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  1. T

    Cyberpunk versus transhuman

    What is the main difference between Cyberpunk and Transhuman as a genre in fiction and games? I know Transhuman is "somewhat" a subgenre of cyberpunk. I know Cyberpunk megacorps, cyberspace, cybernetics and 80's view of the view of the future (retro now a days) but what does Tanshuman have that...
  2. David J Prokopetz

    [setting riff] Transhuman High.

    I've had a setting premise rattling around in my brain for a while now. If I don't get it out of my head, I'll never be able to focus on anything else, so here we go... *** Imagine a future setting in which medical biotech has advanced far beyond even our most optimistic predictions and into...
  3. C

    [Crossover] Transhuman Space and Cthulhutech fusion

    Would it be possible to drop in all of the arcanotech development and Mythos-related events into the TS timeline, minus the NEG stuff, and create a fusion of the two settings? I'm not sure if the years match up, but imagine a Pacific War fought with mecha.
  4. R

    13 Takes on Elves (or more, if you so desire)

    Having just read a thread called 13 Werewolves and just watched Luke Goss act the shit out of a badass ninja faerie in Hellboy 2, a thought struck me. If you look at the vast majority of fantasy novels (and tabletop games), elves all seem to have been cut from the same cookie - tall, gracile...
  5. C

    Dystopian Transhumanism

    Are there any transhuman/posthuman works that are deliberately dark and dystopic in tone, and not just with endless discussions of "oh no we're all turning into immortal machines what is the meaning of being human gasp identity crisis"? I can only think of the collected bibliography of Peter Watts.
  6. C

    [GURPS] What are the themes of Transhuman Space?

    I think I understand the setting pretty well, it's an optimistic projection of the world a century from now, tweaked slightly of course to make it an exciting gameable place. Despite the claims to the contrary it looks like a utopia to us in the here and now thanks to the standards of living...
  7. Poster #15672

    FreeMarket crash?

    The FreeMarket site has appaently crashed or is being renovated. Anyone have any idea what's going on? :confused:
  8. JonA

    Eclipse Phase - I can't decide...

    http://eclipsephase.com/ Does this game look just simply brilliant or mind-blowingly awesome? No seriously. The concept and the design time just makes me believe this is going to be something special.

    The Ultraterrestrial Comedy: Transhuman Pseudo-Christian Sci-Fi

    Imagine God as an ultraterrestrial being who uplifted humanity and wants to save the intangible quantum computers that house our consciousness from spiralling into heat-death so that we may be transplanted after death into perfect cyborg bodies. The idea is to put a quasi-technological...
  10. CanoeMan

    [Post-CthulhuTech] After The War, What Then?

    "The migou mecha made landfall and obliterated armies. Their hive ships were hanging in orbit, ready to strike at us all. The Cults were walking the earth, tearing us asunder; either on the battlefield by tooth and claw, or in our cities, by subversion and corruption. The deep ones arose from...
  11. palecoyote

    [setting idea]Naked Transhumanist Colonist

    I've got a setting idea that's been burrowing in my brain for last couple of days and I need some help fleshing it out. A transhumanist level society goes to colonize another planet. No ftl ships so they use a sleeper ship. They send terraforming drones ahead to get the planet ready for human...
  12. R

    Eclipse Phase interview

    We conducted an hour long interview with Rob Boyle and Brian Cross at Gencon this year about their upcoming game Eclipse Phase. It's quite a long transcript so I broke it up into three parts, the second part is going to be published tomorrow morning and the third next week. Eclipse Phase...
  13. F

    [Shadowrun] Catastrophe and the Singularity

    One of the ideas I'm toying with introducing to my Shadowrun game is the idea that with all of the advances in technology -- nanotechnology, transgenic alteration, Personasoftware, wireless skillwire setups, Agents, and AI, the Sixth World is approaching the so-called technological singularity...
  14. T

    [setting riff] Exalted Recast as Transhuman SF

    This might be a side effect of reading too much Orion's Arm. But it just struck me as so incredibly obvious, and I'm amazed that (to the best of my knowledge) this has never been posted, given TTRO's Exalted love (a game I'm only passingly familiar with). The Exalted are recast as...
  15. David J Prokopetz

    [brainstorm] Goofy, over-the-top transhumanism.

    The confluence of a couple of recent threads has gotten me to thinking: to the best of my knowledge, there hasn't really been a game that's done the epic-to-the-point-of-goofiness thing with transhumanism. We have goofy pulp, goofy sci-fi, goofy superheroes, even goofy horror (I employ the term...
  16. zenten

    Realism and transhuman elements

    So, how realistic, as in they actually are possible and likely to happen given enough years are the various transhumanist trappings? Like say uploading your brain onto a computer. I'm a bit skeptical of it, because it requires a way to accurately scan all the relevant information of what's...
  17. zenten

    [Exalted] Dreams of the First Age is just a Fantasy Transhuman Space?

    Ok, so I haven't read the box set. I'm not sure if I will. But I'm curious about the descriptions I've seen. Would it be safe to say that the box set is essentially a way to run Transhuman Space in Creation?
  18. V

    New Transhuman game?

    By Rob Boyle et al, no less. http://www.adamjury.com/2008/upcoming-games-from-catalyst-game-labs-and-posthuman-studios/ Anyone got any info on this?
  19. Sabermane

    Time for another game of BREAK! THAT! TECH!

    Hey all, I'm fiddling with a transhuman game at the moment, and have a propulsion system in mind. However, knowing players like I do, I want to see what (if any) glaring mistakes I might be making with it, what a PC might use it for, and what an DICKISH PC might do with it. :D So: the Tangler...
  20. s/LaSH

    Fantasy Transhumanism - from elves to synthetic deities

    Once upon a time there was a man who said "hey, elves are universally depicted as being pretty hot. I wonder why?" He concluded that, perhaps, elves had been created for the purpose of being, well, hot. And then he made the mistake of telling me. "That makes sense," I said. "I suppose if you're...
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