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unity rpg

  1. J

    Unity RPG .....

    Got this ordered for next week as it intrigued me but just wondered if anyone has played it / got it / read it and could give me their views on it http://unity-rpg.com
  2. Eryops

    Unity-RPG: Anyone played or read it?

    I clicked on a targeted ad on Facebook yesterday regarding Unity RPG. After downloading the preview, I was intrigued enough to come here, but didn't see any recent threads about it. My first impressions: - combat looks like it's inspired by 4e. This isn't a selling point for me, but I could...
  3. Tango Samurai

    [necro] Unity RPG: Wow. Hey, take a look.

    Free preview on DTRPG. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/186363/Unity-Free-Sampler Website here:http://www.unity-rpg.com/ First and foremost: Looks fantastic. Second impressions: Layout is almost exactly like Monte Cooks Numenera. The presentation is clean and well designed. The race and...
  4. U

    *Web Site* New Indie RPG in Development: Unity

    Hey folks, I've been kicking around on the design forums for a couple of months now sharing my work and I very recently just launched my website. Just click on the pic. I hope it piques you interest :)
  5. U

    [Unity] Wanted to share a project I've been working on :)

    Howdy folks :) I’m pretty new around these parts but I’ve been sifting through the forums and you guys have a fantastic and bustling community here. I hope you don’t mind if I share a passion project of mine that I’ve been crunching away at for quite some time now. Hopefully other folks...
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