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  1. Castille

    [Changeling: the Lost] Renaissance Venice ideas - help requested

    I've been asked to run a Changeling game for a few months, which is no problem. The players have selected Venice in the Renaissance as a setting, and I have to admit to being stumped as to what Changelings could do in that era. My players have also requested to not be caught up in Courtly...
  2. screen_monkey

    Burning Wheel: Burning Venice

    Hi - our group just started a Burning Wheel game, set in freewheeling late-medieval Venezia. Lots of swashbuckling, lowlives and canal dredging. This writeup is pretty fiction heavy but I'll try to describe some of the background beliefs of the characters as we go. Session 1 was pretty heavy on...
  3. NPC

    [VtR historical campaign] Your favorite time+place?

    I'm running a VtR campaign now which will tell the fate of the PCs from the days of their embrace in 12th century Constantinople to the present. There will be decades or centuries of downtime between the various chapters - but only the time & location of the first two chapters have been decided...
  4. Miss Atomic Bomb

    Cavaliers of Mars (I think I have my Thanksgiving game)

    [sound of howling wind] On a world beyond time [zooming across a landscape of red sand] In a land beyond the desert [shifting, zooming along a canal] In a city without compassion [the ziggurat looms in the distance, the sprawl of the city rushes by below us as we zoom in on its top] [we...
  5. S

    [Dark Ages: Vampire] The Vampires of Venice

    Not sure how much response this kind of thread will receive on here, but I figured it might be worth a shot anyway, as my curiosity is piqued by the possibilities. I'm starting a Vampire game set in Venice, 1305. I'm not sticking particularly close to the canonical vampires there, and plan to...
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