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weapons of the gods

  1. E

    Where we talk and answer questions about our new game of Kung Fu Heroes... in space!

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty excited to open up this thread (finally! :D) about our upcoming new game. As the title says, it is about Kung Fu Heroes in a space wuxia setting...or in other words Kung Fu "gods" in space! The Team that worked on this are David (known on here as Wandering Blade of...
  2. B

    [WotG] Were Loresheets a good idea?

    Many moons ago, Weapons of the Gods and Legends of the Wulin had Loresheets. The idea didn't seem to catch on with other games (although I haven't looked at Chuubo's, so maybe I'm wrong :confused:). Were Loresheets a good idea that tragically didn't find traction? Or was there some fatal...
  3. T

    [necro][Weapons of the Gods] Fan 2.0 - Revised + MSM, Bleach game

    Hi all, for the past few months I've been in the process of revising Weapons of the Gods (mostly the million style manual) for use in a new game my friends and I are going to begin soon. There were a couple of changes that we wanted to make to the basic system that I felt unbalanced some of the...
  4. S

    How does weapons of the gods corruption work?

    I haven't had a chance to actually read the book.
  5. M

    [Weapons of the Gods] Antagonists and other bad guys?

    Hello, I recently restarted Jade Empire (an old computer rpg that was free on Origin recently) and I decided to try a Kung Fu game. I fished out my old copy of Weapons of the Gods and read it carefully this time. I have a bunch of questions about it and I still cannot believe there is no...
  6. S

    Tell me about Wuxia games

    Every once in a blue moon, I'll watch a wuxia/kung-fu movie. I just finished watching Journey to the West (the one directed by the guy who did Kung Fu Hustle), and while there were not too many fight scenes, it got me very interested in playing a game set in a fantastic China. So what's good out...
  7. B

    [WotG] My one-off for next weekend - A Wulin Wedding

    I'm running a one-off session of Weapons of the Gods next week for some friends. I thought people might be interested in the notes that I sent my players before the session, to prompt them in coming up with characters. My aim is to set up a situation where the characters are all in the same...
  8. Nahualt

    Social combat like WOTGs/LOTW in other games?

    Any games have social combats system like WOTG/LOTW? Or as an alternate , how would you go adapring this system to ohter games?
  9. C

    Legends of Wulin and Weapons of the Gods, tell me about them

    This is one of those sell me unsell me thread. I am debating picking up those two games and I am wondering if I should also pick up Weapons of the Gods after buying Legends of Wulin. Also are there any major negative aspects about either game? Any reason people didnt enjoy the system?
  10. E

    [Legends of the Wulin+] Legends of Fantasy - using the LotW mechanics for Fantasy

    Hi everyone, As the title suggests, i am thinking about using the LotW basic mechanics for fantasy games. The game mechanics are very evocative, so far (i haven't finished the book yet). Now i am wondering how well that system could do classic fantasy (be it heroic or more grim&gritty). Not...
  11. Caldorian

    Weapons of the Gods vs. Legend of the Wulin

    By now, the LotW pdf has been out for a while and the pre-order books have finally arrived. Since its publication, I have browsed through my LotW pdf and book several times, but it will be a while until I get to read the book properly. (And since I'm not going to play a wuxia campaign in the...
  12. L

    [Weapons of the Gods] Separating setting from system

    So, I've got Weapons of the Gods, not Legends of the Wulin (I'm considering switching for the game I've got planned). At first I thought that it'd be easy to cut out the setting for a politically-heavy game that I wanna run for some guys who have never heard of the game or the comics. However...
  13. F

    WotG/Wulin Dice Mechanic: What's Good About It?

    I don't really understand what the point of a mechanic like this is. What are its advantages over something simpler?
  14. E

    [Legends of the Wulin] What are you going to do with it?

    As the title says. The game has been out now for some days and i was wondering what you fellow roleplayers will use it for? Will you be playing in the setting as presented in the book? Do you have an own setting you'll use the rules for (if so, tell us about it)? Or will you hack the rules for...
  15. burningcrow

    [Legends of the Wulin] Commentary & Questions

    Hi there! I just got Legends of the Wulin as kind of an early Christmas present ... my 2-year-old daughter bought it while I was away from the computer for a few minutes ... ;) I have to say that I really like the setting and the rules (I'm not through with reading the whole book). But...
  16. Argent

    Legends of the Wulin discussion thread part III: The Smiling Proud World of Wulin!

    Third iteration, people. The time for the PDF release of Legends of the Wulin draws close. What awesome characters will you create? What amusing situations will they put themselves in? And what´s up with everyone using giant inkbrushes for kung fu fights, yo? Here is the link to the first...
  17. GoldenH

    Need suggestions hosting Weapons of the God wiki

    I have been running a WOTG wiki for several years, unfortunately it has now received enough traffic that my web host has demanded I take it down due to CPU load issues. So I am wondering if anyone has any suggestion on what to do. I would not be against hosting somewhere else but I do not really...
  18. T

    [Weapons of the Gods] Tutorials/walkthroughs of how Secret Arts really work?

    So the Secret Arts from Weapons of the Gods are widely considered to be: a) extremely cool and b) baroque as shit. Are their any resources for teaching the ins and outs of exactly how they work?
  19. L

    [Weapons of the Gods], Tell me about it

    Thanks almost entirely to this thread, I have just recently found out about Weapons of the Gods. Went on to DriveThruRPG to find out more, see that it's written by Borgstrom and right up my alley as far as content is concerned (wuxia Big-Damn-Heroing? FUCK YEAH!). But as much as I like...
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