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weapons of the gods

  1. K

    [WOTG-related] Loresheets for Warhammer 40,000

    An idea that spun out of this thread on 40k beyond the wargame, was to use Weapons of the Gods-style Loresheets for various "careers" in 40k. To give players an instant heads-up of what a particular style of character would know, use, what training they'd likely have and so on. You could do...
  2. Mengtzu

    [WotG] Kung Fu Contest Winner 1: All-Piercing Spear

    It is said that in the Time of Chaos, the three wise judges approached the humble scholar, and presented him with three great Kung Fu secrets to impart to the people of Shen Zhou. These kung-fu secrets were equal in majesty - who could rank one above the other? Turning to the Classic of the...
  3. J

    Exalted 2 or Weapons of the Gods?

    In another thread, someone mentioned he didn't particularly care for Exalted's setting, but that he liked the superpowered asskicking and looking cool part, and someone else said "that game is called Weapons of the Gods". Which makes me wonder... those who've played both, what would you say are...
  4. S

    (WOTG/Wuxia) Non Wuxia Wuxia

    Has anyone tried using martial arts/Wuxia sensibilities for non-Wuxia or oriental settings. Ever played Star Wars with a Jedi shouting 'Lightsaber Fifth Form!' or something? Or Pendragon with King Arthur wielding Tiger Soul? Can these ostensibly Chinese ideas work in non-Chinese settings?
  5. D

    Stupid WotG question

    ok, just got the book. the setting's a mess, but the kung fu is too cool for worlds. :D so, quick question: can you use more than one kung fu technique per turn?
  6. CasperLions

    (WotG) Kung Fu Misfits: The Magnificent Five

    Ryan L. : The GM, Wulin Sage, the Guy In Charge Cassandra: Mouse Lucifer: Jiu Yin Ling Haeccity: Jiang Casperlions: Fang Brother Bei Onine: Tiger Yu Episode One: Big Trouble On Morning Mist Mountain The adventure begins as five diseperate outcasts of the Wulin prove their worth in...
  7. Mengtzu

    [WotG: MSM] Chef of Iron Style: Contest HM

    Here's an Honourable Mention from this contest (not an actual winner, but pleasing enough to provoke its use as an example), showing the format I'll be using for the winning entries. I give you, as suggested by Mattheq, CHEF OF IRON Chef of Iron (A System Topic) Destiny Cost: 15 Uncommon...
  8. Mengtzu

    [WotG] Million Style Manual Kung-Fu Contest

    Hey everyone, The Weapons of the Gods Companion is almost done, and to celebrate, I thought I might have a little mini-competition: Give a short description of a cool wuxia kung-fu style you'd like to see, and I'll put the best three through the Million Style Manual and post them here with a...
  9. Mengtzu

    [WotG] Auspcious Vandalism Style

    Auspicious Vandalism (A System Topic) Destiny Cost: 5 Common Jade Chi Style What sort of fool would go to the effort of carrying around a weapon? The world is full of weapons, just waiting to be used by fighters with a healthy dose of ingenuity, and a conspicuous lack of respect for property...
  10. F

    [Exalted, WotG] The River

    Someone (Belphanior, maybe?) once mentioned that he'd like Exalted to have a mechanic like WotG's River. How could you do this? For reference, WotG uses a matching system. If you have extra matched sets in your roll, you can store them in the River, which has a limited capacity, and pull them...
  11. solaris

    WotG--Worth it as a sourcebook?

    I just got a bunch of the new oriental advenutes stuff from WOTC, but don't really want to use the default Rokogan as a setting or spend the big dough on old AD&D stuff. Would it be too much trouble to use Weapon of the Gods as just setting material/fluff background and or do minimum conversions?
  12. Mengtzu

    [WotG] Sword Apotheosis Style

    This one's for Stephenls. Note: This is as twinked out and disgusting as I can make it. It's horribly broken and wrong. Should be fun though :) Sword Apotheosis (A system topic) Destiny Cost: 20 Rare Gold Chi Style Yee Nan sat upon the gates to Sword Heaven Castle, the Great River...
  13. Mengtzu

    [WotG] Sword Piety Style

    For those who've read or played Auspicious Beginnings, the Weapons of the Gods intro adventure, here's a draft of Ironhand Nan's mysterious Sword Piety style. Sword Piety (A system topic) Destiny Cost: 5 Common Jade Chi Style Contrary to common prejudice, the heroes of the Nan are not...
  14. Mengtzu

    [WotG] Thievery In Shen Zhou - Lore Fragment

    Hi folks, I've been meaning to post this for ages, since we're already using it in our regular game, but it's missing the all-important parable and discussion sections. However, I'm currently to tired and sick to actually write anything more, so I'm just going to post what I've got - Destiny...
  15. Mengtzu

    [WotG] Gilded Falcon Style, Revised

    I posted this one a while ago, but I recently went back and fixed it up. Gilded Falcon Uncommon Crimson Chi Style Destiny Cost: 10 The Nan clan is rightly proud of the crowning glory of its dedication to the sword, Heart Moves the Blade, but it is by no means their only...
  16. D

    [WotG] Loresheets as functional illusionism?

    So, a thought I had during my Weapons of the Gods game last night. Illusionism is when the GM has a Plot in mind, and damned be the players choices. At best, they can deviate for a single game session, before plots and NPCs force them back to the original Plot. With Loresheets, the players...
  17. U

    [WotG] Stunting

    Out of curiosity, has anyone tried using an Exalted style Stunt system in Weapons of the Gods to encourage player creativity in combat? I have been seriously thinking about using such a system when/if I run it, either offering extra dice or +5 to +15 bonuses to cool moves. Would this skew the...
  18. M

    [Weapons of the Gods] A Very Auspicious Beginning

    This is going to be a bit long and sort of a review/actual play thing. I just ran the WotG intro adventure Auspicious Beginnings yesterday and had a blast! Before this I had only done a test combat to try and get my head around things. I got the book last December and I've spent the last few...
  19. E

    Sell me on Weapons of the Gods...

    I know this game has been talked about a lot over the last couple years, but I haven't been keeping up on it cuz for a while it didn't seem to interest me. Now, having read a little bit of the Best Fight Ever thread of this game, I'm definately intrigued. So, what's so damn good about this...
  20. Random Goblin

    I'm stoked about Weapons of the Gods

    I don't have it, but I've been reading up on it, and it looks really, really cool. I'm kind of ticked that Amazon doesn't carry it, since I have a tight budget, but an embarrasingly large Amazon gift certificate. Oh well. I can't wait to get my hands on this game.
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