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vampire: the requiem

  1. Wakshaani

    Vampire: the Requiem -- Help me populate my city, please?

    So, the talk about the new Bloodlines video game got the hindbrain reminded about my Vampire setting, which I need to get back to when my current project list is finished up. While I have the BIG names, I'm very much empty-handed on the middle-rows and below. I was hoping the wonderfully...
  2. S

    Vampire: the Requiem 2e on roll20 looking for player

    I'm starting up a Vampire: Requiem 2e chronicle using roll20. There's still room for one more player and i was wondering if anyone here would be interested. The chronicle will be set in modern day New Orleans, based in part on the City of the Damned city book. Characters will be neonates who...
  3. E

    [VtR] How is VtR playing different from VtM?

    In another thread, found here, I goofed and was looking at VtR, or nWoD, and not VtM, or oWoD. Some of the responses on the Onyx Path board have been good and helped me understand VtM and VtR. So now I'm asking about VtR. Did they do a better job with the "superhero with fangs" issue in...
  4. Wakshaani

    (Vampire: the Requiem) Help me populate Columbus, Ohio!

    So, being asked to put some stuff together for Vampire: the Requiem, a system which I've nevr run but that I'm semi-familiar with (I did a LOT of 1st ed World of Darkness, but the new stuff not so much) ... so, I have a city picked out and some broad strokes for what I want, but, I could use a...
  5. IanWatson

    Onyx Path Publishing Now Available: Half-Damned for Vampire: The Requiem in print!

    http://theonyxpath.com/now-available-half-damned-in-print-plus-more-requiem-shirts/ Now available in print from DriveThruRPG: Half-Damned for Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition! Family? Ha! My mother would show up every few years and suddenly be very into my life. She would take me out of...
  6. MikeM

    Vampire the Masquerade/Requiem

    Back in the day my friends and I played a lot of Vampire, but I haven't played in a very long time. The news about a fifth edition has me interested again, but I am so confused as to the versions there has been so can someone confirm that I have this right? 1991 - Vampire the Masquerade - This...
  7. Patkin

    [V:tR2e] A series of open questions about mechanical changes

    1.) So, am I correct that a starting character at Humanity 7 doesn't actually possess a clan weakness when the game begins? Since they only activate at the first degeneration to Humanity 6, that seems to be the implication; but then I'm left wondering what exactly a Nosferatu's life is like...
  8. L

    V:tR - licking the wound? physical ecstasy?

    Quick question, as I'm about to run a V:tR 2nd game. The fluff and crunch seem to disagree over whether or not you can lick a wound after a feeding. The crunch seems to imply that only bites from seductive / semi-consensual feedings can be licked close. The fluff seems to imply that any feeding...
  9. W

    World of Darkness titles are on sale. Chronicles or Vampire: Masquerade

    I've never played either, but I LOVE the lore of World of Darkness. I've loved it ever since I played the PC game Bloodlines. That being said, which version do you all recommend?
  10. Catharsis Cat

    [Vampire: both Masquerade and Requiem] What's cool in the supplements?

    Partially spun iff from the which WOD thread: So I recently got Vampire the masquerade 20th anniversary edition. I got really hooked on it. And I think I want more now. More Masquerade stuff, and maybe check out Requeim, Dark Ages, Victorian Ae and Kindred of the East as well, stuff depends on...
  11. Crothian

    Requiem for Rome: what books are useful?

    I am thinking of putting together a campaign for Requiem for Rome. I have that book and Fall of the Camarilla. I am wondering what other books from really any of the World of Darkness lines would be useful for a campaign set in Rome. I will be borrowing information from GURPS Imperial Rome...
  12. Baroness Nerak

    [German Speakers] [Geist, Vampire +] Help me with some group names for Berlin game segment

    Hello, I am running a Chronicles of Darkness crossover called Golden Eagle set between 1920 and 1950 across Europe, combining Mystery, Horror, Pulp and Noir. I have a variety of little sandboxes rather than my one big sandbox in games like Malibu Dream House. It's 1922, and the PCs are going to...
  13. T

    💀 Necro [Vampire: the Masquerade/Requiem] Three Bizarre Elements I Didn't Know Came from "The Vampire Chronicles" [No Mage: TA]

    [Vampire: the Masquerade/Requiem] Three Bizarre Elements I Didn't Know Came from "The Vampire Chronicles" [No Mage: TA] If you’re like me, then until recently, your exposure to Interview with the Vampire was limited to the film adaptation. If you read the original book, you might have thought...
  14. D

    Pittsburgh: Additional roleplayers needed for Chronicles of Darkness, Indie games

    We have three people who are experienced roleplayers and have varying degrees of experience storytelling Onyx Path / White Wolf rpgs, and we're looking to round out the group with 1-3 additional players who are still interested in gaming around a table in an area that seems very Pathfinder and...
  15. M

    [VtM/VtR] Problematic aspects of Vampire?

    [Note: I've created this thread before but it got deleted or disappeared] Hello everyone, while I was looking at this thread I noticed that further down the discussion brought some really interesting (possibly valid) points about Vampires being metaphorically and literal abusers and rapists...
  16. D

    [Interest/GM wanted] Vampire: The Requiem

    Long time ago, I participated in a VtR LARP and I was having a lot of fun. Now, recent events have prevented me to play again but now I would really like to play in a chronicle, hoping to have some other players with me. I already have an idea for my character. Actually, it's my old character, a...
  17. W

    [NWoD] [Ridiculous] Could you fight a Sea Lion? / Help me stat up a Sea Lion

    Do I really need help with this? No. Do I think it would be kind of hilarious to enlist RPG.net's aid anyways? Hell yes. So, in my Blood & Smoke / Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition, one of the characters has decided she needs to drain a sea lion because she wants to be able to assume Sea Lion...
  18. T

    So, starting a God-Machine Vampire game. Anything I should know before going in?

    I mean, I get the rules and the rolls and all that. But are there mechanics that flow oddly in practice, or math that doesn't add up, or anything else I should know about? The only system I have any real experience with is Pathfinder, by the way.
  19. A

    {VTR} 101 Ways for a Prince to fall

    So, as I currently brainstorm new plot ideas for my currently running vampire game, I am looking for creative plots against the prince. But while I am at it I figured it would be fun to make a good list of ways that a prince could fall. Sometimes I think I can get stuck in a rut of thinking...
  20. W

    [WoD] My weaknesses as a Storyteller - I'm conflict and commitment avoidant!

    You know, when I was struggling through my problems with running big Elysium-type games, it occurred to me what a lot of my problems as a Storyteller are: I tend to be really conflict and commitment avoidant. I tend to try and set up scenarios with maximum possibility - bunches of NPCs who...
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