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  1. M

    [Exalted] [Alpha Centauri] You'll get not a mote from me, Immaculate!

    Every day of the year, valorous cruisers brave the Sargasso, risking piracy and great tentacled Behemoths to deliver fresh slaves to the worms, sell them their psyches, and return with a hull full of dreamjacks. In and out, the Guild sends them, some sinking, some captured, most returning with...
  2. Jürgen Hubert

    Transhuman Space: Utopia or Dystopia?

    Do you regard Transhuman Space as generally utopian or dystopian? Please explain your decision.
  3. Bailywolf

    [Sci-Fi Setting Riff] Counting to Infinity

    Inspired by the ship in Reynolds' Revelation Space... Counting to Infinity The ship… Counting to Infinity is a little over four kilometers long- a needle in a cosmic haystack. It’s diameter varies from a few dozen meters to a couple of hundred. Sections are rigged for rotation simulations...
  4. R

    GURPS BioTech . . . pretty friggin' cool lookin'

    http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/books/bio-tech/ Comments?
  5. B

    Is transhuman space opera the natural world progression of cyberpunk?

    I just finished reading the transhuman space opera series The Golden Age, and my group has been doing a lot of cyberpunk related stuff lately. I've noticed a lot of similar themes, not so much in the motivations of characters, but definately as far as technology goes. Does anyone think that the...
  6. Nero's Boot

    Magical transhumanism

    We've seen plenty of transhumanism in sci-fi roleplaying, but has fantasy gaming ever gone the transhumanist route? Has there ever been a game wherein magic has led to a Singularity-esque event: In other words, has there ever been a fantasy gaming setting where magic led to the radical...
  7. F

    Transhuman Numenor

    I originally used the phrase "Transhuman Numenor" to describe the kind of setting I imagine First Age Exalted to be, although I don't want to limit this discussion to Exalted. Basically, the world has hit a magical singularity. The god-kings of the setting can build nations, social engineer...
  8. R

    [RPG]: GURPS: Biotech, reviewed by Sabermane (4/4)

    http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/10/10904.phtml Jeremy Buxman's Summary: Like DNA, it's got a lot of uses, and probably shouldn't be randomly injected... Go to the full review for more information.
  9. C

    THS w/ BT or UT?

    I'm finally going to bite the bullet and buy Transhuman Space, after all the praise and so forth which has been thrown at its feet, like so many virgins to be sacrificed before the towering idol of a dark, dark, dark god. I already own an ancient copy of GURPS 3rd edition. If I buy one more...
  10. E

    Transhuman Space: Where is it going?

    This quote from another thread about neat quotes in RPGs brings up an issue I want to address... I'm sorry Jurgen, but this vignette sickens me and I think it should be cut from the book (for those of you unfamiliar to it, there is a lot more...). It reads like some unlikely situation out of a...
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