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transhuman space

  1. D

    Altered Carbon - The best RPG to use

    The cyberpunk novel Altered Carbon will be released on Netflix the 2nd of February. I'm not terribly familiar with cyberpunk rule systems other than Shadowrun, which I found clunky (though I'm more familiar with the earlier editions, and the technology isn't as developed as it is currently (no...
  2. AslanC

    The Expanse - Inspirational Material?

    So I love the Expanse (the books and the TV show) and I recently learned that the writers were once considering it as a table-top-rpg. So that got me thinking, what RPG source material, from whatever game system, is there for that sort of "hard sci-fi" solar system level setting? Thanks in...
  3. C

    [Transhuman Space] Montréal as a city-state: so what's that like?

    The future of THS has MTL as its own city, counter-seceding from Quebec after the latter separates from Canada. So what's it like having this city as its own country? How'd it compare to the one in our own time? I'm mostly fascinated that out of all of the potential city-states in the world (New...
  4. I

    [Transhumanism] Has TRANSHUMAN SPACE been surpassed?

    I know I am well behind the curve on this one, and Transhuman Space is long since out of print, but every once in a while I get the urge to grab a used copy and try it out. I'm not at all married to GURPS, regular or Lite, but I've liked the concept for quite a while. The thing is, has the...
  5. C

    On toxic memes

    This thread might be better on Tangency. GURPS Transhuman Space: Toxic Memes, like the setting itself, is one of those delightful early-00s works that seem almost quaint in this era of tech tycoon-driven space corporations and Islamic States. Today I read a good piece charting the links between...
  6. N

    GURPS Transhuman Space depressing?

    While I was canvasing for players for a GURPS Transhuman Space game I ran into usual reaction. Well unusual to me anyway. One person I asked turned it down because he found the canon setting too depressing. He couldn't explain exactly why but just said the campaign setting bummed him out. Has...
  7. S

    [Sell me on/off] Transhuman Space

    How does transhuman space compare to eclipse phase setting wise? I do know that it uses GURPS, but I'd probably use Fate, so I'm not too worried about the system.
  8. E

    🎨 Creative Pitch me your Transhuman Campaign Idea - Eclipse Phase, Nova Praxis, Transhuman Space

    General Conrad form the Planetary Consortium has gone missing and he has taken the plans for the gatetrigger [a device which can be used to remotely cause a gate to overload] You are assigned by the Jovian Jaunta to find him and bring him back. Most of the large factions want to get their hands...
  9. R

    [Sell me/Comparison] GURPS: THS and Eclipse Phase

    I am a space junkie. I love the idea of colonizing the solar system, with all its attendant excitement-and terror-of being on such remote settings as say, the orbit of Neptune, or a lonely research outpost in the Kuiper Belt. (Poor Pluto...) I have the complete line of Transhuman Space for...
  10. Sethra007

    [SELL ME ON/OFF] Transhuman Space

    I guess this isn't technically a "sell me" thread, since I was able to get most of the books at a steal from a used bookstore.... I'm going to be running Transhuman Space in the near future. This will be my first-ever GURPS experience, so I plan to sit down this weekend and start trying to...
  11. Yo! Master

    Eclipse Phase vs. Transhuman Space

    Both are settings that tackle the same subject: transhuman SF (of the not-that-far-into-the-future & happening-in-the-solar-system variety). I'm now getting into Eclipse Phase & it has been a good while since i was looking through Transhuman Space, so would someone be kind enough to enumerate...
  12. C

    [Request/Interest] Transhuman Space

    Hey all, Is there anyone out there currently running or thinking of getting a THS game up off of the ground? I'm busy ploughing my way through the last of the rulebook, having finally gotten around to reading it, and it is indeed a very fine thing. It also seems amusingly appropriate to being...
  13. M

    SciFi setting (Diaspora/1000 suns/Traveller)

    I've been working bits and pieces of a setting for a game that I swear I will run someday... I'd really rather play in the setting, but I am the only one thats crazy for scifi gaming in my group. Anyway here's the link. This is in no way intended for commercial development.
  14. Pilgrim

    [Blue Max Studios] Vojagi Orbiter for sale

    "Combining the spacecraft manufacturing industry of Russia and Japan's advanced robotics, the Empire of Japan and Siberia has been closely watched by the rest of the System since its inception through the Treaty of Mars. Great things are expected from the new mega-state; however, their first...
  15. Rangdo

    [Transhuman Space] Help me prioritise my purchases!

    I already have the core, Fifth Wave and In the Well. What else should I be looking to get, in order of quality and importance? I'm guessing High Frontier would be next, but how central is, say, Deep Beyond to the setting? Which are 'must buys'? Which are 'must buys if you want to do X?' (e.g...
  16. Jürgen Hubert

    New Transhuman Space sourcebook!

    Cities on the Edge has arrived! Still reading through it, but my first impression is: It's awesome!
  17. O

    Sell me the best "hard" sci fi settings

    As the thread title says, I dont care for what system it is, and that wont sell me at all, because i already have a system I am gonna use, which is irrelevant. Sell me the best setting you think is out there, it should be an rpg because they are the best at describing the "world" - novels and...
  18. Pilgrim

    Spacecraft Spotlight: Spacecraft Spotlight #2: Tiantang de Gong-Class Station

    This is a companion piece to the Zhang Quing Blue Max Studios released last week. Its available for free at this link. Things like this for Black Desert strike me as very useful resources for Transhuman Space and Eclipse Phase GMs. Please take a look and let 'em know what you think.
  19. Jürgen Hubert

    [Transhuman Space] SAI Reproduction and its implications

    At some point in the Transhuman Space setting, SAIs ("Sapient Artificial Intelligences") will gain the right to reproduction. In fact, in some jurisdictions - like the European Union - this is already the case. And it's likely that SAI "parents" will create new SAIs with somewhat similar...
  20. G

    Help Me Choose a Transhuman RPG

    I've been thinking of running a sci-fi game in a "transhuman" setting in a couple months. I'm having some trouble deciding just which one to run, though, and was hoping RPG.net could help me decide. As far as I know, the three main RPGs in the subgenre are Eclipse Phase, GURPS Transhuman Space...
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