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  1. Stattick

    How come transhumanism is always sci-fi?

    How come it's never fantasy? Think about it - with all the crazy magicks possible out there in many fantasy worlds, why not body mods, soul swapping through artificial bodies, memic warfare to alter people's widespread perception of the gods (in order to change the gods themselves), and so forth?
  2. That Other Guy

    [Eclipse Phase] Had a Look Through It...

    Yeah, yeah, I'm way behind the curve on this. I've recently had a look through the Eclipse Phase pdf, on the urging of a couple of friends of mine. I asked a few questions, one of which was "What sort of character do you play?" "Anything! There are combat morphs and completely digital morphs...
  3. GregStolze

    [ORE] My rough draft of a timeline for ORE SF

    Timeline 2010 — Experiments with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TCM) affect cognition. Armed drones and remote controlled robots are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, with debate ongoing about how much autonomy to give their software on “fire/don’t fire” questions. 2015 — “Turing-Safe” AI...
  4. A

    [Sufficiently Advanced] Reputation Economies

    I was going to start this on the board over at the game's website, but the board apparently doesn't let people start new threads unless they're higher level users or somesuch. And it seems like folks here are also up on the game (given that I learned about it in a previous thread here.) So...
  5. johnnype

    Singularity Sky - fun transhumanist fiction

    Today I finished reading Singularity Sky by Charles Stross. I liked it. A bit strange in parts but I'm sure that was intentional and it all comes together in the end. I don't read sci-fi novels often primarily because I have a hard time visualizing the setting but this one came highly...
  6. I

    [nWoD] Blood-bather Sin-Eaters

    Having recently bought Geist and the Book of the Dead, I found them a rather interesting character option, but for a major gripe of mine. For flavor reasons (even if I fully acknowledge that it has a very limited impact on gameplay) that have to do with vicarious wish fulfillment, a substantial...
  7. E

    [Lovecraftian Posthumanism] Brainstorm with me

    I'd like to run a one-shot or mini-campaign in which the PC's start off in a fairly typical RPG Cthulhu Mythos scenario (humans who discover that there are Horrid Things out there and try to solve a problem), but then goes off in a self-modification deal. My concept is that the game derives its...
  8. Gee4orce

    [Eclipse Phase] The question of consciousness

    There is a major philosophical problem buried in Eclipse Phase, that I think the game doesn't address: what happens to your consciousness when you re-sleeve ? By 'consciousness', I'm referring to one's sense of 'self'. The feeling that 'you' exist just behind your eyes, looking out on the...
  9. SJE

    Eclipse Phase- GMing the complexity

    Hi, I've been reading through my Xmas pressie of Eclipse Phase, and I think its the best Strossian/Morgan/Reynolds type of Transhuman sci-fi that I've seen. However.... how does a GM deal with the complexity of it? PC's can effectively take any approach they like through customising their...
  10. Jürgen Hubert

    [Exalted] Infernal Transhumanism

    Since this subject continues to intrigue me, I thought I'd start a general thread on all aspects of Infernal Exalted Transhumanism - how they ultimately transcend the limitations of mortals, and even other Exalted. I'll start by throwing out a few points I think are worthy of discussion. 1) It...
  11. Mostlyjoe

    [Build a Setting Riff] Dream inspired transhuman game.

    I have the weirdest dreams sometimes... This time I was at a school with friends and co-workers studying for my eventual transhuman evolution. Like all of humanity was given a number of different options to become something more, something else. Some were chosen, other signed up for...
  12. R

    [transhumanist setting riff] the locusts come

    [Something I've had sitting around for years, but Eclipse Phase reminded me of]. Nuva Sierra ("Noos" in the local quicktalk) orbits in the inner temperate zone of Calcis Minor ("Cem"). Cem is a cool blue star, but still far brighter than Sol; the temperate zone is a way out and the years are...
  13. David J Prokopetz

    🎨 Creative [setting brainstorm] Kung Fu Transhumanism.

    For generations, the Martial Arts World had been the path to power - not merely political power, but personal power as well. True masters of the Secret Arts enjoyed greatly extended lifespans, the power of armies at their fingertips, and peerless influence over the minds of the unenlightened...
  14. Mike Taylor

    [Transhumanist Media] Tell Me About It.

    Tell me what books, movies, TV shows and so on cover the subject. The Eclipse Phase RPG got piqued my interest in the topic and Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell manga seems to touch on it, but I want to know what else is out there.
  15. V

    Preventing Transhuman Tech

    So, suppose that in the far future, humanity has developed sapient AI, dry nanotech, full biosculpting, and all of the sorts of technologies that transhumanists love. And suppose that there's a group of people wholly opposed to all of these things, preferring to cling to an idealized "purely...
  16. T

    [Eclipse Phase] - What do they sing about?

    I have been admiring the Eclipse Phase setting, the fluff of the world and how everything has changed completely from the way we currently conceive of normality. I was reading the brief section on Gender & Sexuality, listeing to some music in the background when a strange thought went through...
  17. B

    Transhumanism Query

    Noob to Transhumanism, here. I recently began reading Eclipse Phase (exceptional product) and have been reading Altered Carbon (didn't know it was TH, nor what TH was). My question regards the Digital Conciousness, forking, and uploading. Is there something I am missing? I, personally do not...
  18. S

    [Build a setting] Transhuman Virtuality

    Humankind has ascended, leaving behind the fleshly world of its birth for a realm of pure information. Let's imagine a setting, millennia in the future, wherein humanity has decided that it's next stage of evolution lies within the realm of virtuality. They construct a massive space ark--it...
  19. V

    [Transhuman Settings] How do you use them?

    I haven't really read any transhuman sci-fi. I've heard complaints that Transhuman settings are cool, but they don't offer any hints on how to integrate the setting into an adventure. So what sort of adventures do you run in a Transhuman setting?
  20. Dorchadas

    [Cthulhutech] Economy?

    All the talk about Eclipse Phase and new economy types made me wonder. The NEG has all the elements necessary for a post-scarcity economy (infinite energy, nanotechnology, etc.), but the economy is exactly the same as now. It's clearly not a technological problem, so it has to be something the...
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