?

    So, I like giant robots. Like, a lot. Thus, I wish to play a game in which I can field somewhere between one and many giant robots in combat. I do not need the game to be giant robots only, but I'd like at least one faction to be giant robot focused. The scale, similarly, can be played with...
  8. Mantisking

    [Mechaton] Best Sets for Parts

    This sub-set of building deserves its own topic. Acquisition of Lego parts for Mechaton is always a difficult thing, no matter if you're a beginner or a long time player. Here's a few sets that I think have great parts in them for Mechaton. X-Wing polybag. AT-ST polybag. AAT polybag...
  9. yalborap

    [Brikwars] Anyone make their own faction?

    So, I'm toying around with the idea of getting into Brikwars. Likely by buying like 50 skeletons and weapons for them off of Bricklink to start. But I don't want just some skeletons, I want a faction! With some backstory, and a few tidbits jacked out of the more elaborate 2001 rules or just made...
  10. I

    [Heroica] Sets on Sale at Target!

    I'm hoping this applies to other Target stores but my local store had the largest set on sale for $19.99, the two medium sets on sale for $19.99, and the small set was still $14.99 However, there was a tag next to the three largest sets that if you use a smartphone to text the word 'toys' to a...
  11. A

    Lego: Heroica

    I noticed this while at the local WalMart. The impression I get from the box is that it's a rpg-like game (perhaps in the vein of Descent) which uses Legos. There is a link to the website for the game here: http://heroica.lego.com/en-us/BookOfLore/Monsters.aspx I think it's pretty cool...
  12. K

    [Lego] What games can you use lego for minis?

    Beyond the obvious of course, Mechaton, which is designed with that in mind. I'm particularly interested in battlefleet-type wargames with micro scale minis, like Rogue Bantha's Star Wars Republic Frigate in micro. Or this equally awesome (though different scale) V-19 Torrent. I saw some...
  13. agony

    How do you get started with Mechaton?

    Like, I know my group would love Mechaton. We were in love with legos as a kid and love mini games. We also unanimously worship Vincent Baker. My issue is I don't know how to start. Like, my brother and I have a crap-ton of legos still at our parents house. I would guess around 30 pounds...
  14. Jorjowsky

    [LEGO] Oh Gods. What have I done?

    I'm a 37 year old male, married without kids, who has never, in his whole life, played with Lego (or LEGO® or whatever it's actually called. Lego works for me though). Yeah, I know. :( (I did play quite a bit with Tente when I was a kid, though, which is similar but not quite the same. I barely...
  15. D

    Action Figure Wargames?

    Subject says it all, I am looking for a wargame to play with my son that can use is/mine "3" inch action figures. d :D
  16. Mantisking

    [Mechaton] Frame Design

    Since the other Mechaton thread about rules mods is drifting, I decided to start another one about what was being discussed in that thread. Tomahawk is relatively new to the game and is looking for designs for frames, especially ones with exploded views or parts lists, so I'll start by sharing...
  17. R

    Robosmashers! Trolling for interest, input and possibly play testers.

    Ever since the micromasters line of Transformers, I've often thought of throwing together a wargaming system for the small TFer toys. I'm going to have a go at it here. I welcome input, and would appreciate play testers since I have no gaming group handy right now. First brainstormings: D10...
  18. M

    Superman, the Ninja Turtles and Luke Skywalker vs an army of T-800s lead by Megatron

    So, what system would I use to stat them out and run a fun battle with?
  19. DrFaust

    Basing Lego Figures

    I use Lego figures as pawns in various board and card games that don't come with their own, like Dungeoneer and much of the Cheapass catalog. They're eye-catchers and conversation pieces, which is great when trying to wrangle players at a game day or convention. The one drawback to Lego figures...
  20. Thornhammer

    Do anything with Legos?

    My group hasn't met in some time, and I'm hankering for something to do. I dug out All Things Zombie and came up with a campaign idea - The Devil Hawks MC, an outlaw motorcycle club traveling from Houston to home base in Wyoming, with the scenarios taking place in the towns where they stop to...
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