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    [Wayfarers] Player's and GM's Reference Book PDFs are now available

    That's right, Mongoose has just released both the Wayfarers Player's Reference Book, and the Game Master's Reference book in PDF form: They are bookmarked and ready to go: Player's Reference Book PDF: 196 pages. Game Master's Reference Book PDF: 188 pages. These two books are all you need to...
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    [Wayfarers] The revised Wayfarers Fantasy RPG now available from Mongoose Publishing!

    That is right. The revised Player's Reference Book and the Game Master's Reference Book are now available from Mongoose Publishing! A preview of the Player's PDF is available here. Here are just some of the changes you can expect to find in the revised game: Most creatures have been...
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    [Wayfarers] Revised Wayfarers released by Mongoose in April. Preorders available.

    After much ado, the revised Wayfarers Roleplaying Game is slated for Release by Mongoose Publishing next month: http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/rpgs/othergames.html Wayfarers is a living game, created with old school sensibilities. The Player's Reference Book and Game Master's Reference...
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    [Wayfarers] Trouble at Niven's Creek revised and released (FREE)

    That's right. Trouble at Niven's Creek has been updated for the revised Wayfarers Fantasy roleplaying game. Recently, a small team of Surveyors was lost on an expedition near the Niven's Creek trade outpost. A terrible creature has been plaguing the outpost ever since. Surveyor Guild...
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    [YOGC] Wayfarers RPG Hardcover: Free shipping anywhere!

    Yes, it is true. YOGC has always prided itself on low shipping prices. But today, that just wasn't good enough. Or maybe Jimmy failed a Mental Resistance check... At any rate, for a limited time, shipping for the Wayfarers RPG Hardcover is completely free. If you are next door to us, it's...
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