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uncharted worlds

  1. SeanGomes

    Uncharted Worlds Post-Mortem Analysis

    Back in 2015, I published Uncharted Worlds. It was my first foray into game design, writing, publishing, kickstarting... a lot of things, really. Over the last four years I’ve learned a hell of a lot from feedback, observations, and re-reading my own work. I definitely took the criticisms to...
  2. IdiotSavant

    [Uncharted Worlds] Traders

    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/251892/Traders?src=rpgnet Merchants shipping goods between the stars. Smugglers landing illicit cargoes in the dead of night. Speculators buying low on one world to sell high on another. All are traders, leveraging supply and demand to make their fortune...
  3. Civil Savage

    OOC Uncharted Worlds: The Infinite

    This is the OOC thread for our Uncharted Worlds game. Game mechanics moves will mostly be done in the IC thread (you can sblock or italicize), but slower stuff like advancements, brainstorming, clarification, feedback can all take place here. Please start with posting your final character...
  4. Civil Savage

    IC Uncharted Worlds: The Infinite

    The Job: Go to the now-defunct Transyou research & development facility on Kledge and recover a container labeled UX-497-b. Anything else you salvage is yours. The Location: Kledge has just the one city. When the R&D facility closed abruptly, this world never took off as a colony. It's...
  5. Atlictoatl

    [PbtA] Uncharted Worlds: discussion of open-ended Moves

    Powered by the Apocalypse games are famously defined by the specificity of their Moves. Through those player actions, the game instructs the players and GM alike in how to play the game. Uncharted Worlds steps away from specificity of Moves into a much more narrative system, which I like in...
  6. Civil Savage

    [mostly closed recruitment] Uncharted Worlds

    The Game Uncharted Worlds, using many of the options from Far Beyond Humanity Many different species, although humans are dominant or at least pervasive in the part of the galaxy we’re concerned with. I assume we’ll use the default starship setup, but we’ll sort out the details of that and...
  7. IdiotSavant

    [Uncharted Worlds] - Colonies

    http://drivethrurpg.com/product/219470/Colonies?src=rpgnet Hab-domes clustered around atmosphere processors. Pressure shelters built into underground caverns. Tin shacks under an alien sky. Every colony world is different. But every one of them is a community, full of people trying to make a...
  8. Kevin Mowery

    Uncharted World (PbtA) for Star Wars?

    I still have a dream that one day I'll run the Star Wars game I've been wanting to run. Problem is that most of the options for running it are either games I don't like, games potential players don't like, or something that I'd have to put work into hacking a workable system for. So, Uncharted...
  9. D

    What's new in rules light sci-fi/space opera

    My attention span for rules isn't what it used to be, tell me about your favorite sci-fi games that are under 100 pages. Nothing in the FATE family, please. And despite the title, doesn't have to be new if it's good.
  10. IdiotSavant

    [Uncharted Worlds] 21 Jump Points

    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/195246/21-Jump-Points?src=rpgnet 21 Jump Points is a story supplement for the Uncharted Worlds roleplaying game which provides example Jump Points, the adventure seeds and story beginnings used to begin play. It is intended to be used as a source of campaign...
  11. Kevin Mowery

    [Sell Me On] Uncharted Worlds and Masks: A New Generation

    There's one day left in the World Engine sale on rpgnow. I'm eyeing Uncharted Worlds and Masks, but I can't decide if I want either of them. If it helps, I didn't care for Apocalypse World, and I was pretty lukewarm on Dungeon World, but I love the heck out of Spirit of '77. I think it might...
  12. B

    Advice please for Uncharted Worlds / Apocalypse Power

    Since getting properly back into RPGs a couple years back I've done my best to catch up with, well, everything that happened while I was busy wrangling kids and going bankrupt. So in that time I've read 13th Age, Edge of the Empire, a smattering of Fate stuff and a whole bunch of OSR games. I...
  13. N

    [Sell Me On/Off]Uncharted Worlds

    So DriveThruRPG is having an Apocalypse World hack sale and out of the bundle the only game I don't have is Uncharted Worlds. I like space opera, sandboxes, and exploration so I'm definately interested. I have and enjoy both Stars Without Number and Fragged Empires in the genre, and like the...
  14. IdiotSavant

    [Uncharted Worlds] Wild Jumps

    https://drivethrurpg.com/product/192696/Wild-Jumps?src=rpgnet Wild Jumps is a story supplement for the Uncharted Worlds roleplaying game which provides additional material on jumping wild, the dangerous and reckless method of travel used by explorers, smugglers, and people wanting to escape...
  15. loconius

    [Uncharted Worlds] What worlds will you chart?

    Has anyone checked out Uncharted Worlds? It's a space opera game in the vain of traveller Star Trek, firefly or Babylon 5 using the Apocalypse World engine. I've always wanted something like this, and this game seems perfect for it. I'm thinking I'm gonna use this for a Star Citizen campaign...

    [PbtA][Uncharted Worlds] One part hype, one part asking about fan content. :)

    (God DAMMIT another awesome kickstarter I missed...:mad:) Ahem. So. A while back I posted asking about science fiction hacks for Apocalypse World, particularly focused on space opera in general and crews of a single starship in particular (the Blake's 7/Farscape/Firefly model, basically); one...
  17. SeanGomes

    *Kickstarter* Uncharted Worlds: A space opera roleplaying game of exploration and debt, Powered by the Apocalypse.

    After getting rather burned out by the heavy, restrictive, math- and number-driven mechanics of other roleplaying games, I became hooked on the simplicity and elegance of the Apocalypse engine. I wanted to revisit the sci-fi, space opera genre with this fresh take on the way a story- and...
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