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  1. Dorchadas

    Warhammer Fantasy spells conversion

    So, I made a thread a week or so ago asking whether anyone had converted the WFRP color magic spells over to D&D-style mechanics, and didn't get any response, so I assumed that no one had. Well, I'm working on it now. It's currently about 35% done: all the petty and lesser magic, and the...
  2. J

    [Wayfarers RPG] Converting the Dark Sun campaign world

    Okay, Wayfarers is my system of choice. Dark Sun is going to be the campaign world of choice. The issues are converting stuff into Wayfarer's ruleset. For races, I was going to use the mechanics of the races given in the rulebook for humans, and dwarves, converting the Wayfarer Orcs into DS...
  3. J

    [Wayfarers] Help me understand the Spell System.

    The rules explaining the Spell system are pretty sparse. It seems Vancian in one section (memorize each individual spell you want to cast) but then seems more freeform (cast any spells you've learned in a given level, up to your maximum spells per day) in another section. The given examples...
  4. S

    Wayfarers vs C&C

    I am looking for a Fantasy system and 4E/Pathfinder don't suit my need. I need something less "combat/encounter" oriented and much less rule heavy. I don't want to waste an evening working on a single NPC. This said, Castle and Crusades and Wayfarers are in my sight for good options for a light...
  5. R

    [RPG]: Wayfarers, reviewed by Metathiax (4/5)

    http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/15/15591.phtml Sylvain Boucher's Summary: With its streamlined mechanics and ingenious classless but leveled character creation system while keeping a distinctly D&D-like feel, it is my opinion that Wayfarers can cater as well to old-schoolers than to gamers...
  6. HorusArisen

    [Wayfarers] Anyone checked this out yet.

    First became aware of this games existence when Mongoose was rebranding, anyone checked it out yet? A bit busy with my Valhalla Falls and a possible Legend game to pick up yet but is it worth adding to my list of wants?
  7. M

    [Wayfarers] Player's and GM's Reference Book PDFs are now available

    That's right, Mongoose has just released both the Wayfarers Player's Reference Book, and the Game Master's Reference book in PDF form: They are bookmarked and ready to go: Player's Reference Book PDF: 196 pages. Game Master's Reference Book PDF: 188 pages. These two books are all you need to...
  8. M

    [Wayfarers] The revised Wayfarers Fantasy RPG now available from Mongoose Publishing!

    That is right. The revised Player's Reference Book and the Game Master's Reference Book are now available from Mongoose Publishing! A preview of the Player's PDF is available here. Here are just some of the changes you can expect to find in the revised game: Most creatures have been...
  9. M

    [Wayfarers] Revised Wayfarers released by Mongoose in April. Preorders available.

    After much ado, the revised Wayfarers Roleplaying Game is slated for Release by Mongoose Publishing next month: http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/rpgs/othergames.html Wayfarers is a living game, created with old school sensibilities. The Player's Reference Book and Game Master's Reference...
  10. M

    [Wayfarers] Trouble at Niven's Creek revised and released (FREE)

    That's right. Trouble at Niven's Creek has been updated for the revised Wayfarers Fantasy roleplaying game. Recently, a small team of Surveyors was lost on an expedition near the Niven's Creek trade outpost. A terrible creature has been plaguing the outpost ever since. Surveyor Guild...
  11. Bruder_Wen

    Anyone played/playing Wayfarers RPG?

    So as the title says anyone play Wayfarers RPG? I was wandering around the Mongoose website and I saw that the new edition is available for pre-order. Since the blurb did not give me huge amounts of information, I did a quick search and found the Ye Olde Gaming Companye website and a link to the...
  12. M

    [YOGC] Wayfarers RPG Hardcover: Free shipping anywhere!

    Yes, it is true. YOGC has always prided itself on low shipping prices. But today, that just wasn't good enough. Or maybe Jimmy failed a Mental Resistance check... At any rate, for a limited time, shipping for the Wayfarers RPG Hardcover is completely free. If you are next door to us, it's...
  13. T

    Wayfarers RPG Hardback

    I don't know how may here have tried or taken a look at the Wayfarers Role Playing Game? I purchased it and several copies for my group and have to say it is truly amazing. http://yeoldegamingcompanye.com/ The hardback is truly a work of art as well as the GM Screen. Viewing the pdf is great...
  14. fluffykins0

    Wayfarers- What are the general thoughts on it?

    I've been reading Wayfarers, and really enjoying it. I was just wondering what everyone else thought of it, or if there were any thoughts at all. I'm thinking i might give it a go today when my group gets together. So, who here has played it some? how does it work out in practice? Anything...
  15. M

    [Ye Olde Gaming Companye / Wayfarers] Wayfarers RPG Character Creation Contest

    Ye Olde Gaming Companye is holding a Character Creation Contest for the new Wayfarers Roleplaying Game. 1st and 2nd place winners receive a free Wayfarers RPG book. To enter, simply download the Wayfarers RPG PDF (free download until 12-01-08), make a new character and mail it to...
  16. M

    [YOGC] Wayfarers RPG Character Creation Contest

    Ye Olde Gaming Companye is holding a Character Creation Contest for the new Wayfarers Roleplaying Game. To enter, simply download the Wayfarers RPG PDF (free download until 12-01-08), make a new character and mail it to: jimmy@yeoldegamingcompanye.com Entries must be made by Monday, Nov. 24th...
  17. A

    Wayfarers: Who's Playing It?

    Stumbled across this OGL slice of old-school the other day and was wondering who else is using it. If anyone is, I'd like to hear what you're using it for!
  18. A

    Wayfarers: 420 Pages of Free (!) Fantasy Nostalgia?!

    I chanced upon this thanks to www.homebrew.net. I downloaded Wayfarers expecting very, very little, as it was free, and was blown away by a system that openly admits it's an homage to classic gaming, yet is injected with high-brow erudition for the older generation of gamers. At no point does...
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