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  1. gundark

    Genesys or Infinity rpg?

    Hi I'm interested in putting together a sci-fi campaign that uses transhuman elements. The two rpgs that I'm looking at are Infinity and Genesys. Even though Genesys isn't specifically about transhumanism I imagine it would be easy to bake in. I own both and have read or am reading both, but I a...
  2. I

    [+] Pro-transhumanist Star Trek

    Well, what it says on the title. Let's speculate how the United Federation of Planets as an in-setting society, and the Star Trek franchise as a corpus of fiction, would have been different if they reversed their canon stance on transhumanism and wholeheartedly embraced and supported it. The...
  3. P

    Non-Evil transhumanists in media

    Transhumanists almost always turn out to be evil in movies, books, videogames, tv, etc... I've heard so many variations of "They play god and take away our humanity!!!!" What is some good media where the transhumanists are sympathetic?
  4. I

    [Transhumanism] Has TRANSHUMAN SPACE been surpassed?

    I know I am well behind the curve on this one, and Transhuman Space is long since out of print, but every once in a while I get the urge to grab a used copy and try it out. I'm not at all married to GURPS, regular or Lite, but I've liked the concept for quite a while. The thing is, has the...
  5. F

    Eclipse Phase: Fixing the Jovians.

    Okay, EP largely has the Jovian's more or less in teh slot of "mustache twirling bad guys who embrace POVERTY" with a side order of "oh, look, the Luddites avoid technology that can even help them so their ramshackle habitats don't depressurize." Personally, I really hte it. So how do you fix...
  6. G

    Who else is tired of angsty transhumans?

    I know this sounds weird coming from a fan of World of Darkness, but I'm really tired of settings and stories that feel that becoming some sort of enhanced human- a vampire, a cyborg, anything immortal, etc, is somehow a terrible burden. I know there are people who feel that way, but I think...
  7. Rabbit Éclair

    Magical Transhumanism: is it a thing?

    I'm going to start this thread off by talking about the example that originally got me thinking on the subject, so: Alice Margatroid, from Touhou Project. She's a youkai magician, which means that she's performed rituals to eliminate her need for food, water, and sleep, and she no longer...
  8. C

    School me on Transhumanist gaming

    Hey TRO, I'm wondering about the transhumanist game genre of late. It's not a literary genre I'm super familiar with by any means—I think I find some of the tenets a bit dark/uncomfortable for my taste. I was raised on the SF of the 50s to 80s or so, and while I like some cyberpunk, I think...
  9. S

    How does Mindjammer compare with other transhuman rpgs?

    As the title says, how does Mindjammer compare with other transhuman rpgs (such as Eclipse Phase, Nova Praxis and Transhuman Space)?
  10. I

    [Supers] The Ultimate Super-Soldier Serum

    I initially wrote this essay as background information for a Mutants and Masterminds character. Subsequently I realized it might be a good basis for a whole sci-fi Alternate History scenario or a "people with superpowers" RPG setting. It is based on the purposeful assumption that the average...
  11. S

    [Mindjammer Press / Modiphius] Mindjammer - The Roleplaying Game now available for preorder & PDF

    Hi everyone, We've now opened for preorders on our new transhuman science-fiction Fate Core RPG, Mindjammer. Preorders receive an immediate download of the "Thoughtcast Edition" pre-release PDF, plus the production PDF at the end of February; the 496-page hardback ships at the end of March...
  12. Nerag

    Transhuman Star Trek

    Is anyone aware of a fan made or "star trek with details filed off" version of Star Trek that looks at technological transformation of humanity in terms of transhuman ideas? I'm thinking of trying to mash Star Trek together with the Culture series and I'm wondering if anyone has done something...
  13. Rangdo

    [Let's Read] Nova Praxis

    So, after having done a fairly extensive Let's Read on the Legends of the Five Rings corebook (link in my sig), I thought I'd do something a little different this time: Nova Praxis. I was actually given the pdf as a complementary copy several months ago, under the condition that I would talk...
  14. S

    [Sell me on/off] Transhuman Space

    How does transhuman space compare to eclipse phase setting wise? I do know that it uses GURPS, but I'd probably use Fate, so I'm not too worried about the system.
  15. TheMouse

    [system-less] The line between cyberpunk and transhuman science fiction.

    Very simply, where do you put this divide for your games? What features make you look at some game setting and think, "This is a cyberpunk game and not a transhuman one," or the other way? What distinguishes them from each other? Is there even a difference? I'm asking because I'm actually...
  16. E

    🎨 Creative Pitch me your Transhuman Campaign Idea - Eclipse Phase, Nova Praxis, Transhuman Space

    General Conrad form the Planetary Consortium has gone missing and he has taken the plans for the gatetrigger [a device which can be used to remotely cause a gate to overload] You are assigned by the Jovian Jaunta to find him and bring him back. Most of the large factions want to get their hands...
  17. J

    [Nova Praxis] How does it compare to Eclipse Phase?

    I just learned about this new game. On the surface it sounds like it superficially hits a lot of the same tones. Can someone tell me more about it, and how it relates to the game I already know? :)
  18. M

    Things found at a Transhuman Goblin Market

    This is for the next campaign I am running. I really hope I get some ideas here, but I don't really know how to make posts that don't just drop to the bottom. Here are the givens: The Oort Cloud is the outer boundary of the playable area, no FTL travel. Basic Nanotech and Mind-Computer...
  19. LatwPIAT

    [Eclipse Phase] Rimward!

    I always prefer looking at physical copies, and as a reward for managing to drudge through my autumn-semester exams, I got myself a copy of Rimward for Eclipse Phase. Rimward is the Outer System sourcebook, the counterpart to Sunward. (And together with Gatecrashing, pretty much every...
  20. J

    [Traveller] What books for this setting?

    I'm a big fan of Iain M. Banks and as much as I'd love to run a game in the Culture Universe I've read all the arguments about how this is impossible. However, I recently read Bank's The Algebraist and I thought it would make an awesome universe to game in. I think Traveller would make a...
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