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  1. P

    [WoW] Post Legion expansion Speculation/Rumors/Spoilers - "Battle for Azeroth"

    So as not to jam up the main thread here's a thread to speculate on the next expansion ahead of the Nov 3 Blizzcon reveal Where will it be set? Who will we be fighting? What new gimmicks will it have? Any new races/classes?
  2. G

    [Worldbuilding] Warcraft of Darkness

    Warcraft of Darkness​ The world has changed. It became more complex and perhaps more dangerous than ever. A few decades ago nobody would have thought the Horde and the Alliance would ever fight a common enemy. A few decades ago, nobody except some paranoid lunatics would have thought the eastern...
  3. Kurotowa

    [WoW] The Legion will burn this world!

    The old thread is old, we shouldn't be talking about Legion in a 6.0 thread, so here's a new one! News out of Blizzcon this weekend is so thick it's impossible to summery it all, so here's some highlight links. The official guide to all the class artifacts. Class previews are still locked as...
  4. Coyote's Own

    [Warcraft] Well that certainly a Warcraft teaser

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA_8TY9Z5Zg My impression is already give the title. The snippets are to little to say anything else but the fact that designed seems very much to copy the WCII/WoW (WCI and WCII had a slightly different style) style as was to be expected.
  5. F

    WOW: Explain flex raids to me.

    Okay, Whenever I list myself in flex raids I get whispers like "Flex 1" "flex 2" and such. Asking what this means is met with incredulous derision. Looking at the wikies and other sources seems to indicate that it's a measure of skill from some sources and other sources jsut what wing you're...
  6. N

    [WoW] Patch 5.4 notes

    Patch notes here http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/10158897/54_PTR_Now_Live-7_1_2013 Biggest thing I noted was the change about justice and valor items - Adjustments have been made to Mists of Pandaria faction quartermasters. Epic quality (purple) Valor items sold by the Shado-Pan Assault...
  7. M

    [Recruitment] In the Quest of the Ashbringer

    Please do note this is the first time I am trying to host a game here in RPG.net. So, in case of any errors kindly inform me of the same, so that the necessary changes can be made In the Quest of the Ashbringer The settings are based on the Warcraft universe, on the continent of Kalimdor...
  8. K

    Warcraft + Legends of Anglerre

    I'm a long-time fan of the Warcraft world; I played all three games when they come out, I hunted down all the amusing sound effects, and I even picked up the D&D books when they were printed. I've been playing World of Warcraft since almost the time it was released, so I consider myself a fan...
  9. C

    Suggest a Rules System for Warcraft Setting?

    I'm surprised I couldn't find an extant thread on this, so here goes. I'm thinking of running a game set in the Warcraft universe and was wondering if people might know of a system they can recommend. I'm looking for a system that: 1) Is more transparent and less crunchy, 2) Isn't a...
  10. Rickenharp

    [WoW] I need a little shamanly advice

    After taking a rather long raiding break (our guild got stuck on the keepers in Ulduar and raid interest fizzled out), I finally dusted off my resto shaman (Armory) and started collecting badges for T9 and T10 and getting some stuff crafted. I even got to heal ICC-10 once, the first three...
  11. T

    (US only) sale/trade Warcraft, D20, Misc

    I'm not looking to get rich, I just would rather get these books to someone that would use them than throw them away. There are no local stores that take used RPGs. I'll ship Media Mail at $2.00 + $0.50 per book. World of Warcraft RPG $4.00 World of Warcraft RPG Alliance Player's Guide $3.00...
  12. Praetorian

    Warcraft Novels - any of them any good?

    I usually just read SF - but am in a sword and sorcery mood lately. I haven't played WoW for years now, but always enjoyed the backstory of the setting and was toying with the idea of getting some of the novels. Any of them worth picking up?
  13. T

    [WoW] Level 45 - Where to Go?

    My girlfriend and I just hit level 45 with our human alliance characters (Paladin and Mage). We have mostly finished off Stranglethorn Vale and are uncertain where we want to go next. We are on server Kirin Tor, which is a PvE server. Which area(s) has the most really 'fun' quests? What...
  14. F

    [WoW] Impressions of the Game After 2 Years Off

    I restarted my account after a solid 2 years off. Last time I was playing was early Burning Crusade, now we seem to be mid to late Wrath. Felt good getting back, a couple of impressions; 1. Very pretty landscapes. I thought Outland was sort of 50/50, Northrend is generally pretty solid. Nice to...
  15. T

    WoW - Gold Per Level Expectations

    My girlfriend and I both just reached level 40 in World of Warcraft. We were offered the ability to Dual Spec for a mere 1000 gold. Really? Only 1000 gold? Why, let me just check my pouches.... What are the expectations of how much gold a character would have at each level? 1000 seems off by...
  16. F

    WoW: You still playing?

    Brothers, Now that my work schedule has dropped below 70 hours a week I've restarted my Warcraft account and upgraded to Frozen Throne. (its amazing how much time you have when you have no personal life.) Are people still playing? Which faction, which server? Do people log on during the...
  17. Copernicus

    [WoW] Rumors of new playable races

    http://www.wow.com/2009/07/17/new-halloween-masks-point-to-a-new-playable-race/ ------------ Some mouse-over spoiler space.. .. .. .. --------- Now for the real question - what classes would you give those two races (if it's true). Assuming Goblins -> Horde and Worgen -> Alliance and a...
  18. Aliandris

    [WoW] 70 Mage, gone a year, looking for advice

    So, some of you may recall that thread a few months ago where my girlfriend requested we get back into warcraft. Well, that time has finally come, so now I need some advice for my character. I've been gone about a year. I've got a 70 BE mage, and I was in those yonder years a frost mage of...
  19. D

    Great RPG Book Titles for Sale Here

    <center>Checkout my new great collection of RPG items for sale <a href="http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Dans-RPGs-Books-and-Collectibles__W0QQ_armrsZ1">HERE</a><p></center> Items Include:<br> <li><a...
  20. Copernicus

    [WoW] 10-manning Sarth25

    That was an amusing encounter. In an effort to get as many people "Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows" we had fifteen people suicide and ten people finish the encounter. Turns out the fight is much more interesting at that level. The adds occasionally have to be cleared up, and that final enrage...
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