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  1. The Wyzard

    In which I spitball ideas for the improvement of Tunnels & Trolls.

    I've long been fascinated with T&T, which I think is a neat game engine occasionally hampered by a lack of serious design considerations. Mind you, a lot of people think that a lack of seriousness is what makes the game fun. I don't believe I have the power to bridge that gap, but I can noodle...
  2. Warlord476

    [TTd] Lankhmar!

    The characters at the start of the session: Rogar, a mariner [L2 Warrior, sword and shield] Snorri, a northern barbarian [L1 Warrior, axe and shield] Dokrah, a Keshite [L1 Rogue, talent = locks & traps] For those who came in late… After a few capers in Lankhmar, city of the black toga...
  3. Warlord476

    [dT&T] To Ikkutas!

    To Ikkutas! Introducing a road trip up the Vale, with Dwarves. Ikkutas, legendary realm of mountain Dwarves, lives on in tales passed down from one Dwarf generation to the next. Greedy tales, gloating tales. But the exact whereabouts of Ikkutas is lost. Supposedly, it was hewn from the...
  4. Z

    Hacking T&T

    I'm coming to grips with various funky aspects, but would still like to tinker with some things. The version I have on hand is 5th Edition. For a start... Melee Damage: Taking the difference between HPTs is weak compared with missiles and TTYFs. I think it may work better to use the total of...
  5. Gentleman Highwayman

    What's anyone doing with Tunnels & Trolls these days?

    I'm looking at some light dungeon fantasy after coming across my Fifth ed book of T&T. There a lot in there for a small page count and price. Anyone playing or played recently? What did you do and how did you find it? Iain.
  6. C

    the T&T Kickstarter

    So it looks like it is quite well funded and is going to release in a nice big way. It has a whole week to go. Now I have only ever played three games of T&T, so I really am not the point dude on this, but it is pretty cool to see the second ever RPG looking to the fan base for support and...
  7. D

    Free T&T Solo Adventure...

    Woops ... Wrong section. Should have been in Ads/Promo sorry. Cheers -dekh
  8. Web Warlock

    Shipman is back

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't really have the energy to fight this guy anymore. But Jim Shipman is back selling his wares and hiding behind some vague disclaimer how he is not responsible for the content of the books he sells. http://www.outlawpressinc.com/ As I...
  9. T

    [Tell me about] Tunnels and Trolls, post-Shipman

    So I guess the T&T community has rallied somewhat after the Outlaw debacle and is now producing and distributing material through new channels? What exactly is going on these days?
  10. A

    [Tunnels & Trolls] Help me pick 5.5 vs 7.5

    So I have decided I am going to spend some of my recent acquired Noble Knight credit on a T&T boxed set. However I can't decide between the FBI 5.5 or the Fiery Dragon 7.5 boxed sets... Which one should I choose and why? (Note: the minor cost difference between the two is insignificant and...
  11. R

    Outlaw Press Watch

    For those interested in the continuing story of James Shipman and Outlaw Press (after the first thread was locked due to length), there is more to tell. I'm not a great cataloger or chronicler, so I am going to link off to a fantastic summary...
  12. Enlightened

    Tunnels & Trolls vs Classic D&D (OD&D, BD&D)

    Between T&T and Classic D&D (any flavor) which would you choose and why?
  13. ZenDog

    [Let's Read] Tunnels & Trolls 5th Edition

    Seems like a good time to send some vibes T&T's way. This was the first RPG I ever played and I still love it, Ken St. Andre is still one of my RPG Heroes and Liz Danforth and Rob Carver are still two of my favourite RPG artists. I'll be aiming for a post a day(ish) as I read through the rules...
  14. ZenDog

    [OOC] Tunnels & Trolls: Trollstone Caverns

    In no particular order our doughty delvers . . . Suggested Marching order . . . Ekbert and Ambular Pinedalasastru and Oskar (torch) Aleyrah and Drkn Let me know if you want to change that.
  15. D

    T&T - What Version?

    OK, so thanks to the latest brouhaha over some one involving the game, I now have an itch to play again. I have the 5.5 rules (on loan to a friend) that I can get back after the blizzard here abates, but I now beg to ask... Should I go out of my way to grab the 7.5 edition? Is there any...
  16. V

    Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes -- what needs to be revised?

    Okay, this is a cool, under-appreciated system. For those unfamiliar with it, it is based off of Tunnels and Trolls with an added skills system. I really like it, but do have a hard time understanding the rules. I think it is the terminology used. Saving Rolls sound too close to Saving Throws...
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